Dapplr Media Mode and Open Source info - Crop, Filter, Video Trim, Publish Post, and A Lot More

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Hello, We hope everyone is well and staying safe at home. In this post we want to discuss about the open-source and hive funds. Along with that - We want to share the updates about the publish screen and media editing tools in the media mode editor. We brainstormed quite a lot and came up with some of the basic features that these screens should have. The Content Mode editor is still in progress and most of the formatting is done, we just need to integrate media in the Content Mode. We are trying to integrate as much details as possible in the screens which would not only help the users to perform actions easily but also feel connected with the application. We will let you watch the video now…

Dapplr CoverImage Upload.jpg

Frontend Progress -

Mobile devices are quite handy, comfortable and quick to act on user’s interaction. Media mode is important and most of the people are going to spend quite a lot of time on Media mode than Content mode editor and we wanted to give some of the basic features that a media mode should have e.g Video trimmer, image crop, Image filters etc.
We have integrated the Video trimmer along with image rotation, image scaling / cropping, image filters and more. This is just to ensure that the community users doesn’t require any other apps to do the basic editing stuff.

Design Progress -

  1. Publish screen UI
  2. Video trimmer UI
  3. Crop screen UI

Back-end Progress -

  1. Media upload API has been migrated to a different server.
  2. Handling of parallel media files processing.


Content editors are not well supported in mobile devices and there is no support of complex markdown renders in Flutter so we are making changes in the core parser to parse the content from blockchain and show it to the user. It is still under progress and we will keep you updated.

Video Trimmer
We faced quite a lot of difficulties while implementing this because ffmpeg is open sourced but it cannot be used for commercial purposes. So we had to explore some different approaches to trim the videos while maintaining the quality. It’s now integrated in Android, still needs to be tested on IOS.

We want to provide the best content editor experience and that’s why we want to include at least the basic tools in the Media editor to modify the image assets with filters. It took us some time and it’s now integrated inside the basic editor.


We are still working on the content parsing and we didn’t really want to give this a lot of time because it would stop the development of other core features. So we are developing the core functionalities along with the research work on the content parser.

  1. Handling Complex markup on Content Detail Page.
  2. Adding Reblog and Gift action button the homepage.
  3. Beneficiaries details.
  4. Error handling of RC credits and related user’s postings.

Open Source -

Our first proposal is still valid and its purpose was to fund our servers, databases, storage and streaming costs for images and videos. It was mentioned in the comments reply that we will open source some of the aspects of the code but as we have seen the community is interested in having a completely open sourced code, so we want our team efforts to be valued and funded.

  • The Dapplr team has been working very hard and we are putting everything that we have got with us. We are putting in our personal resources, designers, animators, tools, testing devices, money and most importantly efforts to make this a standout application from any other social media platform.
  • With the recent proposals being approved, we think we are being highly undervalued. We promised to open source our full code once our product gets stable in order to keep it exclusive, we are still promising it but we need community and hive fund support. That is the reason we have created another proposal of worth 500HBD a day.
  • With our proposal being approved and completely funded, we will open source all of our front-end and back-end code once we have launched the product and it becomes stable.
  • We want to give our HIVE community an application that they would love, cheer and feel proud of. If #hive community want it, they will get it.

We want to thank our wonderful supporters - @liondani , @runicar , @soyrosa , @ash , @fknmayhem, @vimukthi and too many to count.

In order to support open source, Support our proposal

  • Total funds requested - - - > 60,000 HBD (500 HBD daily)
  • Runs from - - - > May 28, 2020 - Sep 25, 2020 (120 days)
  • If funded, these funds will be used to cover the dapplr team effort to open source complete front-end (Android and IOS) and back-end.

Vote using your favorite UI:


Voted, but I'm not sure I follow the logic - you didn't get previous and moderate proposal passed so you suggest another one, this time quite a expensive one.

I remember you said the project was going to be opened after release.
So voting your new proposal is like buying a Schrödinger's cat - we can't really tell what are we buying.
Yes, I agree your previous proposal was undervalued, but it wasn't the issue of number of HBD but a lack of publicity IMHO

Hi @jocieprosza

We were good to opensource our project even if the project was not going to be funded. Recently, we saw a huge amount of HIVE fund being supported for small things and the whales were supporting it.

Whales must have seen our proposal and we have specifically tagged them there also but they were not ready to support our 30 SBD proposal for a team that is competent enough to design and develop a world class application.

Our efforts, passion and work is worth some value. This proposal will barely cover the cost of building the product. It's in the hands of the community and what they want. We will do as the community want us to do but in return there should be something that will benefit us.

We don't have any problem if this proposal does not receive any support. It will be then be our own exclusive product.

Thanks for your response.

There was a comment in this post you should contact whales via discord, but I suggest you contact hive.blog devs as well in order to coordinate work or just ideas. Maybe they will have some insights about both technical side and the economic one

We have some really exciting plans for the future. Our first priority is to implement all of the current features that #hive provide. Once we have all set up, we will be focusing on the mass onboarding.

Voting. This is actually worth the 500 HBD a day in my opinion.

Hi @ash

Thank you for you support. You have been an incredible supporter of our product.

I think that one of your advantages was that you wanted to deliver a product for few thousands of HBD. I’m pretty confident that since you haven’t attracted enough traction on your initial proposal this one will hardly get supported. You can "sell" the product and open source it when it’s ready and when the community likes it...not prior to that I’m afraid...

Hi @fingersik

We want to keep our product exclusive and we are working every minute that we find putting into the app.

We are not making a product just to sell it, we want to improve it every minute. The open source proposal will be supported if #hive community / whales want it else it will remain exclusive.
We are a part of the community and our efforts should be worth something.

Thanks for your feedback.

I totally agree that you deserve to be payed and that is why I was voting for your first proposal! I’m just saying that I THINK that if you wanted this proposal to be approved you should have waited until you release the product and maybe attract some more users to your current ongoing proposal before it runs out - because if your last wasn’t approved, this one hardly will.

Totally understood.

We don't have any issues if the open-source proposal is not funded. It will then be our exclusive product.

With our proposal being approved and completely funded, we will open source all of our front-end and back-end code once we have launched the product and it becomes stable.

I would like to have something more specific/objective than "when... it becomes stable"

With the new proposal the requirements, regarding the "exact" time of open-sourcing the project, are raised and I believe being more specific about it will approve the proposal sooner than later.

Hi @liondani

Thanks for your feedback. With stable, we meant when our product will be launched and out from Beta Testing (beta testing would last about 15 days or more as we are guessing) and features integrated from our Phase 1 roadmap.

We don't have the exact date for the beta launch but the team is working very hard to launch it in Mid June.

We would love to answer more of your questions. Thanks for your continuous support.

Thank you!

If you want to get funded you need to seek out the big accounts and smooshy up to them directly.

A lot of us smaller accounts have voted for your proposal, but we have no real influence over what gets funded.

The Hive server on Discord is a good place to start going whale hunting.

You don't need community approval to get funded, you need a few big tickets! They probably won't even notice your posts.

But, but?

I thought the community decides who gets the funds.

At least that was told to us and presented to the crypto world community.

I can only speak for myself, but I wasn't supporting their proposal because it was closed source for development. Now they are recreating it and asking for way more than before and saying they will only go open source if approved AND fully funded.

It just doesn't really work that way in my opinion. That is why I haven't voted.

Hi @netuoso

There were things in our bucket to open source some of the aspects of the product that other devs can use to build their own products.

We have received some feedback from the community about open sourcing the product and this proposal specifically targets same and it will help us open source entire Front-end (Android and iOS) and Back-end code.

Hi @revisesociology

Thanks for your feedback. We want to build and exclusive product for the #hive community. But if the community want it open-sourced all the code and to make it better and build their own products, then they can just go ahead and support the proposal.

I wish you luck getting those whale votes you need!

Thank you for your support.

Why do you guys want to go open source? It's your product after all :)

Hi @cardboard

You are right but we want to move with the community. If the community want it open sourced, we can do it if our proposal is completely funded.

Thanks for your continuous support.

If the community want it open sourced, we can do it if our proposal is completely funded.

So your proposal and claim for open source essentially comes with a major caveat. If you get funded 90% you have no obligation to open source right? That is how you make it sound.

No proposal is guaranteed to get funded 100%. Also, having a longer proposal actually allows you to ask for more and get more votes because you get paid at a slower rate and if you are not delivering voters can decide to unvote you. With a short, high paying proposal, you may get funded real fast and never deliver.

Hi @netuoso

Things are always not very tangible all the time. It's all about being valued of the efforts.

This marketing speak means nothing to me. As you say, nothing tangible. High risk.

We would be happy if you make this judgement call once the product is launched.


I will wait to cast my vote until such time then. But I will be paying attention.

Perhaps you've written this elsewhere, but I'm curious what you see as the medium term business model for the app? How will you get the capital to scale once you've gained a critical mass?

Hi @fredrikaa

For our initial phase, we are seeking help from the community. For now, a small percentage of beneficiary reward would be there when posted using the app. Our goal is to make #hive ecosystem better and we are just looking for a break even.

We are planning to launch our Dapplr token as soon as SMTs are ready.

What about after now?

Hi, so far I really like the concept and design of @dapplr. But here I would suggest you stop aiming at the Hive inflation as a source of income... It would be much better to add some sort of targeted advertisement based on users browsed tags or something similar...

In order for your project to succeed it shall drive revenue from outside the Hive ecosystem. Beneficiaries cut on users post are not a good idea imo, esteem has relied on such mechanism and so far the app development have suffered stagnation.

Hi @joelsegovia

THank you for your feedback. We will definitely look into it.

Does it mean your previous proposal is over?

Voted, of course, though I'm not really sure it will mean anything in the process

Hi @sk1920

We have recieved support from the community but it hasn't been funded yet. This proposal is specifically for the efforts of the Dapplr team to open source.

Update looks great! You all are doing a great job! :)

Hi @midlet

Thank you for your feedback. Feedbacks are very motivating and they really help us to be better.

Very cool!

Hi @jacobgadikia

Thank you for your feedback.

wow wow !! I am amazed by this great idea, I was unaware of the project and I hope it will flow freely and soon. From the Spanish community we will be supporting the sharing of information. Good vibes for the entire team.

Hi @angelica7

Thank you for your feedback and support.

this is awesome .!!!! didn't realized your proposal till today .. you got my support for sure ! thanks for making this for the community.

Hi @bitrocker2020

Thank you for your support. We are glad to be a part of the community.

Thanks for informing us about each update. Waiting for release of this wonderful app.

Hi @munawar1235

Thanks for you feedback and continuous support.

Great job. Excellent progress.

Hi @sexytimes
Thank you for your feedback. Feedbacks really help us to be better.

Great work, and same fantastic progress going on! I love the new Editor look, and the big reason why I moved from Hive.io to Peakd, is because of its editor. Peakd's editor page is just so much more convenient and pleasant to use, and I hope Dapplr will follow suit!

I also like the thought that you're making it open-sourced. Good for transparency, security, and future community-based suggestions and improvements 👍❤️!

Hi @zacknorman97

We are working on the content editor side by side and making it as beautiful and comfortable as we can.

Thanks for your feedback and your continuous support.

I can't wait anymore, want to directly test this App. but I am still waiting.

Hi @anwars

We want to deliver a bug free and fully functional product. These things will take time to beautiful designed and implemented.

We will deliver you the best app.

Thank you for creating such an amazing app for HIVE. Can't wait to use it on the go. :)

Hi @zord189

We are excited to provide you the best app. Thank you for your feedback and continuous support.

Pretty damn awesome! 🔥

Hi @gre3n

Thanks for your feedback.

It is looking well polished! You've got my support for the open source proposal.
Thanks for the update.

Hi @joetunex

Thanks for your feedback and continuous support. It's very motivating for the whole team.

You are most welcome ☺

Success is ver near.

Hi @face2face

Thank you for your words.

Great job guys. Really happy to see this.

The only viable reason I see why you haven't gotten approved for funding on your other proposal is due to a conflict of interest. One of the top witnesses created a mobile dapp for hive (esteem) and perhaps the other whales don't want to support competition?

Hi @kenanqhd

We are not sure what is holding them back but we believe competition makes a product or the whole ecosystem better for the community.

Perhaps one is an actual product that runs its own node and many other services that benefit the ecosystem and one is not even a product yet. Just a guess.

hi @justineh

Great things are never built in a day. As we said earlier, we would be happy if you make this biased judgement call once the product is launched.


It's looking good so far. And the individual that said you might not be getting funding because you do not have a product yet may not understand that a development fund is meant for development. You are posting informative updates on your progress and are only asking for $4-5k iirc.

Keep it up.

Hi @kenanqhd

Thank you for supporting us. We appreciate your words.

If you want everyone to wait and make a decision until after it’s launched, then change your communication.

I took the time to explain some concerns, then explained my additional one with your new proposal.

This individual was asking why one “app” was funded and the other wasn’t, I gave my thoughts on why.

One has a product and also provides important infrastructure to the ecosystem, the other does not have a product yet. Seems like a much more plausible reason that some bs about not wanting competition.. but it appears you actually like and encourage the illogical arguments so fair enough.

Look forward to seeing your project come to life.

I have supported your previous proposal and honestly, it's a bit wired you haven't managed to receive support for fucking few bucks per day. I guess DHF ain't what it should be.

Hi @occupation

Thanks for you support. If you have any feedback on our app, we would love to know and improve on it.

if being honest, your app is one of the rare ones that looks actually good and has some chances of bringing the masses.

Thanks for the feedback @ocupation

It really helps us boost our confidence in the product.

I am supporting this. Hive needs better UX mobile apps...

Hi @stellabelle

Thank you for your support.

500 HBD a day??? That sounds like way to much but I'm happy to hear that your first proposal got approved. Looking forward to your App!

It's not actually too much for 2-3 full-time developers/other staff.

Hi @markkujantunen

The team is amazing and they have worked on several big projects with pretty high hourly rates. This would barely cover the half of it. The most important thing about building up a product is Passion and dedication. That's what we all belive in.

We don't have any issues if the open-source proposal is not funded. It will then be our exclusive product.

Hi @masterthematrix

Our previous proposal hasn't been approved yet and this proposal is for open-sourcing the Androi, IOS and Back-end code.

We are excited to deliver your the best.

When is dapplr gonn be live on play store?

Hi @acesontop

We are moving as fast as we can. The expected timeline is mid JUNE but delays are expected as we are implementing features incrementally suggested by the community.

OK. Don't rush it. It's better that it comes out bugs free and working properly than to have it sooner and not functioning right. I can't wait for it.

Yes, we have the same viewpoints and we don't want to leave any stone unturned.

Keep going guys! 😍

Hi @idiosyncratic1

Thank you for your support.

To be honest, there are few things I read about in hive or anywhere else that excite me as much as what I just read here, I look forward to having this marvel ready, keep up the good work!

Hi @monster-one

Thanks for your support.

I WANT THIS DAPP SO MUCH!!! ok i wont scream anymore omg i wish i had more stake for my vote to be worth something but im still voting and will make posts about voting for the proposal to the spanish community thank you so much for all the work and effort put into this!

also can we have a "title" in the editor? cause i use appics and it sucks so much to not being able to make a title separated from the body of the post, it looks good on the dapp but if i see the post from peakd or hive.blog it will just look like all will mush together in the title, i dont know if this is the case with dappler but just wanted to let that request here lol again thank you! and cant wait to try this one out!!!

Hi @victoriabsb

Thanks for your valuable feedback. We can definitely do that. Keep sharing these simple and useful feedbacks.

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I suggest you go straight to the few big whales if you wish to get funded.

And make sure you get funded prior to your development to secure that your effort is not wasted.

Hi @lineart2020

Thanks for your feedback. We believe in this community and whales are just unsure about our product and its launch. If the community is with us then our efforts would be worth it.

I wish this app might be launched ASAP, I looks terrific!! But why dapplr? What does that mean?

Thank you for your feedback. "Dapplr" is derived from the word ‘dapple’. Dapple means spots/patches of light or colour. The design language that we have chosen is subtly explained by the name - adding a bit of colours and fun to the overall experience that the user will have. We believe that small details matter because they always make a difference. The colourful liquid-like effect works quietly throughout our app, enhancing the overall user experience. It is smooth, elegant and sophisticated and gives a nice touch of individuality and peculiarity. This small detail also denotes the fact that we are giving the user a smooth and glitch-free experience.

The @HiveHustlers community is voting on this - and I will also personally vote from @nulledgh0st.

I've been using Dapplr daily on my phone and absolutely love what you guys have done with it so far. This project is worth every penny asked for, if not more.