Strava Segment (wainui downhill hutt side) Wellington New Zealand.

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Strava Segment (wainui downhill hutt side)

Suburban Sealed Road
Start: Top Of Wainuiomata Summit Hill
End: Wainui Road - Bell Road Corner

Distance: 2km Elevation Gain: 181m Grade: -9.1%
Lowest Elev: 13m Highest Elev: 195m Elev Difference: 172m
My Stats: All-Time PR - 3mins28sec

Warning: Wind noise, turn the volume down.
No editing, subtitles add enable closed captions to view.
Action Camera: Sony FDR X3000 1080p 60fps

Note: The only disappointing parts of this segment is using the shared path. Crossing the Seaview traffic exit close to the bottom means you have to stop and look out for vehicles. And you must take care of foot traffic and riders on the path (it would be nice if everyone kept to the left). It's obvious this segment was created before the shared pathway got built.

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Nice segment. And pretty steep to ;)

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