Curie needs your support

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A month ago, Curie made a long-awaited transition to supporting Communities. This change was immediately successful, and allowed us to reach a larger and more diverse audience. What followed was an unprecedented event which finally ended up with the move to Hive. Curie is committed to Hive and building communities and curating content on Hive. However, through these tough times, Curie lost all significant delegations and found ourselves out of the top 20 witness positions. The two combined has meant Curie has lost 90%+ of its resources. Given that Curie is committed to return all earnings back to curators and the community in various forms, this has cast a long shadow over our future. We plan to downscale and remain sustainable for the foreseeable future, but here we are requesting your support so we can once again build communities and engagement on Hive.

You can support Curie in three different ways:

Delegating Hive Power

This is the most direct way to support Curie. It empowers curators to be more influential, but also on-board new curators, support new communities etc. If you are a whale looking to support curation efforts on Hive, we'd certainly be happy to work out an arrangement. Please contact @svemirac#8984 on Discord for more. Here are some quick links for delegations:

100 HP, 250 HP, 500 HP, 1,000 HP, 2,000 HP, 5,000 HP, 10,000 HP.

Alternatively, you can fill our lease requests totalling 110k HP on Dlease with 9.16% APR for the next 8 weeks

4x1,000 HP links

1,000 HP request 1
1,000 HP request 2
1,000 HP request 3
1,000 HP request 4

3x2,000 HP links

2,000 HP request 1
2,000 HP request 2
2,000 HP request 3

10x5,000 HP links:

5000 HP request 1
5000 HP request 2
5000 HP request 3
5000 HP request 4
5000 HP request 5
5000 HP request 6
5000 HP request 7
5000 HP request 8
5000 HP request 9
5000 HP request 10

5x10,000 HP links

10,000 HP request 1
10,000 HP request 2
10,000 HP request 3
10,000 HP request 4
10,000 HP request 5

Following our Trail

Another way of supporting Curie is following our trail on This way, you get to keep all of your HP and curation rewards, but at the same time support content creators and communities Curie curates. is autovote trail link

Vote for @curie witness

Witness revenues allow Curie to invest in better curation, community building initiatives like the community development grants, Comment Contest, expand infrastructure for Hive and even developing and maintaining useful tools like SteemLookUp. When there's a surplus to witness revenues, Curie returns the tokens back to engaged content creators. For most of late 2019, we returned an 8 Steem Power to each content creator curated.

Hivesigner Witness voting link

We hope you will support Curie, we look forward to a bright future ahead for Hive.


I am delegating 30K HP to you guys for the next year. You have been so consistently great for the community for so long, it's an easy call.

Thank you! You're a true pillar of the community. :)

One of many, including you. This is a 2nd chance to realize what Steem could have been.

That is very generous of you. Thank you!

I hope you get the support you deserve. You're a very high quality project and we as community need you. I'll join to your trail. Good luck!

Thanks for the support!

Yeah man, thanks to you for your good job!

I've received a lot of support from the Curie community, I will certainly give some delegation to you!

I noticed the Steem Power you gave me, I was surprised and honored that I received it! Thank you!

Glad we could help. Thanks for your support!

Depending on how much I can get via the exchanging of my Steem, I will certainly be increasing that delegation!

Thank you for the work you do to keep people feeling like their content is appreciated, it's difficult sometimes!

Everyone on the move trying to get re-established.

@tipu curate

Pretty much, though Curie was hit harder than most.

I've just leased 4999hp, hope it helps!

Thank you, very generous of you, it'll definitely help reach out to that many more authors.

Of course, it helps immensely! Thank you!

I couldn't stay out cause I feel I'm part of it. I also made my little delegation!

Thanks for the contribution! The curating work you do is a great example of what Curie is all about.

Thank you. You honor me with your words. 🙏

It's not much but I'll happily delegate 100 HP. I hope more people does it 😃

Thank you, every HP helps!

Thank you for the support! :)

Greetings friend @curie, it would serve you that I delegate 100 HP?, I would like to support your good management but I don't have much.

Very kind of you. :)

Ready my friend.

Thank you! Any bit helps, but please don't delegate what you can't spare.

you've been a great support
will definitely delegate once I have worked out all this hivesigner and keychain extension nonsense. At the moment Im stuck still trying to sign in to peakd//// my head is aching : (

Much appreciated!

Thank you! Yeah, I know there are still teething issues on Hive, but things will be sorted soon. PeakD has several sign in options though, something should work out.

I'm voting for you as a witness. Also just joined your community and will do manual curation there:

I consider Curie one of the best projects, thank you for all you are doing!

Oh, I also see that I can view your trail right here on peakd:

Didn't know about this feature before but it seems really awesome. I can choose to add your trail to my favorites and then it appears on the right-hand side of my feed, under Favorite Curators. Really cool.

Yes, that's a selection of our curated posts. Thanks for the support!

Curie has given much to me already on Steem, now also on Hive.

I will delegate some of my HP to Curie to give support to you. I wish I could delegate more, but I'm hoping others will join too.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Thank you, every HP helps!

2k HP on it's way to you dear @curie! I remember my first and only curie curation around 2 years ago. You have been my first big success moment on the old chain and I love you for this. Sure you deserve help on a longtime basis. Thank you for your efforts! Please keep maintaining one of the best curartion initiatives on the chain!


you could maybe not request :D

and then do what? curie is maybe the only selfless curation group on our chain and deserve support in order to give this support to everything that is deemed undervalued.

it was a joke, i am not a native English speaker but requesting for me sounds aggressive. i delegated the amount i could and will support them for sure.

ok cool...
not at all: requesting is close to kindly asking.
super you support curie! thanks so much.

Thanks, Marko! :)

I'm interested to lease 5000HP however I've not used DLease before...does it automatically return back to me after 4 weeks exactly?
What do I need to do, or not do? Is it all safe?

And keep up the great work @curie, I want to be able to help! You do great work in supporting creative people, myself included. Thank you.

Yes, I believe it'll return back after 4 weeks, or you'll have the option to keep it going. Feel free to contact @svemirac#8984 on Discord for assistance.

Thanks @liberosist! I've just decided and have leased 4999hp :)
Feels good to support @curie! Hope it helps.

You got my vote! Once I get a few more people in my community, I'll gladly take one of those HP loans if they're left.

You'll get a better HP delegation from me once I transfer steem into HIVE. I hope this project survives. Again I'll say it, you guys have been awesome!

Thank you! We're at an early stage, but for the short term, I'm confident Hive will survive. Whether it will thrive in the long term remains to be seen. It's also upon content creators and curators to show up and push the project forward.

Hopefully the community can rally and have you back at 100% operational power soon.

Cheers. I'll look into my votes in a moment.

I hope so too! Getting back to where Curie was before the Tron fiasco seems far fetched right now, but hopefully we can get some support going.

I've still got you Curie! Delegating HP and voting for HIVE witness. Guess it's safe to un-delegate to STEEM Curie now?

Thank you! Curie is still operational on Steem while content creators and curators migrate. We'll move to Hive exclusively once the transition is complete. Feel free to un-delegate if you wish to power down.

Hi and thank you for all the support !
you are gr8
so 250 hivepower delegated for now 😘

Hey @curie,
good to see you here on hive!

I'll see if I can delegate some HP but I also saw you are powering down?
Did you forget to stop the power down on hive after it was copied from the steem chain?

We are in a constant power down - power up process. After expenses are paid off, the rest gets powered up and so on.

Since I'm in a state where I'm straddling the fence over which community I'll end up sticking with, I've been looking for something to do with resources both here and the other chain. I'm feeling generous -- enjoy a 1,000 HIVE delegation while I make up my mind. :)

Thank you! You can always revoke the delegation for when you're feeling less generous :)

You have garnered support from the @bananafish community. We appreciate your fine work and hope that you will continue to support awesome content for us to feast our minds on.

I hope you will manage to rebuild! Good luck!

The Curie community is ana amazing community that supports minnows with good content and the general hive blockchain. I would do my bid in voting for curie as a witness right away.

Thank you for always supporting guys.

Thank you for the support!

Of course, its the least i could do for all yall have done.

voted for you as a witness and made a delegation, keep up the great work!

Oh good @curie are on here as well. When I figure it out I'll delegate whatever little I can to witness if I can figure it out, when I follow the link, it doesn't say how to do it maybe it's because I'm on a pc and not a phone?

Good to see you hear, Donna! It should be a straightforward process if you are logged in on your wallet. Otherwise it will just ask you for a key.

I keep trying to vote for @curie as witness @alcibiades but when it asks to sign in through hive I don't know my hive password? That is when I signed into hive I just used my key/password from steemit but when I try that with the hive sing in , nothing? Also where would I even FIND the hive password/key/ all that stuff, do you know? So frustrating.

All of your keys and passwords are the same for Steemit and Hive. You can see all keys when you log in with master password and go to wallet/permissions (on either steemit or Private posting key is used for posting and voting while private active is for transactions, voting witnesses etc. It's best to avoid using master pass and use only those 2 keys. Hope this helps. :)

I shall try again! Maybe because I didn't sign into hive with the right one, it won't show me my hive passwords, as I can see them on Steemit, but IF they are the same, then great. I'll try using the the 'private active' for @curie witness, thanks for being patience with my ignorance :)

My Hive Wallet says I'm still delegating. I assume that got carried over? I used to manage my delegation with Steemworld but I can't find an equivalent service for here so I can't really see what's going on. Once I do I'll increase the amount. You guys have been both a support and a motivation.

Yes, that's indeed the case. You can see the full list of delegators here. You're currently delegating 260 HP.

Just found this post. You have my support in this cause.