Delegations To The New Users

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Hello, It’s been a long time since we have published our updates on the app. We have been very busy in testing on different screen sizes, designing new interfaces and documenting stuff for the launch. We are very near to the launch, the app has already been uploaded to the Play Store for alpha release and there is some stuff that we want to make sure before the release happens. We have made some minor changes to our roadmap in terms of the usability and features that a user would need first and which is actually going to be useful for the w users. The following are the brief updates...

c06 1.jpg

Progress -

  1. App has been uploaded on Play Store for Alpha release.
  2. We are still waiting for our Apple store developer account to be approved but we have all things in place so as soon as it is approved we are good to upload on Apple store. We will keep you updated.
  3. We are currently working on a script for the delegation to the new users joining Dapplr.
  4. Referral system is in place and we will write a detailed post about it very soon.

Why Delegation?

Everything on HIVE works on Resource Credits and the more you have the more you can do operations on the blockchain e.g Creating new post, upvoting, new account creation and a lot more. Resource Credits are dependent on how much stake you have on the blockchain. A new user has only a few Resource Credits to post a few comments/posts on the blockchain. We believe this is the biggest blocker in terms of mass adoption and that’s why we will be supporting new users with some delegations to perform enough operations on daily basis on the blockchain.

How Delegations Are Going To Work With Dapplr?

  1. Every user (with less than 15 HIVE POWER) who joins Dapplr will receive delegation from @dapplr-delegate
  2. If a user has a total stake amount of 7 HP, we would delegate 8 HP to make sure the user has enough stake to create posts and comments. We are making sure the user has at least 15 HP and if not, we will delegate to make it 15 HP.
  3. The delegation would end in 21 days and we believe this will encourage the users to be more active on the blockchain to gather enough stake through their content to become independent.

Currently, all of the stake for delegation is being supported by @funnyman and soon enough we will have an interface which will not only allow you to delegate to the new users but also set some specific parameters e.g how much you would like to delegate to the new users.

The future is exciting and we really believe this could be game changing in terms of mass adoption. The start will be a bit rough but we will get there together.

Dapplr Cover Manage Account.jpg

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Super excited for Dapplr

can’t wait for the release of your App to bring Models from Instagram to HIVE 😍

Hi @instagram-models

Good to hear that. Stay tuned for the updates.

Good to see this support of new users. We cannot afford for them to give up due to lack of RC. I know people want microblogging on Hive, so good luck.

Hi @steevc

Thank you for your feedback. Good to hear it, Thanks.

Very good dapplr is very good idea for mass adoption. But first thing that comes to my mind is the name itself. It is pretty usual, that the name has to be at least meaningful if not even psychologicly "got to have" thing. I doubt that most people when they see dapplr will see a meaning of the word. We on hive/steem know it, but just looking through the eyes of mass of people with different thinking....And there's another thing : without good promotion, no mass adoption. There's enough of other apps on the market.

Hi @worldfinances

Thank you for your feedback. Marketing is important and that's why we want to build a quality product. It would be much easier for us to onboard new users with a beautiful interface in place.

On the positive side, the word #dapplr is unique and easy to find in search engines. 😁

Hi, I think you generated a Discord invite link that expired after 24 hours. Can you share a new invite? I'd like to join and follow along.

I wanna use now i can't wait..

Hi @sardar-sani

We are just wrapping up some finishing stuff. you will be able to use it very soon.

Yay!! I can't wait to test your Dapp out. I am so excited to use it consistently in my content creation. I will be looking for your updates because I am already on board! :) Wishing you all the success in the world & a dash of pixie dust ;)

Hi @pixiepost

Thank you for your feedback and continuous support.

Stoked for that Apple approval! Can't wait to test!

Hi @dayleeo

We are waiting for the approval for quite some time. Hopefully we will get it soon.

I can't wait for the full release. This looks mighty wonderful indeed, and the Dapplr team has done an amazing job with the UI design. The options for delegations sounds pretty great too, and giving delegators more options is always a good thing. Very well done! Cheers, and love ❤️

Hi @zacknorman97

We are excited too and thank you for your continuous support.

You're welcome, and keep up the great work!

Looking forward to see it in App Store ;)
Once we have a private messages I think this will be a game changer for a lot of users.
Me personally I’ll try to communicate only on the blockchain from there on...

Namaste 🙏

Hi @iliyan90

We have not included chats in this release because we chat is a very crucial part of the app so we want to make sure it works well with other competitive social media platforms.

We will do incremental releases over time so all of the features of a social media app will be integrated.

Ok I understand...
Takes time for everything;)
But still great that you have it in your road map for future.

Thanks for the update! looks you are progressing consistently.
Are you planning to launch it on iOS?

Hi @toofasteddie

Yes, We have the iOS app tested and ready for the Alpha Launch. But our AppStore account is not approved yet. So we are a bit blocked for the launch.

You may start android testing first, to get more feedback before fully launching

Hi @jocieprosza

Yes, that is the idea. We are just wrapping up some stuff from the server end. We will be launching Alpha very soon, probably this week.

Didn't catch this - are you planning a closed or open alpha? Count me in

Open alpha. You must join the discord.

Thanks for the update guys, great idea about the delegation.

Hi @joetunex

Thank you for your feedback.

A new user has only a few Resource Credits to post a few comments/posts on the blockchain. We believe this is the biggest blocker in terms of mass adoption

Hive Marketing community has discussed this quite a bit. We are working with GiftGiver to help users who entered the ecosystem and have no delegation.

We have a bot up and running called @resourceful which tells these users where to get help (

Hi @hivetrending

Thank you for this. We will check it out.

Thanks for update..

Hi @face2face

Thank you.

No chance of me bagging an early release on testflight? lol damn, I hate waiting. This app looks way to slick man, I can't wait to get my hands on it. Like the delegation, the marketplace looks awesome. Hope its the start of many cool additions to the interface

@nickyhavey, how much are you dying to get in on this dapplr action bruv?

Literally can't contain myself, app looks incredible from the screenshots, joined the Discord and see if I can be an alpha tester!

So excited! I've been wanting a mobile hive app so thank you for making this.

Hi @aperterikk

Thank you for your support.

There is esteem.

Dribbling with excitement about trying this app out! Joined the Discord and looking forward to testing it on my Android phone!

Hi @nickyhavey

We are excited too. Stay tuned.

Will be glued to the phone, awaiting that update haha!

Hive to the world, that's a retention strategy which will ensure no one gets limited by their hp.

On another issue, I'd be glad to input my growing skills as a developer should you need it, a channel to talk more on this let me know. Thanks.

Hi @murathe

Thank you for your valuable inputs. Join us on Discord and stay tuned for the updates.

Very excited about this :)

Hi @ash

We are excited too. Thank you for your continuous support.

I have found it very useful to see the delegation helping new users. It is a motivation to post good content and gain slowly some independence

Hi @creativemary

Thank you for your feedback.


looking forward to it man, seems like it could be a game changer.
the only thing i would advise/help you with is to spread that shit on twitter and beyond.

Already voted for a proposal!

Hi @ocupation

Definitely. Thank you. Stay tuned for the updates...

Keep it up

Hi @vadempur

Thank you.

hi... i am new here. i want to be part of your community.

from where i can download this app? i cany find this app in play store

Hi @reza-shamim

It is not live yet but will be very soon.

As you are likely aware Partiko was a very successful mobile app for Steem. Until the Team Lead disappeared ...

Anyway, he and I had some very good exchanges. He was very proud of how they had coded the app so it was native for both Android and IOS. Said it made it all much faster, etc., although considerably more challenging (according to him) to code that way.

Will Dapplr also be written as a separate native app for both Android and IOS?

I'd be interested in this. I've been coding my Hiver app for mobile, and I've hit some limitations with integrating Hive operations/methods. I'd be interested to know how login is going to work on the app.

Looking forward to this guys :)

Hi @stackin

We are excited too. Stay tuned for the updates.

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Im a new user here, and im just studying the apps, anybody help me

Hi @aprildicreate

Join us on discord.

I am not very excited about dapplr. Who is in the team?

this is awesome! so glad to see delegations to new users.