Want to write your Hive posts on a shiny mobile app? A 30$ a day DHF proposal might just make it happen!

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A fresh new dev team on the block is presenting their project: Dapplr, a mobile app for the Hive blockchain with a design-first approach.

About two weeks ago I noticed a post about a new proposal for the now very well-funded Hive DHF: Dapplr - First Design Based App Being Built On HIVE. Dapplr exists of a team of people that have been part of Steem and have now moved to Hive. One of the things they agree on: "The one and most important thing that we see missing from all these blockchain applications is a great user experience."

I was scrolling through the profiles of the team a bit and between the lines I read their frustrations with Steem, their hopes for Hive, and their wishes for a 'great new app' as intuitive as Instagram.

I can't agree more!

Here's the team if you want to get to know them yourselves:

We need more mobile apps!

As far as mobile apps go we have Esteem, and the announcement that @peakd is looking for mobile app developers, but I honestly don't care that we have 1 or later maybe 2 good mobile apps: as far as mobile apps go we can't have enough of them! To get 'hooked' on an app you have to looove the look & feel and it has to feel 'intuitive' to you. It's probably why I still miss the @partiko app even though it has less functionalities than Esteem - somehow it was just 'my' app.

Competition is good in this case - and as far as I can see Dapplr will be the one slick app that might invite a newbie onto Hive. Where a 'well-functioning' app is great for the seasoned user, a cool looking app might be best for the user that still has to get curious about Hive.

That tingle you get when you open an app for the first time and it looks soooooo pretty...

Because YES, Dapplr aims to go all-in on good looks

It will have Themes:

A gorgeous home screen:

And of course... The slider!

Now, for me, a SLIDER will be the deciding factor if I will keep using an app

  • On Esteem I always go over the percentage I actually want to give. For example: if I want to give a 50% upvote I will end up sliding to 49, 51, 48, 49, 51... AHHH finally, 50. It's nerve wrecking.
  • On Appics the slider is 'artsy' but I can't get used to it. I need it to be functional - and snappy.
  • This is why I loved Partiko: the slider in that app JUST WORKED. It wasn't fancy, it just satisfied my slider needs for one hundred percent. No fuss.

But anyway, sorry for my sidetrack, the team of @dapplr is already thinking about the perfect slider and I'm curious to see how it will turn out to be.

Could you please help get this proposal funded?

  • The app looks AWESOME
  • We can't have enough mobile apps as competition is good, and different people like different kinds of apps. We need one that gets YOU or the next YOU hooked.
  • They ask for 30 HBD or about 25-30$ a day for a team of 3 people who have so far shown they are willing to work hard for their votes. Those screenshots I shared in this post are the result of one month of work consisting of doing research and creating the initial designs - next to that they are working on visibility on Twitter.
  • Last but not least: they have been very responsive to comments below their posts - for example check out their first post where @roelandp asks them if they will be exclusive to Hive: which they answered with YES!
  • It will be open-sourced after they put out the first version. This prevents of from having another Partiko scenario where no-one can rebuild the app once the devs have gone.

Their proposal seems like a no-brainer to me and a great way of showing that we're able to fund projects of teams that are working hard to show what they are capable of.

Will you help me campaigning for @dapplr?

Basically: just tell other people on Hive about this app we could have if we showed a little support :-)

Thanks @dapplr for all your work so far! I hope my post brings a little push to your efforts so far. Cheers!




Already voted a couple of days ago. Even asked our small Hive India group to participate:

Screenshot 20200502 at 6.17.46 PM.png

Glad to see this! Great work guys - @funnyman @crazyman @happily-ever-art (If you are around, feel free to join the Hive India group as well: https://discord.gg/UxJgCXm)

Glad you voted for this proposal Sid! Great to see Hive India, I've met several awesome Steemians at SteemFest3 :-)

A sweet looking app would be nice, I have voted :)

Yes! Thanks for voting - I was surprised how little traction this one had gotten so far.

I read their code isn't open source, which i think could put a few purists off. However, we desperately need something shiny in the app department and so I'm willing to support :)

They want to keep it closed source until 'Version 1' is launched, after which they want to Open Source it. I understand purism but I also understand The Dapplr team wants to develop their app in all piece and quiet first too :D

I'm always a pragmatist - let's get it done! They have my vote. If we get 1000s of proposals on Hive we can always start to get more picky, right? :P

Yes yes and yes. I think the whole flipping Hive world would support this one. I know some uber complainers who might need something ELSE to complain about if they get this one a-rolllin'. Nice one Rosa!

Right?! Hahaha! We need this app funded so people can find something else to complain about - great pitch! Lol! :D

It looks easy to use and I really love the slick modern design. I would definitely want a more user friendly app on hive. Reblogged and hope they go far

<3 Thanks for the support @zord189! I definitely hope this one will make it, they clearly have done a lot of work already and are just asking for that final push from the community - which they deserve.

IKR! I've shared them on twitter and reblogged a lot of their post. I hope that they do get the launching they desire. The app looks like it really can compete with many current ones out there, just in terms of design, it's nicer than most apps that we already have on hive.

I agree! They jumped up quite a bit since yesterday, very happy about it. I'll check on their progress and will help to put the word out to some people here and there. I think we can make this one happen :-)

Yeaps, will do the same spreading their news around! :)

Hive truly needs more apps around and apps easy to access and use my the users.
Dappir will look pretty a great app for hive.


Agreed! Thanks for voting :-)

now it is very clear: we need to get out the vote for @dapplr. Thanks for making this all clear.....and knowing the people behind the project is helpful too.

I think we can do this :-) Some of the bigger stakeholders haven't voted yet, but I'm hoping we can attract some more eyes on this one :-) It's a no-brainer imho.

Thanks for all the votes and reblogs so far everyone! Keep it going - we and the @dapplr team deserve it :-)

Hi, I like the design @soyrosa

What's the tech stack?

Since it deals with crypto and therefore in Apple's eyes it can be seen as a gambling App, it should be a fully native app in order to avoid Apple review issues in the future, you aware of that?

Meaning that technologies like Cordova/PhoneGap, React Native, Ionic may not work well for you in order to be compliant with their Guidelines.

You should therefore develop a fully native App or use Flutter. With the latter despite the App being written in Dart it gets compiled into native code so that works too! (and Flutter is pretty cool to work with)

Good luck!

Hey @marcocasario, in their posts the team shares they're using Flutter :-)

Awesome. I believe that we need UI friendly DAPPS for mass adoption too. This one looks promising too.

Question: Where do you find all these proposals in a first place? I'd like to look more into it. Since we have build a PC version for photography community on BeScouted on steem, but then projects funding has been cut and i would love to migrate it on Hive as well.

Any good resource i could go out and look for like minded developers that would consider working with me on it? I am not a developer myself, but i could possibly get funding from VC's to spin it and scale out. I know it is not a very decentralizes way of developing something but i think it is possible to find a sweet spot to design a viable business model while retaining all of the decentralized benefits of the blockchain.

Question: Where do you find all these proposals in a first place?

Here you go! All the proposals are listed here, and you can vote on each one you like :-) https://peakd.com/me/proposals There's a Return Proposal which sets basically the amount of Vests a proposal has to get to get funded, this is done so the system won't be abused.

You can definitely try to get your project funded over there. You'll have to find devs yourself though, as the DHF (Decentralized Hive Fund) itself is not a meeting place of sorts for Devs, merely a place to present your project to get it funded if your goals and timeline and funds seem reasonable. I've noticed most people like to fund open sourced projects as this way these 'public' Hive funds will add value to the overall community and not just to individual projects/owners, but exceptions are made.

Osom, thanks. Where do the funds actually come from?

And considering Devs, maybe you know of some discord channel i could try talking to the guys?

It's a long story, but basically a percentage of the reward pool gets added to the DHF in the form of HBD. Also, the DHF got extra funding when we forked from Steem, as all the Steemit, Inc assets have been 'locked up' in the DHF fund :-) We're sitting on a pretty nice sum of money therefore. No-one can reach those funds, the fund gets filled through blockchain code, and when a proposal is funded through the system the blockchain basically pays out automatically :-)

Hope that makes sense. You can find more explanatory posts through @blocktrades who coded the whole DHF (previously Steem Proposal System) and through @hiveio. Also, in order to get connected to Devs and/or other people who can help you please feel free to join the Hive Discord: https://discord.gg/cV76sjk - there's a #dev-chat amongst others.

This was very helpful, appreciate the time you took, thank you :)

as all the Steemit, Inc assets have been 'locked up' in the DHF fund :-)

Oh, that one is sweet and i believe a perfect usage of that stake, which should have been allocated in a similar manner on steem blockchain in the first place.

You're welcome! :-)

And yes! That's the way that stake should've been used 'forever', and even though it was promised verbally it was never 'coded in' on Steem. Now, on Hive, it is. Will protect us of bad actors as well :-)

Cheers, and thanks for the follow!


I've even met Ned in person at Consensus to talk about my BeScouted community to be integrated with steem. At that time i had a dev team and all we needed was little support. But guess what :)

In the end we made some sloppy integration but then ran out of funding and the whole project halted.

Wow! Looking really good. I'm not the world's biggest phone guy, but I certainly understand the need and desire for one. Looks like a really good one.

Yes - Even if you don't use mobile it would be lovely to know an app gets funded as so many people use that as their primary 'sharing' tool :-) Thanks for the tip! <3

dude (how are you??) A decent mobile app would make me so much more active again for laptops arent always with us on the road!


DUDE! I'm fine :D How are you? Where are you - on the road you say?

Hope this apps gets funded YESSS - it looks promising <3

DUDE!!! Yeah I am in Eindhoven JONGUH!! Not on the road, hospital working here and being a model citizen as you understand :DD

DUDE! You're hooooome! How is it going at the hospital?

It has been a wild ride the last couple of weeks in the hospital indeed, but yeah...IM HOME!!!

do they look for investment or what, did not understand clearly?

Yes - they are asking for investment via our DHF: Decentralized Hive Fund. You can vote on proposals you like to see funded - have you done that before?

Yes - they are asking for investment via our DHF: Decentralized Hive Fund. You can vote on proposals you like to see funded - have you done that before?

no, i have not, could you send me a link

Sorry for the late reply, but here's a link to all the proposals you can vote on: https://peakd.com/me/proposals

If a proposal gets enough votes the one who asked for the funds will receive HBD and can start working on their project.

do they look for investment or what, did not understand clearly?

I'll go vote for that, I also miss Partiko, and this seems like possible a better alternative!

Yeah - miss Partiko too and it wasn't even a 'fancy' app, but it just worked. Thanks for voting and getting this project closer to the 'funded' phase!

That looks so pretty!!!! Omg imagine if they also make it possible to shared that easily to Instagram 😱 i would die!!!

WHOA! Yes, well, I think their 'phase 1' is pretty ambitious, but they seem open to suggestions, so who knows what they are able to achieve after this! :D

Yeah i know im not like saying right now but just imagine =O the possibilities!

YES! I 100% agree. We're in exciting times on Hive for sure! Possibilities are endless with renewed energy and teams wanting to contribute :D

I like this app. I am voting for this project.

Great, thanks!

You are welcome. The application will be a nice entry into the world of Hive.

I just voted for this! I’m in total agreement that we need more mobile access! Everything about this place is badass & fundamentally superior, even though that potential is far from being recognized, except the mobile experience. In everything I did on Steem and do on hive it’s just a little clunkier on mobile.

And this isn’t native to Hive. Virtually everything blockchain, aside from purchasing currency, is geared for pc and tolerable on mobile at best. I believe this is the place that can change that and projects like this are a big part of it.

I absolutely agree with you @sinistry! Desktop experience is great, especially with Peakd adding so many functionalities on a regular basis, but on Mobile it's often only half the experience :-) If we can get that upgraded we have better chances of onboarding people who might just be curious but don't want to do a full studies behind their browser :-) Cheers, thanks for voting!

I was just discussing this with a buddy today. He was asking about dapps and everything I could list has no mobile interface at all, that I know of. No one is going to Murmer instead of Tweet as long as you have to do it through a browser and those are the kinds of dapps that need we need out there the most. They span the masses. Games are fine but crypto games are a demographic within a demographic and not really a big enough target to draw the numbers we want to get to.

Mobile development should be a top priority.

I had voted for that last week. We need a killer phone app. We actually need a few so they compete with each other and get better.

APPICS could have gone down this path but chose the proprietary option and only showing their own posts within the app which will be limiting for them initially.

Yes - more Mobile apps is never a problem - if each app finds a niche or a way of onboarding then we can grow as a whole. The magic of the blockchain is that we can have 1000s of apps and still be in the same 'sphere', it all comes back to the block explorer in the end :D

APPICS had a different vision which I understood from their point of view as well. They're not doing so bad, their Telegram groups has way more followers than Steem ever had for example, but Dapplr might be smart by giving us a 'taste' of an app that 'can do it all'. Nothing holds them back from creating 'spin off' apps afterwards. We're still too small for niche apps, maybe, although one niche app could also be THE breakthrough of any project if done right.

Same feeling here. I also miss partiko so much.
And when i saw dapplr few weeks before i was really happy.
Even now i learn to use peakd also and it is good but until now i didnt get that feeling.

So voted for them. Thanks for shareing the links😉

@peakd is an amazing app and I'm actually very excited that they're looking into mobile devs as well as that could be a true game-changer for many Steemians who are already used to Peakd and want allll that functionality on Mobile too. But as I said, we can't have enough competition and/or different mobile apps, it's really about finding your 'match'.

Sweet fresh cool, excited about it, more power to the team and devs.

Yes, power to them!

I'm supporting this....

Great, thanks!

This looks cool. I miss Partiko and hope this fills the hole it created.

Thanks for giving them extra voice.

Yes - they needed the extra voice, they hadn't gotten as much exposure as I thought they would get - but from the amount of 'reblogs' my post got I think I also underestimated how important it was to write about it :-) Thanks!

Stay Safe and Awesome.

What a great article that clearly illustrates that dapplr will deliver on UX. Thanks for writing this, we are definitely going to vote yes for this.

Thanks for the support!

Hey, just to know the etiquette of sharing in communities....would it be ok to share this in the Hive Marketing Community? I am still new to understanding how the shares work, and if some action could be perceived as annoying, but this post definitely fits exactly into my newly created community, Hive Marketing. Please advise, thanks. Here's the link to view: https://peakd.com/c/hive-154303/trending

Hey @stellabelle, as far as I know sharing is the cool thing to do! I believe the original author gets most of the rewards from the 'cross-post', so I would not know why someone would object to it in general. I do know some Communities themselves don't encourage cross-posting, but I would never mind 'being shared'.

Anyway, short answer: go for it! And thanks for leaving a tip, it's appreciated! :D

ok, thanks for the reply. I'll share to our group for sure then. I really want to see this funded, as I think it will really add value to onboarding. I am curious how they will do onboarding, but if they are focused on UX and design, then i think they can make it work. First thing is to get out the vote...

Exactly! I was surprised how little support this project had gotten so far after two weeks - so I decided I wanted to give a little push. I'm glad to see the post has gotten quite a few shares on Hive - and now a share in a compatible community too. UX first, but for 30$ a day it would be amazing if they got out the app - onboarding can be phase 2!

Voted, shared and agree with all your points. I´m also still missing partiko which in my eyes was the best dapp so far. I was even still using it for commenting and upvoting although they were not working on it anymore.

esteem and appics are a nightmare for me. I´m using it on iOS and it kills me, especially esteem. Content is not loading, the slider indeed is a joke. It´s not that bad if I vote 51% instead of 50% but its bad that it does not what I want :)

So yeah, I hope this thing is coming and working!

Hi @betterthanhome

We are building a product that can provide a seamless user experience and that can help user feel connected to each other. We are sure that Dapplr will satisfy all of your needs.

Stay tuned for updated and help us spread the word.

This is cool mobile app to get new era, supporting for the community.

Hi @sheikh27

Thank you for your support. Help us spread the word.

It will be really mind blowing app. Keep up the good work!

Brilliant stuff. I look forward to seeing this application thrive on Hive. Hope they get funded :)

I voted for it literally the day they announced it! Can't wait to see it in action!

Yes yes yes! Me too - hope this gets funded, I know new teams need to work quite a bit harder to get noticed in this place, so I'm trying to do my part :-)

Thanks for the tip for the article! <3 I love the tipping feature :D

Voted, I really believe we need a shiny app