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Things are heating ....

Things are heating up and not just because it spring time here in Texas and the United States.

I’ve been noticeably absent here on HIVE but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing some writing. The writing I’ve been doing has been in behind the scenes from public view but very much important to things going on here in Texas and the United States. I’ll expand on that a little later but let’s get up to speed on some world events.

In case you...

In case you might have missed this big one… there is a war going on in the Ukraine. Yes, I know … it is all over the mainstream media… the part the MSM isn’t telling you are that the war there has been going on for over eight years. The United States happened to help the Ukraine with their elections back in 2018 sending around 200 full time people and 2,500 temporary workers to run their elections. How surprising is it that the candidate (clown) that the United States wanted to see win.... won that election?

Not surprising at all if you look at the connections of the United States over the years with Ukraine; especially those of some high ranking officials in the US including the names Biden, Clinton, Obama, and Kerry. Hell, when sleepy Joe Biden was VP his claim to fame was getting the Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating a company named Burisma Holdings on which Hunter Biden (Joe’s boy) just happened to be on the board of directors.

Don't be pissed...

Don’t be pissed off at me … I’m not making that claim…. that information came right from sleepy Joe when he told that story to the members of the some think tank group here in the United States. He threatened to have the US withhold a billion dollars of aid if the prosecutor wasn’t fired within the time he was to leave from the Ukraine. Something to the effect like , ‘I’m leaving in six hours … if he ain’t replaced you ain’t getting the money’. Those might not be the exact words he used but he finished up with, ‘Son of bitch… he got fired.’ Again maybe not an exact quote but you can watch that video right here

Russia, Russia, Russia...

Russia, Russia, Russia…. how many times have we heard that here in the United States? Far too many times if you were to ask me; and it would be neglectful if I didn’t mention Russia since that seems to be all the MSM wants to report on now.

MSM isn't reporting on that the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 was the source for the fabricated Russian dossier that the MSM tried to take tRump down with, MSM is content with pushing the narrative that Putin is starting WWIII in Ukraine.

Russia is conducting a military operation in Ukraine right now according to Russia; over here we are calling it a “war” and we are sending millions if not billions of dollars and military equipment in support of Ukraine. What the MSM isn’t telling you is about the dozens of bio-weapon labs that were built by a US company in Ukraine that are in close proximity to the Russian border. That company just happens to be named Black & Veach, you can research those contracts on your own but it was labeled as bio weapon threat reduction program if I remember correctly.

I'm not going...

I’m not going to say that Putin is a good guy but I can tell you this much; if I were president of the United States and a foreign adversary was building bio-weapons labs let’s say in Canada or Mexico and I appealed to the board at the United Nations & NATO and they did nothing about it. You can rest assured that I would do a “military operation” to wipe out those threats along the borders of my country.

Not only that, but can we even call Russia our “adversary” here in the United States? I mean really; Hillary Clinton sold uranium to Russia via Canada under a deal known as Uranium One. Also some oligarchs’ in Russia have been known to give Hunter Biden around $1.5 million ; that $1.5 came from the wife or widow of the mayor of Moscow if I remember correctly.

Let’s not forget that NASA has been sleeping with the “enemy” (if in fact Russia is) while sharing the international space station. I’ve heard the saying before to keep your friends close and your enemies closer but it seems a little ridiculous to be trading uranium and sleeping with them? Isn’t uranium used in making nuclear weapons?

Yea, I thought so.

We can also...

We can also talk about the other war going on right now too. How many variants are we up to at this point? Honestly, I’ve lost track.

We started out with Sars Covid-19 and I think we then graduated to the Delta variant and from there we hit Omicron and last I heard we now have the “A B “ variant, is that correct or have I missed one or two? We’ve been almost as successful eliminating this COVID-19 as we’ve been with the war on illegal drugs.

Don’t worry though; between the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and numerous big pharma companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson we are in safe hands as long as we roll up our sleeves and get vaxxed and boosted. How do I know this?

As Joe Biden would say, “C’mon man”… the vaccination is the cure, get your shot, get boosted.” Joe wouldn’t lie to the American public and the world; would he?

I mean he’s the only presidential candidate I can remember telling people not to vote for himself. He actually told some factory workers in Michigan that and shortly after he made it clear why he said it. I can’t remember the exact day or place but he was doing an interview and he said that his campaign had compiled the best vote fraud organization of all time for the election in 2020. Personally speaking; I don’t think I could argue with him on that statement.

Frankly speaking...

Frankly speaking; what are the odds that of the six most important swing states in the election would have some reason to suspend counting on election night and the wee hours of the morning the following day? Then when the counting resumed he vaulted to the lead in each of those states. Happens all the time right?

Back to the...

Back to the vaxx… I’m not really up to speed on where it is right now, 2nd booster or 3rd booster? I can tell you this much my trust in western medicine is gone. Not like I had a lot of it to begin with, but what little bit there might have been is zipp… zero… nada.

When cities, counties and states are giving out $100 gift cards to get people to take the jab or a booster, that tells me all I need to know. Some states have even had free lotto drawings of up to $1 million for vaxxed only people. Did I mention that Webster’s Dictionary had to change the definition of vaccine back in June of 2021 so this shot would classify as vax?

Oh … Yea, I did… that was an earlier Dash back in 2021. I thought I had mentioned it but I’ve slept since then.

I wanted to...

I wanted to touch on the Middle East, Europe and Africa but I don’t think I’m going to have time in this Dash. There are lots of things going on in those locations, plenty of pissed off people in all those areas. Freedom should be as contagious as Covid-19 ; then we'd have a better world to live in.

Damn, …. Australia…. how I almost missed Australia, people in the USA need to pay attention over there. The tyranny that has befallen on the Aussies is about as bad as one could imagine for a country of free people. I don’t want to be labeled a conspiracy theorist but there are rumors going around on the internet that Australia is the testing grounds for things to come globally for free people.

Can anyone confirm if those barracks at the government detention centers are air conditioned or not? Might it be a good idea to print off a copy of the Geneva Conventions treaties and protocols?

I’m about to wrap this up but I promised I’d bring you up to speed on some things I’ve been writing.

Those of you...

Those of you who’ve known me on here in the past know I have a passion for the rule of law and the constitutions of the US and Texas. Well, I have been working within my state with a group of like minded people who are as pissed off and tired of our politicians as I am and we have been busy fighting tooth and nail in the courts with our “elected” officials.


The elected officials and the courts have a slang term for such activity known as “lawfare”, and to be clear it is a war we are fighting within the bounds of law.

For far to long we ordinary folks have sat by and elected people who we thought were trust worthy to do the business of the people. There is really a question of whether or not we actually elected them and I don’t mean just the presidential election of 2020.

There has been really shady stuff going on since the country moved to using electronic voting equipment and right down to lowest elected offices on the county and municipal levels.

We have been busy filing lawsuits, contesting government contracts, examining government expenditures, filing criminal complaints against the bad actors and all of that takes time and resources. That is why I’ve not been able to blog as much as I would have liked to do.

I’m not going to tell that we’ve been successful in everything we’ve done… we haven’t been. We have had limited successes but we also have a lot of things pending in the courts.

Just here in my county though we expect some results very soon on a bid rigging scandal that we help bring to light. Our county judge and her staffers help push an $11.5 million contract to a one person firm owned by a woman running the business out of her apartment where she lives. The woman’s bid wasn’t even the lowest bid and to boot she had no experience in doing what the contract called for.

Just in the last two weeks the Texas Rangers ( state law enforcement) executed a search warrant on the offices of the county judge’s staff and confiscated computers and cell phones containing evidence related to the alleged crime.

This kind of...

This kind of stuff is happening everywhere, it doesn’t matter what country, state, county or city you live in you can bet if you’re paying taxes then there is some shady stuff going on when it comes to contracts. I encourage each of you to start getting involved in making the place you call home better by doing your job of holding people accountable in public service.

I 'll close with this; if you haven’t heard of a person named Tore Maras I suggest you look up her and learn what she has done. She worked in the “deep state” and she can and does share the dark side of what has happened with the USA and all of our troublesome past. You can find her at https://toresays.com/ and on https://rumble.com/c/ToreSays
She is the thorn in the side of the deep state now and she not only tells you what happened but she wrote the play book the deep state actors are using so she knows pretty much what’s next coming.

Oh… those Biden gas pump stickers…. yes… credit that to her and her 50,000 plus followers. Look for the Impeach 44 coming soon as well.
Also, if you want a look at Hunter’s infamous laptop… yep she’s got that too. Check her website for more info.
Until next time,

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I could tap on this screen for hours lol. I have known you since the days of STEEMbroccoli (See what I did there 😏)... but I will just say... good to hear from you, and thank you for all you do.

I think many know it as the phrase...

Eye's Open

Love and light brother...


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Thanks for dropping in @wesphilbin and thanks for all the tips and support.... steemed broc... yes that is awhile ago for sure. We are all either participants or spectators in this war of good vs evil and I don't like the position of being a spectator. The sooner everyone stands up and says "NO" this shit show we have going on around the world will come to a skreeching end.

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Hi @sultnpapper (Mr. Papper/ Sult), I've been wondering what happened to you! The world is in a sad state, our country is another example where the politicians are merely lining their own pockets, but the stuff you're talking about, is really scary, but not surprising!!!
The awful genocide in Ukraine is just too awful!
Please take care of yourself.

Hey @lizille so good to read your reply. We don't here any news about Africa here on our mainstream media but I know you folks got some wars of your own going on there as well so my prayers are with ya'll too.
Slowly (to slowly) people are starting to wake up to what is really going on all around the world. I just hope I'm still alive and kicking when people reach the full awakening and take back their God given rights to liberty. I look forward to the day that politicians and media folks can't leave their homes or apartments because of the crowds of people heckling them for what they have done.
That so called vaxx is killing and crippling people and our CDC and FDA keep pushing it on people and small children. I just know in my heart that God has special place in hell for those folks and the sooner they get there the better off the world will be.
I love my country but loathe the people we have running it.
Take care & thanks for taking the time to read, comment and rehive,

I love the image of you marching around your county waving lawsuits and holding up a big ol’mirror to the system.

My favorite is the criminal complaints .... getting pretty good at writing those.
We have a total despot running our county and we've had enough of it....
Thanks for dropping in @buttcoins , really appreciate all the good communications we've had over the years. (and the support!)

Thank you for saying that @sultnpapper !! I feel similar. I have always enjoyed reading your entries. I like real people. You have always felt genuine.
For instance... i have little doubt that this county despot could ever hope to hide from or dismiss you...✊😎😂