BBQ Chicken Kidneys on a Stick Bangkok Thailand dailyfoodphotography

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My bbq chicken kidneys on a stick are on my balcony in Bangkok Thailand so I can get you some good light.

BBQ Chicken Kidneys on a stick Bangkok Thailand daily food photography fitinfun.jpg

Underneath my kidneys are various foods chopped up that are about to be soup. I see:

  • Carrots
  • Turmeric root
  • Ginger root
  • Cabbage
  • Thai holy basil seeds

in this particular mix.

My path next will be to slice the kidneys off the stick so that each becomes three or four pieces. Then I will only use half of the kidneys in this meal and save the rest for next time.

Once it's all together, I pour boiling water over all – stir and eat. The veggies stay crunchy, everything is hot, and I am a happy eater!

I get these kidneys from “my guy” who is out on the street in the middle of the night barbecuing up a storm and selling his meat-on-a-stick as fast as he can do it. Sometimes I get there at 3 am and he has a surplus, but most of the time I take what I can get.

The last time I was there a man paid with a 500 thb note and took huge bags of food to a waiting taxi after getting very little change. This stick of joy cost me 10 thb, so imagine 50 times this much! I just wonder how seven chicken kidneys cooked with all this effort only costs me 30 cents usd.

When I was obese, bbq chicken kidneys on a stick would have been on my list of things I would never eat if I had ever heard of this in the first place. Now I am of the belief that organ meat helps my arthritis symptoms and I love the taste and texture of these kidneys. I’m going out later tonight to see my guy and I surely hope he has some.

You are viewing my entry for the dailyfoodphotography contest by @howtostartablog. Let us see your food too!

I’m using a Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera for my photos.

before and after stomach poster fitinfun.jpg

I’m very grateful I lost half my size and just sorry it took me until I was 50 years old to figure out how to do it. Anyone can lose weight if I did. Let me help you with simple and natural methods you will enjoy. It’s been over seven years now since I had to worry about my weight. What a relief.


Here in our area, bbq of the butt of a chicken is very famous, I've never tried it but few weeks ago I decided to try it because I heard a lot about it that it's tasty. I tried it and Oh mY GOD. I ate 11 sticks.. that was just delicious.
Along with that, I love it's heart, liver and kidneys.

Really! I am going to have to try it again. I did not like the chicken butts with all the crunchiness. But he definitely has them in his choices.

I do not think I can eat 11 sticks of anything, but I can get carried away and eat several of the types I like before I know it. I have to take one and put the rest in the fridge quickly so I do not go overboard. You can enter an eating contest :)

Are the sticks cheap where you live? I cannot believe how inexpensive they are here. These would be very expensive where I lived in California.

Be sure to get some photos and post them here for us at steemit :)

One stick cost 20 pkr, almost 0.18usd.
I will definitely share photos next time and I will tag you in that blog of mine

Yes - be sure you do. My sticks are .32 usd. Now I feel cheated!

Dear what about education in your place???
I guess education is not that expensive in developed countries.
These sticks are not that expensive in our country but education is. I completed my BS Zoology 6 months ago, now I am unable to carry on my studies because of financial problems. This is the biggest regret in my whole life dear.
Along with sticks, education should also be less expensive..

Good luck hunting and thanks for tweeting.

lol - Thank you! I can always find something to eat here 24/7. You pop up on the top of my twitter feed now, so they know I want to see the tweets. Very convenient!

Maybe we should have the same algorithm here in Steemit.

lol ! We could use something. You need to give me a prize if I actually get to the comments on your posts 7 times in a row - much less win :)

My wife loves the kidneys and liver, but I'm more a fan of the hearts and chicken "butts". :D

Those butt things, I don't like at all! Please tell me how you can get through the skin, the fat, and the bones or gristle or whatever it is. Hearts are a different matter. Yummy!

With a nob of sticky rice of course and some spicy chili dipping sauce!

You fit right in with Thai people!

wow, yummy. I like chicken kidneys but just a few pieces. when you include chicken kidney in your food you will felt that eating it more than 4 pieces will really boring.

I like them cut up in my food the best. If I eat them whole, they go too fast.

i love bbq chicken liver..thats my favorite..

You're eating a very healthy vegetables chops!

Your user name is just right of how you look now! such a big change and looking so fit.

I completed your task from kryptonia with the same username @triggerlove2009. Have a great day Mam. 😊😊😊

Thank you so much! I chose the name long before I got healthy. I was always sick and told myself to fitinfun in case I died soon. That was almost 30 years ago now!

The liver is my favorite too. He is often sold out. Last night I had to wait for some finish cooking before I could buy it!

well, it seems like you're enjoying the life you have now!. You do have a positive outlook and I like that.

Look like Date palm, but definatly not taste like it.

You are right about that. I love the date palm fruit too and sometimes find it here.

You mean you actually lose those weight? Wow, then I think I need to invite people to read this post.

However, I am sure the soup you cooked is certainly yummy.

Yes I did lose the weight and it took four years - that was done in 2011. I will be glad to talk to anyone about it. This is my goal - to help others lose weight like I did. Thank you so much for your compliments!

They look great but I'm definitely afraid of trying Kidneys.

If you ever see them you should give it a try. They pop in your mouth when whole!

Maybe, I'll be in Bangkok in May. I'm definitely prepared to try as much new food as possible!

Oh that's fantastic. You will love it here. Food is something that you find everywhere you turn. I've been here for 2 years and have not scratched the surface.

If it works in your plans, I'd be glad to show you my weekend market. We can look around and get some food. And of course - steemit photos.

The market is at MRT Sutthisan and goes on Sat and Sun from 3 pm to dark. It's all Thai people here - few tourists. Last year @world-travel-pro was in and out of this area and started staying in another hotel near me since he liked this neighborhood so much.

I'm in Laos for the first week of May, but free after that.

I am also a BBQ lover, once a week i used to make my own BBQ style. I love to eat with Hanging RiceCapture.PNG

Oh wow! Those look very intricate. I have not heard of hanging rice before now :)

Healthy food, plus exercise ways to a long life and healthy living make our body strong :) thanks for sharing

You're welcome. I get to take a walk to go to this place so I get a bit of exercise too :)

It looks really good. Good appetite.

Yes it is. I'm always hungry when I go there.

so nice. you seems a good cook

Thank you! I'm better when I have a kitchen :)

very good , , thank's for sharing

Thanks for this daily food photography sharing...I like this food.and this food good health for us. Keep it up dear friend....

Thank you very much.

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Yes, I just did. Thank you for doing your service.

Well thank you! I can't imagine the complications running something like that. Better you than me :)