A Dash of Sult N Papper 12/27/20> Re-education is right around the corner…

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Yes folks it...

Yes folks it is true; re-education is right around the corner. The only thing that is in question is who will be teaching the classes?
Will people like me end up in FEMA camps for speaking out for a constitutional government in the USA with constitutional money and a system of law we all can understand?
I’d like to think that fictional story I wrote back on 03/24/20 was purely fiction and not a premonition. Things will become a lot clearer by 1/20/21.

My whole purpose...

My whole purpose of starting blogging was to have my words and thoughts written down so my future grandchildren and great grandchildren would have a place to read what I thought and how I reasoned things out.

I’ve always been considered the “black sheep” of the family by my brothers and sister. I wasn’t as educated as they all were; I didn’t get the degrees from the colleges like they did, the extent of my higher education was learning blacksmith at a trade school in Oklahoma.

Looking back on...

Looking back on my life I can say without hesitation that missing out on a college “education” is probably the best thing that ever could have happened. I wasn’t as indoctrinated into the system as some others might have been. I’ve always questioned things; especially authority.

With the computers and internet a whole new access to information became available to me. Countless evenings and hours I spent reading the national archives because instinctively I knew something was wrong with the United States. Twelve years at my last place of employment gave me plenty of nights on the road in hotel rooms; free internet at La Quinta was a blessing.

Make no mistake...

Make no mistake about it folks; World War III has been going on for quite some time. It hasn’t been a war of bombs and armed conflict; it has been mind warfare. The target of WW III is a piece of parchment signed in 1776; it and the American people who believe in that document known as the Declaration of Independence.

The Constitution spelled out for the most part how the United States should run as a national government; protect the land and rights of the people. Everything else would be left up to the individual states and the people within those states to decide for them on their own.

We are ten...

We are ten days away from a day that could should go down in history as the day the United States was woke.

You will be hearing a lot between now and then about the Constitution and rule of law; but those are just words, Jan 6th it will be on display in Washington, DC.

Re-education will start taking place on Jan 6th and when good prevails over the evil; plenty of Americans, (and people all over the world), will learn what freedom was intended to be like.

Should it go the other way and the elected people in congress cave to pressure applied by the evil forces a million people will be waiting outside the capital building for them.

The congress and the senate have plenty of accounting to do for American lives lost in foreign countries fighting needless wars. Those men and women who did make it back from the wars are still bound by their oath to defend and protect the Constitution and will be there in force on Jan 6th.

Sleepy Joe, bless his heart, may have gotten it right when he said it is going to be a dark winter. Good thing he has been practicing confinement in his basement; confinement may very well be in his future in the not too distant timeline.

Corruption breeds corruption...

Corruption breeds corruption; it is a known fact. Crime families and election rigging have been going on in the United States for quite some time.

I have referred to old man Bush as a piece of shit for his trying to sell us out to the New World Order. November 30, 2018 the traitor got the chance to meet his maker but he also left a message for all the other members of his crime family before he departed this world.

At his funeral he had one last surprise for them and I think it will explain just how badly this 2020 election had become. Here is a video worth watching, pay close attention to the white envelopes and who received them. The secret service agent hand delivers George W his envelope…

Since 1996 we have only had one legitimate presidential election and that was in 2016. All the rest were rigged. Actually the 2016 election was rigged for Hillary but the vote for tRump was so overwhelming there wasn’t enough time to backfill the needed votes and the communications to the Germany server location were severed interrupting the vote flipping.

Gitmo is going to real busy pretty soon don’t ya think?


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Very interesting video and post Sult, who knows what the future holds!
On another issue, I do believe it's because of mishandling by the politicians of the world that Covid's caused so much damage!
Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas though, wishing you all a good 2021!

Thanks for the read and reply Lizelle. We did Christmas as usual except the family went to the late night Christmas eve service. So we did supper at the Italian restaurant first and church after, I only made it to supper though. I refuse to wear a mask and since the church is requiring it they won't see me anytime soon if ever again at all.
The politicians are and have been handling Covid exactly as the world cabal leaders have wanted them to do, bankrupt every small business and restrict our every movement. Stay tuned to the happenings here in the US starting Jan 5th and going forward; the world is going to see what the second amendment to our constitution was put in place for.
It's not going to be pretty but it is needed; the corruption in both political parties have been exposed and the people are done with them. 70+ million people spoke in November and the evidence is overwhelming of the fraud to flip the results so Sleepy Joe CCP Biden would show to have been elected.
Best to you in '21,