sent here by @joetunex
Looks amazing! I'm looking forward to this as I am feeling a withdrawal from using an app like this for hive as I do appics for steem.

I am looking forward to using it as well. Appics is the only app I'm now using on Steem as I fade slowly while awaiting complete power down.

Looks like we will be enjoying Dapplr more on Hive!

Awesome job so far! 10 🔥

Hi @gre3n
Thank you for your feedback.

Great work dapplrs! It would be great if you can share a public folder with images, logos, screenshots, videos, etc. So we can make some content to promote it.

Looking forward to the TestFlight versión.

Just a thought for what I see in the video regarding the editor. It looks as complicated and convoluted as the current hive editor in all dapps. If we want people to posting content more often it should be like Instagram. Plain text. That gives us dynamism and every second that people are overthink if either use heading 1 or heading two style it’s probably a post less a day or something like that.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Hi @gtrussi

Thank you for your feedback. We can share a public folder in our next Post and you guys can help us spread the word.

Content mode is a complete editor and that's why we have a simplistic mode or Media mode which is just like Instagram and some blockchain tweaks.

Here is the link -

awesome guys! thanks

When will you have a Beta/TestFlight release?

Hi @hivetrending

We are expecting it to be Mid June but delays are expected.

@dapplr Thank you for all your hard work!! 😄

Can't wait for the launch of the web app! Re-hived. (:

Hi @joeylim

Thank you for your support and feedback.

loved seeing my friend @hauptmann featured in the video 😀

Hi @santigs

It's our pleasure. We post different account feeds in for our videos. Let us know your feedback.

Already joining your Discord group. I'll love to talk to you there

Hello, we hope everyone is well and staying safe at home

I love your project but please don't advise us again to stay at home...

Hi @liondani

Thanks for your feedback. Haha, We understand. We will come up with something more creative.

What I appreciate about Dapplr is the engagement with the community and the determination to satisfy the community which is something I never experienced on Steem.

If a user is writing its content in offline mode, we are storing the JSON encoded data in a file in the local device and as soon as the user comes online on the editor page, the data is sent to the server.

I love the offline feature, it just gets better with what you guys are giving Hive. I'm loving it!

Hi @joetunex

Thanks for your feedback. You have been a wonderful supporter of our application. Let us know, what other features you would want to have in the app.

You are welcome ☺, the App so far have exceeded my expectation. At this point I am content.

Can't wait to lay my eyes on live version. Great work!

Hi @bescouted

Thank you for your feedback.

love it. cant wait to see it finished. happy to be a tester when your ready.

Hi @intrepidphotos

Thank you for your support. Yes, You can also join us on discord. Let us know if there is any feature that you would love to have in the app.

We have some time to brainstorm around new things.

When I click on your discord link it says invalid invite

Oh. It must have got expired
Here is the new one -

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The Dapplr team has been working very hard and we are putting everything that we have got with us. We are putting in our personal resources, designers, animators, tools, testing devices, money and most importantly efforts to make this a standout application from any other social media platform

As a whole community/Hive family, we appreciate your efforts. Thx men!

Hi @idiosyncratic1

Thanks for your support.

It looks great. Can't wait until you get your first product out!

Hi @masterthematrix

Thank you for your feedback.Let us know if there is any feature that you would love to have in the app.

Good to see the progress of the App. Can't wait to test it? Can I be a beta-tester? :)
Also, your Discord link may be broken, I tried joining the invite, but it doesn't go through.

Hi @leoneil , You can be a beta tester. Join us on discord-

Previous one must have got expired.

Thank you. I have joined the Discord channel under the same username @leoneil

It is really exciting that more and more features are being added in this wonderful app.

Hi @munawar1235

Thank you for your feedback. Let us know if what other feature you would love to have in the app.

Hello. This might be only me, when I subscribe to a community it isn’t saving. I get the pop up that verifies I’m subscribed, the button updates and text displays “subscribed”, but when I refresh the page, it reverts to “subscribe”.

I’ve tried closing the app and repeating the process and get the same result.