Daily Food Photography Challenge - Signature Hakka Lei Cha Multigrain Rice🍵 | 每日美食照挑战 - 招牌客家擂茶与杂粮米饭🍵

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Happy Monday Without Monday Blue 💙 Hope all of you are doing good today! 😊

Here's my entry for today’s Daily Food Photography Challenge organized by @howtostartablog. If you are interested to share your delicious gourmet meal, you can check on the details here😊.

CN区的Steemians 你们好,

这是我今天参加的每日美食照挑战作品,由 @howtostartablog 所主办。如果你也有兴趣分享你的美食照,可以到这里了解详情。😊

Signature Hakka Lei Cha Multigrain Rice🍵



A bowl of Lei Cha is a culmination of traditional Southern Chinese tea-based beverage or soup. In order to prepare this dish, it needs a lot of time on the ingredients preparation. It is a very healthy gourmet as it contains variation of vegetables, tofu, nuts etc.


Enjoy the video~ 😋

Camera used: iPhone 6 plus

Location: BMS Organic Restaurant


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📷All of the photos above were taken by me. © 2017, @sweetieprincess. All rights reserved.

📷 以上所有的照片均由我所拍摄。© 2017, @sweetieprincess 版权所有。


Waw it's look so wonderful 😍😍 @sweetieprincess
I advice you to eat Moroccan Food really it's so delicious im sure will like it 😊

Thanks for your recommendation @hariabbad ! Would love to try Moroccan Food but not sure my country do offer this type of Food.. will definitely search for it. Thank you so much! 😊

You welcom @sweetieprincess and welcom to Morocco when you want 😊
I add some photograph of Marrakech the tourist city you can see it in my blog ☺

I like to eat this but I've never eat it in a elaborate setup as you did.

😄 This was my first time eating like as well.. usually it already mixed up all the ingredients.

Ah... then we are mostly having it the same way normally.
One thing I think is this one is more expensive, right?
But they make you do your own work. Shouldn't it be cheaper? :-)

我喜歡最近你照的食物 :)

非常感谢你的喜爱!😍 美食通常都会让人觉得开心