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Well, I've been...

Well I’ve been MIA for awhile now but that happens from time to time during a war. Seeing that today is Memorial Day in the USA when we honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for defending our freedom I thought express a few thoughts.

For the better...

For the better part of three years on here I wrote a lot about the constitution, law of the land and how we were headed down the road to being a third world country. I can safely say we attained that status. The only question left to ask is; how long are we going to remain that way?

Normally I would answer my own questions to keep the conversation going but I don’t have the answer to that question I just posed. That question can only be answered by each and every American who reads it.

Every soldier who...

Every soldier who gave his life fighting for our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should be rolling over in their grave today. They did their part for our country but the vast majority of us for decades have failed on our part.

Freedom isn’t free; we all have to do our part to maintain it. If you are waiting on the government to save us you haven’t got a guzbucking clue on how this country was designed to work.

The founding fathers...

The founding fathers of this country did an excellent job in the design of our government. At all times the people were to be the highest authority and the folks who went into government were to be servants to the people. My oh my… how things have changed … we’ve become slaves to the very government we think is there to serve us.

It has gotten so out of control that we now have big tech and big corporations telling us how we’ll run our lives. We have been turned into pawns in the chess game instead of the Kings and Queens.

Fear is the...

Fear is the most powerful weapon on earth and it has been used against us in full force this last year. The truth can and will set you free but you have to seek the truth. When presented with the truth you have to act on it with faith.

Right now we are still a “free people” but if you choose to do nothing and wait for someone else to take the lead you’ve turned your back on your country and your fellow man.

The United States of America has been brought to its knees by the very people that we have elected. People scream “term limits” but we continue to elect the same people to congress for decades upon decades. We have term limits now… it is your vote. All change is made at the local level in the primary elections; you have to get involved at the local level.

We are in...

We are in a war right now right here on our soil and the vast majority of the people haven’t even got a clue what is going on.

Study your state constitution and the federal constitution and hold the people that are in office right now to uphold those constitutions; they swore an oath to do just that. Don't ask them; make them accountable to uphold that oath. We have the power but we fail to use it. Learn how to use notices and affidavits and serve them upon the elected officials until you can replace them.

The late President John F Kennedy said , “Ask not what your country can do for you… ask what you can do for your country.”

The time is now folks.

I have a war to get back to; I pray you’ll pick your side and fight for your freedom and the freedom of others as we take this country back to the place where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a reality instead of an illusion.

God Bless ya’ll.

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Hey stranger! Been thinking about you and your family and sending well wishes..mentally anyway. I've learned quite a bit from you and your posts like the Smith-Mundt Act and the Smith-Mundt Mondernization Act. Although it is something that I've often thought from the time I was younger but you posting about it enabled me to refer others to it as well. I think some truth is coming out and people or some people, at least, have been coming around. I don't want to feel like this war that we are in (I agree that it is a war) can't be won but it sometimes seems like the cards are stacked against us. Is it really our vote anymore? It sure didn't feel like it this past election. The more that comes out about the fraud, the more it is covered up by the msm and such. That needs fixing or there will never be another legitimate election if there ever really was. Certainly makes you think of how some of these do nothing politicians get elected time and again so I am definitely for term limits. Been a pretty somber year so far and today especially it makes me very sad thinking of all the soldiers who gave their lives for "we the people" just to end up where we are. I'm reminded of years ago when I was much younger listening to this with my father ...

... it is truly a fight between good and evil. I best stop now. Happy to see your post. Try not to stay away so long. Your posts are appreciated! 💕

I have listened to this in the past just like you. Paul Harvey was a great man and very insightful.
Believe it or not we the people are winning and are doing it using common law and the constitution by filing notices and affidavits.

The AZ audit is only taking place because of Josh Barnett and David Jose's use of these tools and informing the legislature that the people require the audit to take place.

We have been hoodwinked by the BAR attorneys into believing we are subject to the rules and codes which is blatantly false. The constitution is superior to rules and codes and Josh & David's use of their state constitution has led to other people in other states following their lead.
It is sad when "we the people" have to teach the people we elected to represent us but as a people we have been slacking in our responsibilities. Over my time on here I have covered a lot of the very same things that are being taught by David Jose and I am glad that people are starting to wake up to the power we actually have.
Take care and be safe... there will be more suffering before things are turned around .... but we won't go down without a fight.

I've been following the audit somewhat through different channels but didn't know about Josh Barnett and David Jose. I guess that is part of the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would put it. I'm following them now on yt along with my usual's including Hillary Hill and Behizy. It is also encouraging to see reps from other states going to AZ to see how the audit is being done there. Thanks for the info @sultnpapper! 💖

I've missed seeing you around Sult! I still don't know much about the American history but know that politicians worldwide are messing things up badly!
I've started a community called Silver Bloggers for those over the age of 40, you should check it out sometime.
On another note, @ethandsmith from the old Steem Engine sent a message on Discord in the Lounge General Chat, please check it out when you have time.
Hope the family are all keeping well!

I am so busy but I saw and replied to your post about @ethandsmith and dispersing of funds.
The world is truly screwed up right now and until we in the USA get our government back in order it will continue to be. Between work, my part time business, and fighting the battles to restore the government back to the people I am covered up for time.
The family is as well as we can be, thanks for the well wishes and the same to you and your family.

The world has certainly changed, because of mismanagement of Covid by governments worldwide in my opinion at least!
It's good to hear you're busy as so many people have lost their jobs and many businesses folded!
Our bnb is also very busy again, we're very thankful for that!
We're all well except Mom fractured her ankle early Feb (she's 89) so it's been heavy going as she also has the balance problem with the acoustic Neuroma (benign brain tumour) getting bigger. I've been on bathroom duty 24/7 since then but we're into a rhythm now. She's only now starting to walk with one of us next to her, just can't get used to the walker nor any kind of walking stick, always been fiercely independent, not been easy!
I'm still humbled by your generosity and that of Ethan's, Sult. He's wise and will make the right decision on the best way to do this.
Take care and hope you pop in now and then!