Hive Revolution - Call for missions

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Sow seed—but let no tyrant reap
Find wealth—let no imposter heap
Weave robes—let not the idle wear
Forge arms—in your defence to bear

Percy Bysshe Shelley, “The Masque of Anarchy”

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The Hive is buzzing... The Revolution is growing

On May 1st, we launched our call to join the Hive Revolution by asking you to turn your back on Steem where unfortunately centralization, censorship, power abuse and bribes from Steemit, Inc have become the norm.

Many of you have already answered the call by replacing your avatar with the logo of the revolution and by stopping to post on Steem.

On this subject, we invite you to read the very inspiring post from @cranium which shows that making the choice to join a revolution can sometimes be complex. Kudos @cranium for the choice you made!

Badge distribution started

Now that several days have passed, we have been able to check your commitment to the stop posting on Steem and finally assign you your revolutionary badge.

They are already a good hundred to have received it.

But it does not stop there, the revolution continues and for those who have already brilliantly passed this first symbolic test, we will now offer you a series of missions to perform which will allow you to "move up rank" and maybe build up some small campaign loot.

The Missions badges

In the coming days, we will assign you 5 missions that you will have to complete. To move up rank, you will have to remember the following rules:

  • The missions will only be accessible to people who are already part of our movement and who have received their revolutionary badge.
  • Unless otherwise stated, missions can be completed in any order.
  • Unless otherwise stated, missions have no time limit to be accomplished.

The more missions you successfully complete, the more stars you will have on your badge.

Note: If you are not yet part of the Revolution, it is still possible to join us. Read this post to learn how.

What's next?

Follow us to not miss the upcoming announcement of the first mission and invite your friends to join us.

Revolution! Revolution!

Support for the Revolution campaign will be provided on a dedicated channel on Discord.
Give us more power to share: Vote for us as a witness!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Since I seem to have a problem posting at least once a day, maybe I can get a few stars on my Revolution Badge.

Keep updated @bashadow, and you ll see what the missions are about! I am sure you will be able to do them 🙂👍


This seems like it could be fun. I'm in!

Looking forward to see you on the mission @apsu! For details check out our next post.

This is really great, no tyrant will reap what we labored to get

True story 😉

Alright am looking forward in learning more and more I believe u will be willing to lead me through the path to succeed thanks

Sure, if you have questions just stop by the discord channel @tessydora 👍


just updated mine.. hope I could still join the missions.. :)

Thanks for joining us @iamraincrystal. ¡Viva la revolucion!
If you used the right URL and haven't posted for at least 5 days at steem you will be soon get your badge and be able to join the mission 🙂

I'm ready.

That's the spirit @shmoogleosukami! Looking forward to distribute the first stars already 😉

Smiles!! 😁

hehehe 🙂🙂😉

Cool, I'm waiting fo rmy first mission 😁

That's the spirit! Soon you'll see 😉

And while I wait ... cheers and !BEER 😉🍻

yeah! 😎🍻

Hey @hivebuzz, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Thanks @beerlover!🙂👍

I've been supporting your witness campaign since STEEM.

Thank you for your unfailing support @jacobtothe, really appreciated! Great to have you on board!🙏❤️

Bring it on.

Thats the spirit @feebie! Looking forward to see you guys completing the missions 😉

Just a note here. There are some of us whose powerdowns are not completed yet on steem, so we have to maintain an appearance to safeguard our funds.
Only once it is done we can operate fully on Hive.

Take care!

We do not ask you to stop commenting or prevent you from power down. Feel free to do so.
But we think we should now go ahead and make Hive our one and only home.
Hence our request to stop publishing new posts on Steem. 🙂

I do agree with you, but I still have 9 powerdowns to go on steem.
If they see I am not active, they might freeze my account.

You think they would do that only because you are not posting anymore?? not sure about that. How many users would they have left then?
I also have still a few weeks ahead. But I am only reblogging and upvoting. thats it. eather way - you dont have to join of course 😉

Whoa now! I did not say that I don't want to join.
I do exactly the same as you. Reblogging and upvoting and I am lucky to receive the princely sum of $2 per post.
Oh! And I only reblog every second or third day!

Then everything should be fine 😉 no worries 🙂

There are a lot of people leeching steem to buy hive. It’s one way to give the middle finger to a system, but it’s also kind of dirty. I like this movement because it’s more of a peaceful protest.

Thank you @cryptictruth!

We dont ask people to stop commenting or stop the powerdown and only disappear. As you said, it is more like a peaceful statement! We just feel that it is time to move on and make Hive our one and only home. 🙂👍

I’m making Hive my home now but still powering down on Steemit.

Good! I am doing the same 😉 Glad to see you around much longer then!
cheers, @lizanomadsoul from hivebuzz team

They say the Revolution will not be televised... But it may be Hive-vised. O.o

Missions woot.

What do you mean it wount be televised?? I thought that was a done deal! 😉 - Hive vised is even better!
cheers, @lizanomadsoul from hivebuzz team

Finally, I got my first badge - ready for further action.

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