Witnesses, Community Roles, Dapplr Video Support and Several Other Features

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Hello, We are very excited to introduce Witnesses, Community Roles, Dapplr Videos support on PeakD & Hive.blog and several other features in this update. Thanks to the collaborative effort of Dapplr team, PeakD and Hive.blog team to bring the Dapplr video support. The update is out and all of these features are included in it and there is a lot of improvements in terms of performance and UI. Details of the features are given below.


New Features and Enhancements

1. Dapplr Videos support on PeakD & Hive.blog

With the application update, Dapplr videos are now supported on PeakD and Hive.blog. A Dapplr user will now be able to upload their favourite videos, Vlogs and any kind of stuff. We want to thank @asgarth from PeakD team and @blocktrades from Hive.blog team in helping us bring this support to their platforms.

Screenshot 20200801 at 3.11.09 PM.png

2. Witnesses

We believe every user should actively participate in the governance of HIVE blockchain and approve their favourite and most deserving user as a witness. We have now integrated this as a part of this update and a user will now be able to easily access witnesses in the application. These are the core features of the HIVE blockchain and its very important for an application to have this integration. In addition, we have added a search feature where a user can search for a witness and directly approve it.


3. Community Roles

We have added the customisations for a community team member to add other team members in the community with roles that they want to assign. This feature is available in the Account Management section and we believe, it is a very important feature especially for a community Admins and Moderators to easily access and modify the members and their roles.


4. Better Transitions and Memory Management

We have made some changes to the SDK and optimised it up a bit and it has great results in terms of animations and transitions. The memory consumption is also reduced by an average of 12%. We are making these optimisations as a part of our regular updates because we want the app to be battle ready when the time comes.

5. Better In-App Notification

We have changed the in-app notifications UI and now instead of coming from the top and taking all the space of the status bar, it will come as a card which will float over the header for a particular duration and go away if there is no interaction to it. You can also dismiss it by swiping it to the left or right side.


Bug Fixes

1 Multiple Postings on Feeds

Some of the users mentioned the duplicate posts in their feeds once in a while. It was hard for us to reproduce but we have added the necessary validations to resolve this issue. It’s included as a part of this update.

2 History Transaction Issues

There were some scrolling issues while loading the infinite list of transactions and it was getting reset in some cases. We have fixed this and along with that there was a timestamp parsing issue that we have resolved. A few misspelled terms are also fixed in this update.

3 Share Link Fix

Some of the users has to tap twice to get the share link to their post so we have made the fixes and added a UI feedback while the share link is being generated for the user. These links are DeepLinks, so they are compatible with your device as well as web browsers.

4 Keyboard Fix On Login

Several people reported that the keyboard is hiding the login form of HiveSigner login and we fixed this by calculating the keyboard’s height when the WebView is opened and used it make the necessary paddings / margins to always show Login form above the keyboard.

5 Input Alignment Issues

SDK was adding some paddings and margins at its end, so our margins were getting overridden. Now we have made the changes and the alignment issues inside input boxes are now resolved.


6 Notification Improvements

With the improvements, the unread notifications will be shown with a small dot to the right most side of the respective notifications. It was request by some of our users so we added this as a part of this update.

7 Video Volume Fixes

While testing the videos, we saw some of the memory leakage and the video volume was not stopping even if the page is closed. It took us some time to get this one right and it’s now fixed as a part of this update.

8 Several other fixes and enhancements

There are several other fixes and enhancements done as a part of this update including Spacing fixes, better loading speed, efficient memory management, placeholders, drafts management, border fixes and tons more.

These are the improvements that we have done and Dapplr is becoming more and more stable everyday. The time is very near when we will release Dapplr to the public. Thanks to the Dapplr Alpha team for suggestions and meaningful ideas.

Open Access

After these fixes, Dapplr is more robust, reliable and efficient. So we are taking another step by giving the access to many more people of the community but we have set the restriction of 1000 people and we will see how it goes. Referral system is up and running so don't forget to refer your friends with your referral link.

Check Out our Site

Dapplr Site URL - https://www.dapplr.in

Future Plans


To know more about the team and their work


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Good to see clear communication from you guys. I'm loving the dapp. Keep up the wonderful work

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Hi @felt.buzz

Thank you for your feedback and support. There is still a lot of work for us to do before we will be ready for mass adoption.

Thanks for the hard work. I love your app in many aspects that I need. The app is really awesome to use but I noticed there was no title can be seen in every post?

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Hi @mrnightmare89

Thank you for your support. Yes, title is not a part of the normal card view (Instagram view). We will see if it can be added in the future updates.

by the way how to earn tokens from dapplr? I saw I have 70 something tokens suddenly.

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The Dapplr team announced that they will give 5 DAPPLR tokens (for the author only) for every 1 HIVE worth of upvotes on your post.

It is included in their latest announcement at https://peakd.com/@dapplr/hbd-conversion-better-video-buffering-and-other-enhancements.

This is truly awesome! You guys keep getting better & better! Your hard work is so appreciated & I am definitely spreading the word how great this dApp is. I will give you another mention in my Hive Updates video this weekend so be on the look out ! 😉🙌💜

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Hi @pixiepost

Thank you for your support and feedback. Yes, we know about your videos and they are very good. Thank you for helping us spreading the work. Share your feedback in case you want to have any specific feature integrated.

You're so welcome. Oh wow, well thank you. I don't assume people know me lolol. I will definitely share any ideas or feedback if any arise. 🙂

Have an awesome day! 💜🤗

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When iOS?!!! I am desperate to test!

Hi @forykw

We are also frustrated because of this. It's been a very long time. I think we will try to create another Apple Developer account. There must be some problem with our current account under review.

👍 ah ok, so you have submitted already the code for review... have you heard about an app that allows things to be "tested" without approval (like TestFlight)? Might work out the waiting time at least... and allow some wide testing users.

yea, I use appics on testflight and that seems to work fine

To think that Dapplr couldn't have gotten any better than what it already is (apart from the slight bugs), and now they come up with native video support. Absolutely amazing, with every little fix and addition is making the overall experience even better!

Keep at it with the updates, and just echoing what I've discussed in another chat, adding more accessibility features to Dapplr would be great. A font-size option is a start, given that the fonts can be a bit tiny for those hard of sight. Cheers, and lots of love to the @Dapplr team!

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Hi @zacknorman97

Thank you for your feedback. Adding customisation is our plan for our upcoming future update. These features will all be there.

Cheers for that. Keep it up with the fantastic work :-D

When I click on peakd link, it redirects me to browser. Could it be done that it redirect to dapplr?

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Hi @libert

Sure, we can have this inside Dapplr only. We have noted this down and will be available in the upcoming update. Thank you for the productive feedback.

Awesome news, things just keep getting better & better. Dapplr is definitely the app I'd reccomend to anyone who wants to try Hive. Appreciate all the teams hard work.

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Hi @billybohner

Thank you for your feedback and support. It really motivates us to do more and more enhancements and feature integrations.

Keep up the good work Team

Hi @nathanmars

Thank you for your support.

Nice work there! Great to have mobile friendly site 😎

Hi @kimzwarch

Thank you for your support. It's an app on PlayStore and will soon be available on Apple App Store.

Stay Tuned for the updates.

Sure, looking forward to!

amazing update!

Hi @tobetada

Thank you for your support and feedback.

Great development. Keep up your great job.

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Hi @sadikulaziz

Thank you for your feedback and support.

Thank you for sharing this app. I will try it. Keep it share sir/madame

Hi @rokoktexthijau0

We are glad that you like it. Let us know your feedback.

Hi @dapplr team,

Awesome work upto now.!!!

SHARE button is not working at all.
Please look into it.

Otherwise amazed at the speed of development.

Thanks & Regards. 🙏

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Hi @sankysanket18

Thank you for your feedback and support. We have just verified Share button is working as expected. Would it be feasible for you to share the steps to reproduce the issue? Share this with us on the Discord.

Have tried it again after updating the app from play store....
Works perfectly fine now... Thanks 🌹

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Hello! I'd like to use the dApp. What do I have to do to join the waitlist?

Hi @poliwalt10

You can directly download it from

For Apple, our Apple Dev Account is under review and it will be available soon.

Great job guys!
We are really getting top notch app.
This video transfering was really key.
I will share new videos usig dapplr now :)

Have a great day all of you...

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Hi @crazy-andy

Thank you for your feedback and support. Awesome. Let us know your feedback and what other features that you would like to have in the app.

that's really cool

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Hi @artistparthoroy

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi @stellabelle

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi me again. Are there plans to allow scheduling of
posts? That would be useful too.


We have some plans for it but it's not in our priority list for now. We will keep you updated.

Edited: Somehow missed the update. All cool 🤟

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