July Update & Call for Support

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  • In the spirit of Curie's transparency, we wish to use this monthly section as an ongoing development blog on this community project, as well as seek your support to keep us sustainable. It will serve to communicate our progress on top of the many casual exchanges happening in Curie’s server on discord.

  • For those new to Curie, please follow @curie, and join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/35KjzkU

  • Follow @curie's votes to support the authors. Please consider following our trail and voting for curated authors. If you are a Hive.vote user, @curie is an available trail to follow. You can also follow our curation history on PeakD.

Who is Curie?

Curie is a non-profit, decentralized and voluntary community project, established in August 2016. Our goal is to build communities on Hive through discovering and retaining the most engaging content creators and community builders. Currently, after recent downscaling, we have about 30 active curators contributing to the project. To learn more about some of us, do check out this post: https://steemit.com/curie/@curie/curie-or-who-we-are

How you can support Curie

We're overwhelmed by the support from the Hive community in response to our previous call for support. Since then, we are nearly back to a sustainable level of operations, albeit on a more limited and downscaled basis than before. We'd like to reach out to more communities and content creators as we did before, and thus continue requesting your support.

To be as transparent as possible, we have set out clearly defined goals, so you'll know exactly how your support will help Curie.

Before going any further, we'd like to thank all delegators - you make Curie possible!

DelegatorHP Delegated

And also, Dlease delegators:

DelegatorHP Delegated

The ways to support Curie are:

Delegating Hive Power

This is the most direct way to support Curie. It empowers curators to be more influential, but also on-board new curators, support new communities etc. As always, as a non-profit, 100% of all curation rewards generated by @curie's Hive Power are sent back to curators and other curation-related initiatives.

If you are a whale looking to support curation efforts on Hive, we'd certainly be happy to work out an arrangement. Please contact @svemirac#8984 on Discord for more.

Here are some quick Hivesigner links for delegations:

100 HP, 250 HP, 500 HP, 1,000 HP, 2,000 HP, 5,000 HP, 10,000 HP.

Alternatively, you can fill our lease requests on Dlease for the next 12 weeks:



Our goals for delegations are as follows:

250,000 HP delegated: This will be a sustainable level for Curie, where we'll be able to curate approximately 120 quality posts per day by 30 curators. The average reward given out to content curators will still be small but noticeable. We'll continue a very limited form of Becqueral-based curation.

500,000 HP delegated: This will allow us to offer slightly more meaningful rewards to content creators, start onboarding some new curators and expanding to more communities. The author showcase will return to highlight the very best content on Hive.

850,000 HP delegated: At this stage, we will be back to full operational capacity, where we were right before Hive. We will expand with support for more community curators, as well expanding Becquerel-based once again curation to a) train new curators for community curation and b) discover brand new authors who are being unnoticed and lost in the feeds.

1,250,000 HP delegated: Given activity on Hive, our final goal is to hit 1,250,000 HP. At this level, we are confident of covering a majority of undiscovered content being missed by casual curators. More than this will allow us to reward content creators and curators better, but won't necessarily increase reach and impact.

Following our Trail

Another way of supporting Curie is following our trail on Hive.vote, or following @curie using any other way. All votes from Curie curators carry a vote from @curie itself.

This way, you get to keep all of your HP and curation rewards, but at the same time support content creators and communities Curie curates.

Here's a link to our Hive.vote trail.

Vote for @curie witness

Witness revenues allow Curie to invest in better curation, community-building initiatives like the community development grants, Comment Contest, expand infrastructure for Hive and even developing and maintaining useful tools like SteemLookUp. Curie was a top 20 witness on Steem between 2017 and the Hive split. Following the move to Hive, Curie has dropped out of the top 20 witnesses. During our time in the top 20, we invested all of the witness rewards - the only witness to do so - to build curation infrastructure and communities. We intend to resume all of those activities if Curie ever made it back to the top 20.

Our first priority will be to bring curation tools like Becquerel and SteemLookUp back online. The next step would be to port SteemLookUp to Hive, and continue development as the ultimate curation and content discovery tool for Hive. Depending on the price of HIVE, this could several months to implement. We will also bring back a full RPC node for Hive.

Once the curation tools are in shape, we will resume community-building grants to promising communities, comment contests, and other community development activities.

You can vote for @curie through Hivesigner.

Community curators

Thanks to increased delegations, we are welcoming veteran community member @twirble to curate the Art community.

Science: @lemouth & StemSocial
Education: @hanshotfirst
Music: @edje
The Ink Well (Fiction and poetry): @stormlight24 and @raj808
Astronomy community: @svemirac and @rifkan
Homesteading community: @hidden84
Freewriters community: @ivanm7
Collage and Lightpainters: @georgeboya
Urbex and Music community: @slobberchops
Art: @twirble
Alexandria's Library: @mervin-gil and @jhnmunoz
Spanish community: @ylich
Italian community: @phage93
Malaysian community: @bitrocker2020
Nigerian community: @thatdamiguy and @dante31
Indonesian community: @levycore
Thailand / Laos community: @tookta and @ricko66
General curation across communities: @alcibiades, @liberosist, @teofilex11, @milosm2302, @lordkingpotato, @carlgnash and @markangeltrueman

Becquerel curators

Continuing our downscaling, we are still continuing traditional curator/reviewer operations on a much lower scale, running at a loss. The main goal is to dig through and find new and unrewarded authors that are important for Hive's growth. This will also be used as a training ground for new curators, in addition to the community curators above. We wish to expand this crucial operation once again with more support.


Note: All author rewards from this post will be used to fund Curie. Join us on Discord, vote for @curie as a witness and follow us @curie!


Curie is such amazing service. I feel blessed whenever I get an upvote. Soon I'll be able to delegate to it to help out.

Thanks again for what you guys do

Nice information

Thanks for all the work guys!

Great information brother,, so usefull for us thank you

Just delegated 500hp.

Earlier than i thought, but you guys deserve it.

Thanks for your continuous efforts in helping to make more authors feel appreciated.

You still have my support.


I want to help delegate but I do not have enough I hope to count your support to be able to delegate

I hope to collaborate soon to help this community soon

As soon as a good force appears, I will definitely delegate!

Thank you for your upvote always!

Hey @curie, do you have an August update on how it's going with you all? What's the situation now? 😃

Update will be posted at the end of the month, @nickyhavey. :) It's pretty much the status quo, we try to do the most with the resources we have and add support to one or more new communities per month, when possible.

OK sweet thanks for letting me know! I did see some new leases put up for 14% APR that I'd like to replace my current leases with as that's about 4-5% more than my current APR running so would you be alright if I switch over myself to the new ones?

No problem, feel free to choose offers that seem best to you.