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RE: Witnesses, Community Roles, Dapplr Video Support and Several Other Features

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To think that Dapplr couldn't have gotten any better than what it already is (apart from the slight bugs), and now they come up with native video support. Absolutely amazing, with every little fix and addition is making the overall experience even better!

Keep at it with the updates, and just echoing what I've discussed in another chat, adding more accessibility features to Dapplr would be great. A font-size option is a start, given that the fonts can be a bit tiny for those hard of sight. Cheers, and lots of love to the @Dapplr team!

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Hi @zacknorman97

Thank you for your feedback. Adding customisation is our plan for our upcoming future update. These features will all be there.

Cheers for that. Keep it up with the fantastic work :-D