Dapplr Referral Ideas and Explore / Search Screen in Action

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Hello, In this post we want to share our updates on Explore Screen, Communities Team screen, Search screen which further includes searching of users, communities and tags. The explore screen along with search functionality is integrated and all of the integration is now looking very fulfilled and smooth. Search screen was quite the tricky part to brainstorm around with the current Hive APIs. In addition, we have improved the navigation. We will let you watch the video

Dapplr CoverSearchexplore.jpg

Referral Ideas

We are working quite hard to have a robust, efficient and useful referral features. The referrals are going to be very exciting and there has been quite a lot of time that we have already spent brainstorming and implementing it. In terms of referral rewards, a dedicated pool of dapplr tokens will be reserved on the blockchain which will be used only for marketing HIVE and Dapplr. Let's work together and help us with your feedback and what kind of features that you would want to see in the referral reward system.

Inspiration and Difficulties

There are tons of features in such a small form factor and each of the feature is very well designed and placed in the UI. Now, all of these features are seamlessly integrated. We are working very hard to deliver its beta version as soon as the core features such as Chats, Interaction APIs, Referrals are implemented.

We just need your support and feedbacks and keep letting us know about your overall perspective on the app. Each and everyone's perspective matter to us, your thoughts and involvements would help the team boost up their motivation.

Delays -

  • AppStore and PlayStore accounts are taking quite a lot of time to be approved. (It's been more than 3 days since requested)
  • We are expecting a bit of delay as there has been some addition to our Referral system, SignUp and Push Notifications. But don't worry, we will deliver you the best and most fluid user experience that is out there on any blockchain based application.

Frontend Progress -

Features Done -

  • Explore Screen
  • Communities Team Screen
  • Search Users, Communities and tags
  • Trending, Hot and Recent posts are now supported for Tags, communities and any other kind of posts based screen.

You will be able to see all the features in the video. Most of the features that are required by an end user are integrated and with this User Experience has improved many times. Along with that, we can now navigate to any user or community or post and we are now realising the importance of Search screen and why it should be better. Hive currently has all the APIs separated out and a developer would have to implement all of those to have these necessary features integrated.

Our future plans includes the improvements of HIVE APIs and how the team can contribute to the blockchain.

Design Progress -

  • App Store and Play store assets
  • Chat assets.
  • Chat request screen.

Back-end Progress -

  • Push notification token APIs
  • Brainstorming around the Chats and user interaction to provide the best communication experience.
  • Deep Linking.
  • Referrals (Under progress)

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Open Source Proposal -

  • The Dapplr team has been working very hard and we are putting everything that we have got with us. We are putting in our personal resources, designers, animators, tools, testing devices, money and most importantly efforts to make this a standout application from any other social media platform.
  • With our proposal being approved and completely funded, we will open source all of our front-end and back-end code once we have launched the product and out of beta release.
  • We want to give our HIVE community an application that they would love, cheer and feel proud of. If #hive community want it, they will get it.

We want to thank our wonderful supporters - @liondani , @runicar , @ash , @midlet, @joetunex , @zord189 and too many to count.

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@lyubo19 това ще е нещо добро пише че видео разговори ще има лични съобщения и т.н...


Really looking forward to downloading this and trying it out when it gets to Google Play stores! Think it looks great to be honest from the videos, not sure what else I'd add before trying it out

Hi @nickyhavey

Thank you for your feedback. We are working very hard to release its beta version as soon as possible. Till then, we will be sharing our application progress to keep the community engaged.

Awesome, loving the updates so keep them coming 😃

What's the sustainability of the referral program? Once the pool is empty that's it? Do you plan to add @hiveonboard 's universal referral program on top? What's the payout plan?

Hi @ash

We believe the reward pool will be quite sustainable to onboard millions of users and at the time the dedicated referral pool is emptied, we would already have accomplished our goals.

There are tons of ideas e.g depleting the referral rewards on every milestone (after every 10k users, deplete it by 5%). We will have to see how it goes and we can adapt to that.

Hiveonboard referral is quite interesting too but we don't want users to pay out of their own pockets (posts beneficiaries).

Sounds kinda lame to be honest. If you want to on board with a referral program it must be appealing to marketers, or else it's more or less a waste of time in my opinion

The referrals rewards will be credited based on the activity of the user on the app. There are some untouched surface that we needs to be brainstormed e.g Multilevel marketing.

Why do you think, its lame? we would love know your ideas.

Another great update ❤️! The new under the hood improvements seem to have made it slicker than the last patch. Referral is certainly an interesting new idea to explore with the app, and the new Search functions are quite awesome indeed.

That's one of my major gripes with Hive.io and Peakd, and that's the Search functions. I've never been able to easily find new tags or topics. This seems to have fixed it quite well, not only making tags easier to find, but presenting them in a neat UI!

Question: does it also show less popular tags, and how are the tags sorted (by popularity, trending)?

Cheers, and keep up the great work 👍!

Hi @zacknorman97

Thank you for your feedback and continuous support. We are making use of tags through posts. If you are searching for a tag and any post on the blockchain is making use of it then it will be shown. So we are checking the tags based on its use.

Ah okay, so as long as that tag exists on at least one post on the chain, it'll be able to show up on the search, then. Neat! Is it then sorted out by popularity or often it's been used?

In any case, improvements to the search functions are certainly great news. Back at old Steemit, one of the big problems was discovering new posts, and Communities fixed that by quite a large margin. By being able to search content better, it'll help to not only be able to view old posts, but ones that are more relevant. Cheers 👍 !

We can have the tags based on popularity and let's keep that for the future enhancements.

Thank you for your feedback.

Cheers! Keep up the great work, as always ❤️!

The Search integration looking 👌 I can almost feel myself using the App.
You guys are doing a great job is just an understatement!

Hi @joetunex

Thank you for your feedback and continuous support.

This looks great, I think you can put the brainstorm ideas about referral system across the community so that you can get answers or ideas from the community itself.

Hi @codingdefined

Thank you for your feedback. It's a very good idea. We can brainstorm around it a bit more and propose some ideas in a post and present it to the community.

That's good to know

Beta testing Yay! Count me in!

I almost using the app

When will you release this wonderful application?

Hi @munawar1235

Most of the things are done. We are broadly left with Chats and Referrals. We are also a bit delayed because of App Store and Play Store account. We are expecting to release its beta or at least alpha version by this month.

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this looks amazing for sure!

As far as referrals: I think if there is a way to detect if a new account becomes active, ie. if it posts or votes, then that should be counted. Referral program needs to attract engaged users, not just random fake accounts that try to game the system.

Yes, we understand that. Referral rewards will be credited incrementally based on the user activity on the blockchain.

Thank you for your feedback.

to clarify, you've already implemented the Hiveonboard.com functionality right?

Hi @hivepeople

Yes, we have Hiveonboard integrated with our web views but we are not using their referral system i.e beneficiaries for referrals.

It needs some more brainstorming around. it.

Keep up the great work, mates!

Hi @badpupper

Thank you for your support.

excited, good job!

Hi @tobetada

Thank you for your feedback.

It looks amazing I am eager to use it.

Hi @saracampero

Thank you for your feedback. We are also excited to give you the best application.

An outstanding effort and a great looking UI. Looking forward to a successful launch of this app.

Hi @jaalig

Thank you for your feedback. We are excited for its launch too.

Do you already have a group of beta testers? Also, have you written a post that introduces the Dapplr team? If not, I highly suggest you do this, to gain more support from the community.

how will you deal with the fact that new users have no Hive Power? Will you delegate that or?

Sooo, basically $60,000 to release the code?

Good projects 👍

Hi @esteem-indo

Thank you for your feedback.