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How many of...

How many of you have prayed for something at some time or another? Did you end up with what you had prayed for? How long did it take for your prayer to be answered?

Before we go further into the prayer thing we probably should visit a little on current events.

It is pretty...

It is pretty safe to say that humanity is pretty screwed up right now. The whole world seems to be a guzbucking mess and its pretty easy to figure out the reason. Greed.

I don't know that we can trust the "history" we've been told but it probably is accurate to say that most conflicts or wars stemmed from one country or people trying to take what another country or people had. In the realtively short life of the United States we've been involved more wars and conflicts on foreign lands than I even care to count.

Just the big ones that come to mind are WW1 , WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Sheild / Desert Storm all of which were fought on foreign soil. There is no telling how many other wars or conflicts the USA has been involved with directly or indirectly since 2001 when we decide to declare war on "Global Terror".

One thing for...

One thing for certain is that the United States isn't a country that wants to be peaceful. We have had leadership in this country that sold the people the lie that we had to be involved in these wars in order to protect us here in the USA. Most Americans don't even know that the flag we call our "stars & stripes" is actually the battle flag of the United States Army. Likewise most people don't know that we (USA) actually have a "peace time flag".

With the exception of the bombing of Pearl Harbor back in WW2 we've really not experienced a modern war in an up close and personal way in the USA. Unless there is a drastic change real quickly don't be surprised when war breaks out here in the United States.

I contend that...

I contend that we are already in a war here on our own soil but it isn't a conventional war like we have come to know from past wars. The war being fought right now is an "information" war. Our own government is at war with it's people and the use of technology is the weapon of choice for the moment.

Our fore fathers knew the dangers of corrupt government and included the right to bear arms as a protected right under the constitution of the United States. Congress has chipped away at that right but they haven't been able to eliminate it, THANK GOD for that.

Right now I...

Right now I can't think of one thing that isn't broken within our country as far as government is concerned.

Our congress and president are corrupt and selling off our country to the highest bidder. Our courts have failed miserably in holding up the constitution which is the law of the land. Our education system has failed miserably in teaching the young and has become an indoctrination system for communist ideologies. Our monetary system was taken off the gold standard and turned over to a privately held banking cartel.

For a country...

For a country that was founded on Christian principals we have frallen from grace. We allow the murder of unborn children and the government is some instances pays for it. We took prayer out of schools and replaced it with sexually explicit books in the school libraries and drag queen reading hour for grade schoolers.

Our government now...

Our government now spies on its own people using technology companies like FaceBook, Twitter and other social media platforms and when the government doesn't like what you say they have you banned from using the service. The FBI has gone as far as labeling parents who show up at school board meetings to redress their grievances as "domestic terrorists".... let me remind you ... in 2001 the US declared the 'War on Terror' ... see how that works. Did I mention the redress of grievances is a 1st amendment protected right under the constitution?

If all those...

If all those things I have mentioned wasn't enough... somewhere along the way government decided that it had government immunity from prosecution. So you can't even suit the government or their employees unless the government agrees to let you suit them.

I could go on and rant for another two hours but in the end it wouldn't change anything for you, the reader, would just have dozens of more examples of how "we the people" have failed to do our duty to keep our public servants under control. Yes, it was our duty to hold them responsible and we failed ; failed miserably.

So let me...

So let me get back to those prayer questions I started with.
Back around 1994 I saw a beautiful Corvette Stingray a neighbor had in her garage. It turned out that it was the 1975 model and it was at the time the last year the Corvette was offered as a convertible.

When I saw that car I said a little prayer that if that neighbor ever decided to sell the Corvette I'd sure like the chance to purchase it from her.

Over the course of years I never saw her drive it and back in December she was sweeping leaves on her driveway and I stopped to say hello to her. The conversation got around to her Corvette and she mentioned that she really wanted to sell the car but didn't look forward to doing it since she didn't like dealing with strangers.
We struck a deal that afternoon when I was able to come back and look at the car more closely.

That prayer I put out to the heavens was answered ... it took roughly 26 or 27 years but in the end it was answered as I had prayed for. Turns out that the last time she had driven it was in 1991 and it has sat in her garage since then.

I pray quite often for our country and for God to intervene and turn the people of this country around. I pray that he answers those prayers more quickly than happened with my prayer for the Corvette. I don't think this country will survive even a couple more years the way things are going given the people running the country right now are hell bent on destroying it.

Here are a couple photos of the Corvette the day we moved it home.
IMG-20221231-155214350-HDR.jpg It is a convertible with the removable hard top cover. I am currently working on getting it back to running condition and I'll do a full story on it at some point.
Until next time,
Keep Praying .

Note: All photos are mine (@sultnpapper) and not for reuse without written permission.


That is patience for a prayer 🙏 great story arc! Loving the new ride! Glad for the most part I removed myself from the Festering States of America! Though the tentacles reach long and far!

Good of you to read and reply my friend. That Corvette caught my eye the first time I saw it in her garage, it did take some time for my prayer to be answered but I'm sure not complaining about it.... it was answered the way I hoped for it to be answered.
This country is guzbucked to the point that the good people are going to just say "enough is enough". When that happens the shit will hit the fan and more good people have the means to fix the problems.
Take care and stay safe,

Good to hear from you, I always learn something from your posts. I had no idea our flag was actually a battle flag. It's hard to believe how many things are going wrong in the world right now. There's this underlying layer of chaos, extremism, and negativity on a global level that I've never seen before in my (nearly) 52 years. If we don't find a way to derail it then I fear for not only the freedom of humanity but also our very existence. I struggle to figure out how we do that. I can think of no better use of prayers but it would also require action. The best prayer I could imagine is that humanity "wakes up" to the fact that history, as we know it, is almost completely false and the entire system is rigged. I see people waking up here and there but not on a scale that could make a real difference.

Speaking of prayers...I whole-heartedly believe in the power them. I've witnessed it many times in my life. You have to believe it's going to work, the faith is the key. The corvette is a beauty! Those always seemed so exotic when I was growing up. My brother and I dreamed of owning one.

I ran across this car the other day. It's a Corvair concept that never made it to production (here's a link to an article about it.)

The only corvair I remember is the rear-engine one from the 60's. This concept reminds me of the 'vette from the front but the rear reminds me of an old Porsche. What a beautiful car. I guess none of them were ever issued VINs so even if any survived they couldn't be sold or driven.

I hope you'd the family are well! Take care my friend.

Eric thanks for the read, reply and continued friendship and support.
Humanity as a whole across this planet is waking up to the fact that governments are organized criminals doing nothing more than lining their pockets and screwing the common man. We are not very far away from some major changes coming ; just look at France these last few days.
As for the USA ; we have people who rely to heavily on government hand outs but even those people are starting to realize that "things aren't right" but I'm not certain that we'll see the massive protests like France is having right now unless the govt stops the hand outs.
The peace time flag of the United States came about back in 1799 and was mainly flown on US merchant ships to distinguish them from being part of the navy. Then some stores started flying the peace time flag as well to signify that the stores were operating under the common law and were not controlled by the military. By the early 1920's the flag pretty much disappeared since WW1 had such a devestating effect on the country & the world. Our history books won't mention it , out of sight - out of mind, and we have been at war damn near continuosly since then so ..... no need for a peace time flag.
That Corvair you showed the picture of is beautiful.... why on earth they didn't produce it is beyond me. That does incorporate the best of the early Corvette and the old Porsche. I had never seen even a picture of it until your reply.
It is really sad that cars have lost all style and personality ; with the use of computers to design now a person would think that would be the easiest thing to do. I had a neighbor back when I was a teenager who had an Opal Kadett from the early 1960's and he did a lot a fiberglass work to it ... from memory it kind of reminds me of that Corvair picture.... I wonder if he had seen the picture of that Corvair prototype?
I will surely check out that link to the story.
The family is doing well and I hope the same can be said for you and yours.
We did get the Corvette started last weekend and moving under its own power so that is really good.
Still plenty of work to do on it... but the engine and drive train worked perfectly.
The car only has 45,000 original miles and has never been wrecked. I will do a blog on it when we finally get it back on the road.
Take care and keep praying,

You're welcome! I have seen the riots in France. The French, in some ways, have it right. It's well established there that the government works for the people and not vice versa. They don't hesitate to hold their elected officials accountable if they make decisions that go against the wellbeing of the people. We've lost this philosophy here in the US along the way.

I'm going to have to look up that peacetime flag. I'm curious what it looks like. I'm afraid they're about to get us into the war to end all wars. It feels like a runaway train straight to WWIII and most people seem too distracted to care or paralyzed by fear. If this was the 1960's protestors would be taking over the streets. Rumor has it that China may start (openly) providing weapons to Russia.

I feel the same way about the Corvair. The back end of it did remind me of the Porsches of that era. Those are some of the most beautiful cars there are. I would choose the Corvair over the 50's Corvette. In the article they said they were very underpowered though.

There's nothing better than getting a vehicle like that running. You definitely appreciate it more if you have logged some hours working on it. It's going to be a fun summer for you, my friend! It sounds like you've found a gem worth waiting for.

It is pretty safe to say that humanity is pretty screwed up right now. The whole world seems to be a guzbucking mess and its pretty easy to figure out the reason. Greed.

Sadly I have to agree, anyone who cannot see that is walking around with blinkers. Here in SA those in government steal as quickly as money comes in, so it's no wonder the poorest of the poor take to the streets and causes havoc!

Greed is the name of the game - those in power only make sure their own pockets are filled, never mind that there will be nothing left for those who follow. Basic infrastructure is falling apart, and tenders to repair and maintain are given to buddies who share the spoils with their "benefactors."
A once thriving economy is slowly dying.

Our young talented people are leaving in droves, our oldest son emigrated to the Netherlands in January and wants us to eventually follow, but we will only do that if our younger son leaves SA.
So, we'll see what the future holds.

Yes, I have prayed and still do, some are answered but like a wise man once said, God has given man free will, but when it comes to the spiritual world, he has full control. Often our prayers are answered many moons later, and when we look back, we realize why it took so long, there is always a bigger plan! Well, that's my belief in any case.

Your Corvette looks so snazzy, enjoy restoring it so you can take her back onto the open road!

Nice seeing you Sult, I hope the family are all keeping well xxx

So glad to have you take the time to read and comment Lizzle. I to also believe that God alsways has a bigger plan and had the neighbor decided to sell that car years before I may not have been in a financial position to purchase it from her... so I firmly believe that we need to acknowledge that we are on God's timeline and not ours.
Governments, no matter where they are, are organized criminals in my opinion but we only have ourselves to blame here in the USA because it was our duty to keep them in line and serving us and protecting our rights. Which was the entire scope of government from the start in the USA.
The Corvette is really in amzing shape and because it sat so long there is quite a bit of work to do to get it back on the road. The girls ( Blondie & Shortie) are really excited about it and they have big plans for using it. The only thing they don't like about it is that it doesn't have cup holders for drinks. I will be doing a blog about it when it is back on the road but last weekend was a big step forward as we actually started it for the first time and it moved under its own power for the frist time in over 30 years. The engine runs fine and the transmission shifted without any issues so that is a big sigh of relief.
We are doing as well as can be expected health wise but the normal issues that go along with Ehlers-Danlos persist.
Hope and pray the best for your family and God guides you well,

Spending time in USA it helped me realize that Democracy was just a word used very often! Now,I'm sure that in never was...but an illusion..

Thanks for your continued support. The word democracy shouldn't even be used in the United States for starters. The country was founded as a republic which is totally different that a democratic society.
But slick talking politicians have slipped in democracy so much that people have over time accepted the use of the word.
In a republic form of government each person has individual rights that can't be infringed on.... in a democracy it is basically "mob rule" where the majority ( 50+ % ) decide the rules and screw your individual rights.
So the republic is actually the illusion and we are basically under mob rule right now... democracy.