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Since we last visited...

Since we last visited about the excursion to BATL AXE Houston quite a few disturbing things have occurred in Texas and one of these tragedies affected a customer of mine and it really pisses me off. Honestly, if what happened to my customer Chris’s family happened to mine I think I would just give up.

First and foremost...

First and foremost… guns are not the problem… if you think that they are you might want to skip the rest of what I have to say.

The Uvalde, Texas school shooting has been well documented in the news be it local, state, USA and even around the world from what I have seen. Not everything that has been reported has been accurate either; for some reason news outlets have taken the position to “report” things first as their objective rather than gathering facts, verifying those facts, and then reporting. Walking back misinformation by MSM is now common place but the damage done by the misinformation creates a mindset in people that seldom gets changed. First impressions are lasting impressions and the MSM knows this to be a fact.

Here are some...

Here are some facts the MSM won’t tell you about school shootings: the first mass school shooting in the USA was in Mississippi back in 1891. The shooter used a double barrel shotgun. Yes, 1891. So school shootings aren’t “new” and didn’t really get started with Columbine High School like most people have been conditioned to believe.

Speaking of Columbine HS, the same year that shooting took place the NRA (National Rifle Association) was having their annual convention in Colorado and now in 2022 the NRA convention was scheduled for Houston and the Uvalde shooting takes place the day before the convention started. Coincidence? Probably not.

I want to...

I want to clear something up before we go any further.

How many of you know what a “false flag” operation is?

The term “false flag” has taken on the meaning of “it was faked” thanks to people in the media but that isn’t what false flag operations are. False flag operations can be real and people really die in those, the term refers to who instigated the event or operation. One group doing something giving the appearance that it was done by another group is what false flag means; nothing more than that.

So if I mention that something was a “false flag” know that I am coming from the position that the event could be real, people could be injured or killed and I’m not saying it was “faked” or that actors were involved. When something is faked I’ll just say it was faked.

Some very famous...

Some very famous false flag operations conducted by our government have been the 911 attack that led to 20 years of war in the Middle East. That was a very profitable false flag event for the military industrial complex and the friends of the Bush family.

A seldom mentioned fact; 9/10/2001; that should be where people see how things are done to distract and the government will attack their own people under a false flag. The prime target for 911 was the Pentagon and the accounting wing of the building; the twin towers were the distraction that everyone focused on. How many trillions of dollars did Donald Rumsfeld say that the military couldn’t account for in spending on 9/10/2001? See how false flags work now?

The Vietnam War was started with a false flag as well. The Gulf of Tonkin episode that took place and President Johnson asking congress for authorization for war…. turned out it wasn’t the North Vietnamese that attacked the USS Maddox destroyer. That is two major wars that were started by false flags, there are more but by now you should be getting the picture. I am getting off tract of where I was heading, I need to regroup and get back to the real issue about guns. That is the real issue isn’t it?

No.No. No...

No. No. No, and know that guns aren’t the issue… guns are only a tool and can be used for good or evil just like a hammer can be used to drive a nail in wood (good) or bash someone’s head in (evil). The gun doesn’t think for itself, it only performs when the person controlling the gun picks it up and puts it to work. The real issue is mental health not the guns.

Texas has a poor track record of funding mental health care and in most cases the people who need the most mental health care are the folks who least can afford it. Seems we can afford to fund a lot of bull shit programs to the tune of millions of dollars but when it comes to mental health that gets pushed aside. Just in Harris County, Texas we ponies up over $11 million for a Covid 19 vaxx outreach program and that contract was bid-rigged to boot, but my point is failing to treat mental illness is the problem.

Speaking of evil...

Speaking of evil and guns; this story really is one that hurts as I know the family involved which were the victims.

About three weeks ago a convicted murderer serving two life terms for a couple pick axe murders escaped from a prison transport bus near the small town of Centerville, Texas. How a convict who is shackled and handcuffed can commandeer a prison bus driver and armed guard is beyond me but that is the story being told by the Texas Department of Corrections. The bus crashes off the highway and into a ditch and the prisoner flees.

A search was commenced using tracking dogs and aerial surveillance along with dozens of law enforcement officers on the ground and horseback but could not locate the escaped convict. I don’t know how long exactly the search was conducted but it wasn’t successful. The news was reporting a few days later that the convict probably had help from “the outside” and was probably picked up by someone and driven out of the area. So that was three weeks ago, now I will tell you the rest of the story.

On Thursday, June 2, a customer of mine whose family has a ranch near Centerville, Texas ended up victims of murder at the hands of the escaped convict. All told the Collins family lost 5 members of their family. The father of my customer and four grandsons were shot dead by the twice convicted murderer that had escaped from custody three weeks earlier.

Worsds cannot desribe...

Words cannot describe what I am feeling right now knowing that these tragic murders could have been prevented if the armed guard on the prison transport bus would have done his job and gunned down the prisoner at the very start of his escape attempt.

After the escaped convict gunned down the family the convict stole their pickup truck and headed southwest presumably headed for Mexico. Several calls by my customer to his father‘s cell phone and his three sons cell phones went unanswered so Chris asked the sheriff to check on his family at the ranch. The ranch was a family get away place and not lived on full time by the family so this was a grandfather and his grandsons going to spend the weekend fishing.

Once the murdered family was discovered by the sheriff’s department it became apparent that the truck was stolen and an all points bulletin was issued for the white Chevy pickup. South of San Antonio the convict and the truck were spotted and a pursuit lead to a shootout in which the convict got his ticket to hell punched. I hope there is a special place in hell for people like this who place no value on life; especially lives of children.

Like I was...

Like I was saying previously guns are not the problem, people are the problem; mental health of the people to be exact. Our society has slipped over to the side of evil in inch by inch increments over a long period of time. How the hell did we let this happen?

Oh.... I think I might have an idea or two that could be part of the answer. Let’s start with abortion.

The same people who want your guns taken away from you also have fought for the right to kill unborn children; and now they’ve imagined that post birth abortion is okay as long as it is within 30 days of the birth. I guess in the minds of these people life only is worth something when it is 31 days old or older.

These are the same type of folks that worked to get prayer taken out of the schools. Don’t worry about that though…. they replaced the prayer time with drag queens coming in and reading stories to the children.
When I say we have a mental health issue in this country can you not see that those two examples above are part of that mental health issue?

Not only the mental health of those wanting to do evil but what about the mental health of the people who sit silently allowing these things to happen?

Murder is murder...

Murder is murder. Doesn’t make a damn bit of difference whether the tool to accomplish the murder is a AK rifle or a doctor’s scalpel or a pick axe… the end result in a murder is the same… a living being dies.

I’ll leave you with this last thought…. Congress is trying to take our guns away in the USA, inch by inch they are crafting new laws to do this but the same congress is funding small arms and ammunition for the people of Ukraine. It is human nature to want your enemies disarmed and your comrades armed is it not?

Is Congress really working for us when they are trying to disarm us? Are we the enemy of the people we elected to represent us?

Please keep the Collin’s family in your prayers along with the folks in Uvalde, Texas. These are trying times and there is power in prayer.
Until next time,


You explained a false flag very well. Uninformed people automatically jump to thinking it means people didn't die. A lot doesn't add up with this latest event either. It was over 2 trillion dollars unaccounted for with Rumsfeld. That missile..uhh..I mean plane just happened to destroy where the accounting info was being stored. I remember on the news when it happened that a lady came forward and proclaimed she walked out of that "hole" in the Pentagon caused by that "plane" and she also said there was nothing she saw to indicate that it was a plane. Never heard anything more from her or about her and can't find the news segment now either. Just like many other false flag events where videos mysteriously disappear. I am pro 2A and have seen what is going on for a while. I'm sure you noticed when the uptick in mass shooter events started happening again. I want to say more but probably best that I just leave it at that.
I do believe also that there is power in Prayer although it does seem that too many (certain) people scoff at that nowadays.
I'm so very sorry that happened to your customers family! Truly tragic news! I will certainly keep the Collin's family in my thoughts and Prayers! 🙏