A Dash of Sult N Papper 1/1/21> Knowledge … the gift … the gratitude… the obligation…

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For over the...

For over the last three years I’ve tried to impart knowledge through my blog. My goal on my part was a selfish one I’ll admit, but this isn’t about me it is about You. The knowledge I’ve shared was my gift to my future family generations; you’ve been fortunate enough to be able to follow along.

I'd like to...

I’d like to express my gratitude today for the HIVE community for allowing me a place to call “home” for my writings. Thank you very, very much.

I’ve covered three of the four things in the title of this Dash rather quickly; that leaves on last thing, the obligation.

The obligation isn’t just mine it is yours just as well.

The next sixty...

The next sixty days are going to be hard fought fight of good versus evil not only in the United States but around the entire world. Don’t ask me how I know; I just know.

Some parts of the world are in worse shape than others but what happens here in the United States will have a dramatic affect on the outcome worldwide.

This isn’t a fight over a presidency in the United States it is a fight of good versus evil, light versus dark, slaves against the slave masters.

The evil has taken over our mainstream media, nearly all of the members of both the house and senate of the United States congress, our education system and the financial system. We have 5 days before the line in the sand will be crossed if everything stays the course.

Travel by air and sea will most likely be shut down shortly so keep that in mind if you are traveling to or from the United States in the next few days.

Your obligation is...

Your obligation is to pick a side and fight for what you believe in. I’m not going to tell you what side you should choose; that is your choice and one you’ll have to live with if you make it through.

Rely on your gut instinct for guidance.

May God bless and keep you,

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"Don’t ask me how I know; I just know." ... I know it as well! It is hard to understand that some don't see it or feel it but I believe more people do than the media wants us to believe. So much corruption and it truly is a fight between good vs evil and we are all expendable to the evil side. It's going to be an interesting week and several weeks coming up. There is a saying about "getting right with God" and I think if one hasn't and believes in God then now might be a good time. I think you can tell which side I choose! Wishing you and your family a safe and Blessed New Year! 💖

As a nation , We the people have been on "vacation" when it comes to keeping on eye on our the key fundamentals of our country. Getting right with God is exactly what needs to take place as you mentioned but not only individually but as a nation as well.
Same to you and your family for 2021 and beyond, also thanks for all the continued support,

You're very welcome @sultnpapper! "Not only individually but as a nation as well" .. I totally agree!