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This weekend is...

This weekend is the most highly anticipated national holiday we have in America but I have a question. Why do we celebrate the 4th of July?

I can hear you asking back, “Seriously Sult; you going to ask that question?” Damn right I am.
Right now isn’t the time to celebrating anything, especially “freedom” here in the United States. Freedom is non-existent in case you haven’t noticed.

I would suggest...

I would suggest not one person even buy a firecracker and pop it off on the 4th; why would you want to support China when they are doing everything they can to take us over under their communist rule?

Yes; those fireworks that we celebrate with here in the USA are damn near all made in China.

Some people may take issue with me saying freedom is non-existent here; well bring it on. I look forward to reading those comments. While you dig up your rebuttal I’ll just go ahead on and point out the things that I know to be true.

Slavery is alive...

Slavery is alive and doing well here in the United States. My Dash from 02/25/19 proved that out in case you missed it. Since that date I can add to list of evidence the fact that the people were under house arrest for nearly 15 months in 2020 & 2021. Some states haven’t even fully opened up yet from the COVID19 bullshit.

Another point on the slavery issue is the fact that congress just passed, and the clown in chief signed into law, Juneteenth (June 19th) as a federal holiday.

That holiday is to celebrate the end of slavery at the end of the civil war. Congress failed to mention that slavery didn’t really end it was just a transfer of ownership of the slaves from the private plantation owners over to the government.
The US government wanted to be fare, so now it isn’t only the blacks that are slaves, every one of us here in the USA are slaves.

Face masks required to shop… yea that would be form of slavery. Don’t come out of your prison cell without your face covering. Prisoners must keep 6 feet of distance from each other if they don’t reside in the same cell (house). How does this resemble freedom?

The government also...

The government also decides who’s allowed to work and who can’t; what type of freedom is that? The government deems work as essential or nonessential but for each person their livelihood is essential to that person. Under slavery the slave master decides what work you do; sounds a lot like slavery when the government cancels your right to earn a living don’t you think?

In my Dash from 02/25/19 I mentioned the IRS and the freedom to keep what we earn; taxes aren’t a form of slavery are they? Here is a link to that Dash in case you missed it https://hive.blog/dailydose/@sultnpapper/seasoned-with-sult-n-papper-02-25-19-slavery-is-alive-and-well-in-the-united-states-and-no-one-seems-to-care

Well, I have an update since I wrote that Dash. I did some reading of the Texas constitution and it turns out that income tax is prohibited in Texas. Most people know that Texas doesn’t have a state income tax but according to the wording in the constitution any individual income tax is prohibited. Ever wonder why so many people are leaving other states (blue states) and moving to Texas?

I don't even...

I don’t even want to get started on the Covid vaccine subject but I have to; so forgive me if I piss you off in the next few paragraphs.

So, where do I start this portion of our discussion? How about we start with what a vaccine is or at least how a vaccine is defined in the dictionary.

The Collins English Dictionary defines it as, “any preparation used as a preventive inoculation to confer immunity against a specific disease, usually employing an innocuous form of the disease agent, as killed or weakened bacteria or viruses, to stimulate antibody production.”

The medical community has a similar interpolation of what a vaccine or vaccination is so let’s see what the doctors have to say.

” Vaccination: Injection of a killed microbe in order to stimulate the immune system against the microbe, thereby preventing disease. Vaccinations, or immunizations, work by stimulating the immune system, the natural disease-fighting system of the body. The healthy immune system is able to recognize invading bacteria and viruses and produce substances (antibodies) to destroy or disable them. Immunizations prepare the immune system to ward off a disease. To immunize against viral diseases, the virus used in the vaccine has been weakened or killed. To only immunize against bacterial diseases, it is generally possible to use a small portion of the dead bacteria to stimulate the formation of antibodies against the whole bacteria. In addition to the initial immunization process, it has been found that the effectiveness of immunizations can be improved by periodic repeat injections or "boosters." Also see Vaccines (in the plural) and Vaccine of a specific type (such Vaccine, Polio).
Source: https://www.medicinenet.com/vaccination/definition.htm

So, both of these are in agreement that the vaccine contains either the dead virus or a substantially weakened form of the virus that it is intended to prevent the person from getting the full blown virus.

I’m not a doctor and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express anytime lately but from what I know there isn’t anything mentioned in either of the two descriptions of vaccines the has to with mRNA. Why is that I wonder?

Probably because the Covid vaxxes that are being pushed on the people are purely experimental and have not been FDA approved.

Go ahead on...

Go ahead on and label me a conspiracy theorist if you would like to; I’m okay with that. Most everything that main stream media has labeled “conspiracy” of late has been proven to be truth and the truth will be exposed on this vax stuff as time goes on.

How deep and how wide these conspiracies go sometimes boggles the mind. I mean; who would think that Merriam Webster’s Dictionary would be involved?

How many of you raised your hand besides me?

I checked the online version of Merriam Webster’s dictionary and wouldn’t you know that they just changed the definition of vaccine on June 22, 2021 to include the following ;
b. : a preparation of genetic material (such as a strand of synthesized messenger RNA) that is used by the cells of the body to produce an antigenic substance (such as a fragment of virus spike protein)… Moderna's coronavirus vaccine … works by injecting a small piece of mRNA from the coronavirus that codes for the virus' spike protein. … mRNA vaccine spurs the body to produce the spike protein internally. That, in turn, triggers an immune response.”

Call me "old school" but when the dictionary starts changing the definitions of words before the government even gives official approval to this new vaccine I suspect something is up. Could it be that old M-W needed to add that in there just to give people some added confidence in this so called vaccine?

If this corona virus pandemic is so deadly why didn’t we see a huge spike in total deaths here in the USA in 2020?

Why have certain states had to coerce people into getting the vaccine with special lotteries for vaccinated people like Ohio and Michigan have done?

Mainstream media has...

Mainstream media has done their best to instill fear in people of the country and the world but the truth is slowly coming out.

A government hearing on COVID aired on C-SPAN.ORG reported that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) revised their death toll numbers. Only 6% of the deaths reported previously as "covid deaths' were actually correct; 94% were not covid deaths. So the death toll from Covid in 2020 is actually less than a normal year for the seasonal flu in the USA.

My kudos to the gentleman who posted the TikTok video online and if I knew how I could I attach it here I damn sure would. There was a day when I could have figured it out when I blogged on a regular basis but my blogging skills have declined greatly with my abscence from blogging.

I have one...

I have one question for Merriam-Webster’s when are going to put the word “guzbuck” in your dictionary? I can give you the complete genetics of the word guzbuck if you need it; Merriam-Webster just contact me for the details. Okay, back to subject at hand.

July 4th is....

July 4th is a great day in history for the United States. Don’t forget to get out your copy of the declaration of independence that this country was founded with and read it from start to finish. With me it is a family tradition; why don’t you start the same tradition this year? Oh.. you don’t have a copy of the declaration of independence?

Problem solved; you can read it right here on my Dash from 7/4/2020 https://hive.blog/dailydose/@sultnpapper/a-dash-of-sult-n-papper-07-04-20-the-birth-of-a-country-in-writing-from-1776

My gut is telling me things are going to get worse here in the USA before things get better. The amount of people who have been waking up lately to what is really taking place is encouraging but waking up isn’t enough. Now is the time for growing a spine and standing tall for what you know to be right.

Save your money and don’t buy any fireworks to celebrate the loss of freedom we have allowed to occur throughout our lives is my suggestion. You might very well need that money to buy food because that will be the next big problem we face here in the USA.

That prediction of mine is predicated on the fact that people have figured out the "Delta Variant" is a scam just like the original Covid 19.
God bless ya’ll,

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