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I like old...

I like old sayings. I'm not sure who penned the saying 'the pen is mightier than the sword' but that has been around forever and I really like that saying. However, pen and ink are worthless as teets on a bull if you don't have any paper to go with those.

Paper is where all the power resides. Stop and think about it if you haven't already done so.

The founding fathers...

The founding fathers of the United States knew the importance of putting things on paper; just like an archtitect who would be drawing plans for a building the founders laid out the reasons and the plan for freedom from the Crown of England. Declaration of Independence. Pen, ink and paper.

Even the pirates of the high seas knew the importance of paper. The pirates would plunder other ships and steal the gold, silver and jewels from those other ships and bury them on land and to make sure they knew where to go back and retrieve the bounty they drawed "treasure maps". Pen, ink and paper.

I can't stress...

I can't stress this enough that paper is where all the power resides and I guess you can say that paper is where all the wealth resides too.

In previous Daily Doses and Dashes I've discussed slavery. Slavery isn't a topic that most people like to discuss but discuss it we must.

Another old saying...

Another old saying that comes to mind is ' they can't see the forest for the trees' and that is where we are today when it comes to slavery. Our history tells us that slavery was ended in the United States by President Lincoln with his emancipation proclamation. Lincoln's intentions may have been good but he did't end slavery in the United States he just allowed the transfer of ownership of slaves from plantation owners to the government.

Our history books don't make mention of the fact that former slaves were arrest for vagrancy and put in jail and then the sheriffs leased the prisoners out to the plantation owners to work off the prisoners fines for vagrancy. Vagrancy laws were written with pen, ink and paper.

Whether or not...

Whether or not you want to believe or admit it; the United States is not a country of 'freedom' . Every man, woman, or child in the United States is a slave. I suggest you step back from the big oak tree that is blocking your view of the forest if you think otherwise.

The chains of slavery have been replaced with pen, ink and paper in the form of written laws or "bills". Keep in mind that the courts have determined that ignorance of the law is no excuse from prosecution and we have had 240+ years of politcians writing "laws" for us to abide by.

There are so...

There are so many laws at different levels of government that there is no exact count of how many laws are on the "books" yet as a citizen you are expected to know each one that applies to you and your situtation.
Are you beginning to see the forest yet?

You don't have...

You don't have to go back very far in your memory to recall just how we've been treated as slaves just think about the so called global pandemic of COVID 19 and how you were restricted from going places or doing things. How many of you lost employment over mask mandates or vaxxes?

One of the hardest things in life is to acknowledge one's own mistakes or downfalls. Ego and pride are two things that get in the way of people reaching their full potential. I can safely say that I've overcome those two things when I started down my first rabbit hole back in 2001. Are you ready to shake off your mistakes of the past and get to work on shaping the future of this great experiment known as the United States?

We are only...

We are only free on paper right now and we are buried up to our eyeballs with laws on paper that are written in ways that the common man can hardly comprehend. This needs to change and change pretty damn quickly. The founders of the United States not only gave us the blue print on how the country was to run they also gave us the maintenace book on how to keep it running properly. The maintenance section was in the Declaration of Independence as well but most people have never read past the first paragraph.

Have you ever...

Have you ever had a paper cut? Those are some painful little bastards. Visualize in your mind that each letter you write to an elected official results in that person getting a paper cut. Who coined the phrase 'death by a thousand cuts'?

It is well past the time that we start doing some maintenance on our government and government officials. Read the laws on how the government is supposed to work and start putting your pen, ink and paper in action calling them out when they aren't doing what they are suppose to be doing.

One last thought...

One last thought for you to ponder. The federal government was created to do two things only. The first thing was to protect the country from invasion. The second was to protect the property of the people.

I think we can agree that the federal government has failed on both counts. The southern border is wide open for starters and the government is stealing from the people left and right in the form of taxes, permits and penalties.

Pen + Ink + Paper = Power

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These past few years have woken quite a few folks up, but maybe not as much as they need to be. I'm not sure if you have Spotify but if you do you definitely want to check out Joe Rogan's interview of Tulsi Gabbard. Nothing in it will surprise you but to hear it from the mouth of someone who's had a real "peek behind the curtain" is refreshing. Hope you and the family are well, I miss your regular posts!

Hey Eric,
I don't have Spotify but I have heard some of the clips from Tulsi on Rogan's show. We are all hanging in and getting by like usual. The oldest boy got married back at the beginning of August and that was something that took our full attention for a couple of months.
I'm right there with you missing my regular posts but it post when I can. Between work, drawing and studying law there isn't much time left at the end of the day, week or month.
Hope all is well with you and your family and tell all your family to vote for Tore Maras for Ohio secretary of state if you will. She is an indpendent canidate that the GOP fought hard and even broke the law to keep her off of the ballot. Tore prevailed in the Ohio Supreme Court where she filed suit and the court ordered the current SOS to certify her and place her on the ballot.
Take care and thanks for reading and commenting,

Hey Sult! It's a wonderful interview. I think the JRE podcast might be the one of the last places to find fair and balanced interviews. Congratulations on your son getting married! It sounds like you've been super busy, I hope you're finding some time to catch your breath every now and then. I'll tell them about Tore Maras, thanks for the tip! I was down visiting my Mom a few weeks ago and the political ads on TV were horrible, once again they're forced to choose between the lessor of two evils for each office. I hope you and your family have a great Autumn. I don't know what that's even like in Texas it's maybe just less hot? Take care my friend.

Interesting thoughts there adding paper to the mix, but it makes sense. Yep, you better know the laws, but how do you keep up with them all? Usually while driving there are signs like the speed limit. I recently got a ticket for doing a U-turn here in Panama. I told the guy there was no sign, but he said it's illegal everywhere. I had no idea, so now I do no U-turns. The US border is open. I know that the countries down here ship migrants from one border to the next as quickly as possible. Their ultimate destination is always the US. These governments don't care...just get them on the next bus to the next border!

Hey Mamma,
Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. A person can't keep up with all the laws it is impossible for sure to do. Sorry that you got that ticket for the U-Turn.
Being that you are from Texas and mentioned speed limit signs I'll let you in on a secret.... those speed limit signs in Texas don't apply to most people yet most people who get a speeding ticket never even bother to look up who speed limit signs are for.
In Texas speed limit signs are for COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLES only. The TX Transportation code under section 201.904 states that without question. I got a bunch of lawyers and one judge really pissed off at one day back in August of 2021 when I mentioned 201.904 to people waiting to go before the court on speeding tickets.
The judge ended up dismising 62 of the 63 cases before the court that afternoon. The only one the judge didn't dismiss was the person who failed to show up for court.
Read the laws ... it might not apply to you. Also read what officers have the jurisdiction to write tickets... in Texas there are less than 800 officers who can legitmately write a traffic ticket. That doesn't stop any officers from doing it though but in court it can make the difference.
Thanks again and take care,

Wow! That's really crazy! I'll have to remember that if we head back to Texas anytime soon! Good thing you knew that and helped out those people, but I'm sure the judge wasn't too happy! Ha!
Our speed limits here are insane. Divided highway with 2 lanes each side and the speed limit is 60 Kmph - It's like 40 mph!! It's insanely slow and that speed the whole way to the town 1 hour away (that is now more than one hour away).