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With Christmas in...

With Christmas in the rear view mirror and the end of the year fast approaching what better time to could there be to check in with ya’ll? For those of you who answered, “Yesterday.” I couldn’t agree with you more. Yesterday would have been a good day but I let that day just slip right by me.

There was a time when I first started the Daily Dose of Sult N Papper when I wouldn’t think of ending my day without writing an entry into my blog. As most of you know (or don’t know) the lack in doing daily entries forced me to rename to “A Dash of Sult N Papper” because the frequency just wasn’t there any longer.

So, I “dash” in every now and then but even that has gotten less frequent. I might just have to reconsider another change but I just can’t bring myself to going for the change to “A Pinch of Sult N Papper”. Those of you who’ve spent any time in the kitchen knows that a “dash” is more than a “pinch” when it comes to adding ingredients in the recipes.

I don't want....

I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to give the impression that I know a bunch of stuff about cooking so if I’m wrong I’m sure that one of the best folks on HIVE when it comes to cooking named @lizelle will correct me. For those of you who don’t know @lizelle she is one of the founders of the Silver Bloggers group on HIVE and hopefully she’s just about completed her book of recipes that I have pestered her about writing. She does a very good blog that you will make your mouth water and she is very talented in writing and capturing her work with the camera as well.

“Why are you stalling around Sult?”, asks Anonymous.

Well that’s a damn good question and thanks for asking me. I’m at the point where I have to decide which fork in the road to take on where today’s blog is going. Do I take the “left fork” and keep this a light and friendly discussion trying not to offend anyone or anything?

Or do I take the “right fork”, which is very tempting to head down, but let’s face it…the people leaning to the right always think they are correct.

How do I know this? Let’s just say I have a lot of prior experience leaning right. What is a person like me to do? How many tines does a real fork have anyway? Cooking forks have two tines but eating forks have more, at least the ones we have do.

There is one other option.

How many of you remember Thelma and Louise, the movie from 1991? That was such a pretty 1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible, flying over the cliff to end the movie. Louise could have gone right or left at the cliff but decided on the “other option”. Buckle up if you are coming along for the ride.

What is the...

“What is the problem with __________(fill in the blank)?”

No matter what you fill in the “blank” with the answer to the question will always be “people”. People guzbuck up everything they are involved with. The problem with people is people.

If I have ...

If I have said it once I’ve said it a hundred times WORDS HAVE CERTAIN MEANINGS yet people continue to screw with definitions of words. Why do people want to change the meanings of words? I’ve yet to see any word ask to have its meaning changed; it is always people wanting to change the meanings of words.

Sure, I know different countries or continents have words that the meanings are different than what the word might be here in the USA for the same word. An example would be when I said I love biscuits and gravy for breakfast and @lizelle was puzzled when she read that. After some back and forth we figured out that “biscuits” in the USA are not “biscuits” in South Africa. Biscuits in SA would be “cookies” in the USA. Gravy on cookies would be disgusting to me too.

But I am talking about words and meanings being changed in a given local or country. When did people in the USA give exclusive rights to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary to change the definition of a word? A very recent change would be the word vaccine; it was changed in June 2021.

People come in...

People come in two basic types; Good and Evil and two basic genders male and female. Any other made up descriptions or adjectives is just that…. made up bull shit. Now some of you have to be saying , “how can you possibly say that Sult?”

How can I not say it would be a better question to ask? People aren’t born into this world either being good or evil; that is determined with time and the environment the people are brought up in for the most part but the gender isn’t determined by their environment that is set from the get go by genetics.

Trusting the “science” is a huge problem we’ve been lured into by people we think are more intelligent than the common men and women. Common sense is a term that is rarely used anymore since the education system has for decades been teaching “things” that go directly against common sense.

The dumber each generation becomes the more easily the people can be controlled; and that is what it all comes down to…. control.

Control equates to...

Control equates to power and “people” (certain people) have this unending desire to be in charge of others. Like I said, people are the problem. Throughout the course of history there have been “rulers” of civilizations and where it isn’t one royal family trying to control the people it becomes certain groups of people that fill the space and time as rulers.

I can’t speak with certainty about all the countries around the world but I can from my observation point in the USA say that the world is guzbucked up pretty much on each continent with the exception of one. That one lone exception would be Antarctica.

Why is Antarctica such a secret? Why it is that all the major countries on earth have a treaty on who can go to Antarctica and for what purposes? Some very ancient maps of the world show more land masses on earth than we do on our current maps, is Antarctica the gateway to these other continents?

The easiest way...

The easiest way to keep people under control is to keep people divided and not united. Division is easily accomplished especially in a free country like the USA. Pretty much any subject can be used to divide people whether it be race, religion, wealth, health, economics and the grand daddy of all; politics.

If all those things aren’t enough there are always additional distractions that can be added in like space travel (NASA) and global climate change.

I am old enough to remember when it wasn’t called global climate change…. it started out as the coming “ice age” according to the scientists but when that wasn’t panning out the scientists change their tune and started touting the global warming and the ice caps at the north and south poles melting and causing the oceans levels to rise wiping out coastal towns and remote small islands.

The “scientists” always would use time frames that would insure that those making the predictions would surely be retired or dead before those dates were reached.

How much money has been spent on these scientists and their “study programs” that weren’t meant for anything other than to instill fear in people? I haven’t touched on the “fear” aspect but that is like the premier tool in controlling people.

We need not...

We need not look back very far for a prime example of the fear factor; just look at the year 2020. So many things happened in 2020 starting in March of that year that will have effects on the world for decades to come; it is just mind boggling to put it mildly.

Nearly every “civilized country” worked in lockstep with the World Health Organization (WHO) to shut down the entire economies of the world and make everyone prisoners in their own homes under the pretext of a worldwide pandemic. Without question this scamdemic or plandemic or whatever else a person wants to name it has to be the largest fraud perpetrated on people in my lifetime.

If you bought into the wearing of face masks to protect you from Covid 19 let me share with you a recent quote from top White House Covid Advisor , Dr Jha who admitted on a recent Zoom meeting call, “no study in the world that shows that mask work” in regard to preventing getting or transmitting CV19. How’s that make you feel you died hard mask wearers?

There has been...

There has been some severe psychological damage done with CV 19 and I see it nearly every day when I’m out and about. People are still wearing masks and it leaves me shaking my head at just how badly this scam has affected people’s mental health.

The exact things that help people stay healthy were nowhere on the list of “protocol” to do regarding CV 19 and in fact the government advisors were telling people to do the opposite of what they needed to be doing.

The government said to stay indoors and keep away from people. Indoor air quality is the worst quality air people can breath and they wanted you breathing it 24/7. Secondly they wanted you inside so you couldn’t get any sunlight and the natural vitamin D that sunlight provides.

They also wanted you isolated so your immune systems wouldn’t be active like it would be during normal interactions with people. All these things alone are of concern but never once that I’m aware of did the government suggest upping your supplemental vitamin intake. Why do you think that was?

Then in late...

Then in late 2020 and early 2021 the governments approved the CV19 “vaccines”. The government used “emergency use authorization” to get people jabbed as quickly as possible.

Think back on conversations you may have had with people about the “vaxxes”…. so many people I know couldn’t wait to get the jab because they had been told for a year that when the jab would be available the vaxxed wouldn’t have to wear masks or be confined to being at home. It was like having a get out of jail free card in the Monopoly game.

I won’t go into how the medical experts at the Center for Disease Control in the USA mislead the people throughout 2020 and 2021 about CV 19 and the vaxxes because they are still doing it today. How in the hell do those experts get off with approving the vaxxes for children as young as six months old knowing that the vaxxes are now called the “death jab” given all the reported deaths on the vaccine adverse reactions web page site?

We did find...

We did find out the cure for the seasonal flu though since government statistics for the flu in 2020 and 2021 are virtually zero cases. Having CV19 those years chased the flu right out of existence.

We are at...

We are at what I call the “tricky part” of the scamdemic. During 2020 & 2021 people like me were scoffed at and ridiculed `for not trusting the science.’

I learned a long time ago not to trust the government and since the government sponsors pretty much all the scientific research it wasn’t difficult for me to throw a few more layers of tin foil on my hat and take a wait and see attitude.

The “tricky part” is at the door step as people who took the jab seem to be the ones who are getting sick at a rate higher than those who didn’t get vaxxed.

Not only are those people getting sick at higher rates but people who had no history of blood clots are dying “unexpectedly” and huge blood clots are being found during the post mortem exam of the bodies.

How is the government going to explain this to the people as the people start putting 2+2 together and coming up with 4? Are the governments relying on the fact that they have dumb down the people so badly that the majority of the people will never reach a common sense conclusion?

If there is...

If there is one bright spot in this situation it would have to be that not everyone who got the jab got the actual vaccine. In the normal development of vaccines there are random and clinical studies done to test the effectiveness and to watch for adverse reactions.

In those types of studies some people are actually given a placebo instead of the actual vaccine. Our government approved the use of these vaxxes without those type studies so the studies were ( and are) ongoing though the general public taking the shots.

I can't imagine...

I can’t imagine the mental stress that people who have taken a jab are going to be under wondering if they got the real death jab or if they got a saline shot (placebo).

My family has people who took the jab and about an equal amount of that didn’t take it. I did my best to talk to all of them ahead of time before the jab came out and I pray every day that each one who got jabbed got the placebo.

I have one brother who listened to me and not that long ago he thanked me for slowing him down and to actually research about the jabs. Neither he nor his wife took the jab and knowing the issues that he has with his blood already if he had gotten a real jab I’d probably be talking about him in the past tense.

I'm not going...

I’m not going to go into how CV 19 was used as cover to steal the 2020 and 2022 elections. The only thing I will say on the elections is that both political parties are full of people who only want to control you (and your money) and none of them will do anything for the good of the people.

The political parties answer to the puppet masters over in the World Economic Forum (New World Order) and the deep state here in the USA.

There is going...

There is going to come a time when people will get their heads out of their asses and come together and put a stop to the madness we are experiencing but I don’t know when that day will arrive. The powers that be know just how dumb we’ve become and just how distracted we are from the things that really matter…like personal liberty and freedom.

If Covid 19 did one thing really well it showed the government that we would drive right over a cliff even though we know that the road forks a hundred yards before the cliff if the government told us to go straight ahead on.

That will do it for this edition of the Dash, take care and may 2023 bring us a better brighter future.
Until next time,


Hey you! It's been 5 years, but I came back 😂 I used to be @amyf, Glad to see you're still around!

Snook told me to tell you that she's teaching me poker, I'm at her house right now !LOLZ !LUV !PIZZA

Hope that you have been well too! 🤗

I pop in very infrequetnly but thanks for looking me up again. Good to hear from you.
Please do come play some poker.... if you are learning from @snook you are learning from one of the best and most dangerous players.

That is the sweetest thing you could have said to me :D

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i just back on Hive, checked the tourney results in Lucksacks, found only 11, as you played all - and won -, can you please confirm, that's all, the other 3 did not start. If you and an other player would confirm, only those 11 were played, i would send the prize to the top4.
cant get back to discord, because of phone verification, so pls answer on hive. thx

Sorry for the late reply. I believe that there were three that didn't start.
But that is from memory.

Thx, maybe you know Kaycee and Jeff usernames on Hive. I couldnt find them, so couldnt send the hive prize, only to you and snook.

didnt really check, do you still play on lucksacks, r u interested in similar? (in that way how the chess guys doing on hive, weekly, for longer period, collect prize from hive posts.)

I still play on Lucksacks . Jeff and Kaycee are still playing too. I will have to see if I can get you their user names. It may take some time if I can't get back into discord channel.
I'm always intersted in playing online poker but it just depends on how my time is available or not.

if you like, interested in chess, there is an ongoing tournament series, it last for 2-3 months, they play on Fridays, 70min long. They have some prize for everybody, who participate in enough tourneys, the amount will depends on how much they can get from posts, but for playing some chess, its okay.
Something similar would be good in poker in the weekends.


Oh... and thank you for sponsoring that tourney. Very much appreciated.