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A lot of guys are getting frustrated with the dating game and even going full blown monk status or MGTOW. It honestly is understandable why that is happening because by my estimates 90-95% of men aren't having any respectible success with women. For instance there might be two people who are married and it is a sexless marriage or there could be a jacked guy dating a chick who is 373lb who has joined Pluto with planetoid status. Those aren't successful situations.

Even having a high sexual market place value on paper you could still be too poor, too short, too tall, not educated enough, over educated, too thug, too boring, driving a car that is too old and the wrong color.

The point is to the modern woman is oftentimes never satisfied. NO ONE is good enough and they want you to do 99% of the work.

And what has been the alternative? How many botched relationships do we see where there is some custody battle or a man is still married to their wife because she is too expensive to divorce?

The unfortunate situation in the West is that even if you have it all a lot of guys end up "dating down." I just read an article about Cam Newton who had 4 children with a single mom who was an exotic dancer. Cam Newton is an NFL quarterback.

I see guys first hand who are in shape and dating women who are way over weight, sassy, unsupportive, mentally unstable.... etc.

Then with the upper tier single women what I have seen is they tease thousands of guys like they are 19 years old sometimes well into their 30's and approaching 40. It's very strange but makes sense. They live off attention and validation and the longer this goes on the more impossible it is to satisfy their criteria.

Men essentially no longer have any leverage even when they could improve a woman's life by 5 or 10X. They still want to call the shots and act like you are some degenerate clown.

We can entertain them with our jokes for a limited time but in the end there always ends up being an issue.

If you see a woman in a large metro that is always single, looks fairly attractive, the issue is her. She only has to do 1% of the work and there are thousands of guys flooding their DM's, cold approaching them, and ready to expend all their resources to improve her life.

The thing that has been an unfortunate reality that I'm realizing is most of the upper tier women are doing OnlyFans, Seeking Arrangements, Teasing guys for 15 years, trying to find sugar daddies, becoming EXTREME Dog Moms instead of trying to get with legit dudes and starting a family.

What is the solution for men in the United States, Canada, Australia...etc

I hate to say this but most men would need to leave those countries and go to less wealthy countries to have much of any interaction with women who are relatively attractive. The issue is a potential language barrier and the potential that the relationship is more transactional than genuine attraction.

If you are going to stay in these countries I would say you have to work unbelievable volume. Guys don't realize how many women they have to communicate with to gain any traction at all. Basically thousands upon thousands of women and then you can lose traction extremely fast.

I have done the field research and have compared notes with friends all over the country. These are in shape athletic guys dealing with the same BS coast to coast. Everyone basically agrees that the situation has gotten way worse since 2018 timeframe. The covid situation has been the biggest cockblock since the ice age clearly but that being said it shouldn't be that bad and also men shouldn't have to date down so far to be in a situation.

Are Men The Problem?

I have thought extensively about this in self reflection, evaluating several of my friend's game / success, and evaluating history.

Obviously there are individual situations and if a man is broke as a joke, morbidly obese, and never brushes his teeth he can't expect to be with a hot athletic in shape woman who is rated a 9 out of 10. When talking about people equivalent in the looks department my honest assessment is that it is women's fault in general guided by the way society has changed. They are sort of just reacting to the situation and environment they have grown up in.

In saying men or women are the problem we have to have a reference point. I'm saying the normal situation would be people raising healthy families and being with someone they are sexually attracted to.

Doesn't sound too much to ask but in my experience and from my observations women are very volatile and are the flighty ones. They are oftentimes very mentally unsettled and will break up the family structure on a whim. Over 80% of divorces are initiated by women in the United States. The laws encourage this and it is financially advantageous typically for them to do so.

Even before marriage women are very flighty and never satisfied. There is often drama and always an issue. It is like spotting a Tasmanian Tiger trying to find a woman who is chill with no drama for longer than a couple weeks.

What do you guys think most men should do in 2022 to have any success with women?

Here is a picture of me making out with a chick on a beach in Florida, I don't want you guys thinking I don't have elite game. We were kicked off the beach by the cops soon after that.



'Work from home' makes the problem even worse.

For sure. It can mess things up in multiple ways. Single people have less interaction with others at work and married couples have more time to get sick of each other being around each other 24/7.

The only thing I think it would cut down on is infidelity and the hypergamous nature of women to try to monkey branch to someone at work they precieve to be a bigger better deal.

Imagine what it will be like a decade or so from now. Imagine a boy (or girl) who has been homeschooled online and finds a 'remote work' job on line.

Yeah, in the next 5-10 years it is going to keep getting way worse. Kids don't know what gender they are and 70% of the relationships on TV shows are gay relationships

Kids are so confused already.

One of the things I'm seeing is a lot of girls that are 21-24 years old who are actually attractive have never had a normal healthy relationship. And then they are extremely confused of why that is.

You need to do more field research...

I agree, I'm going to see if women's pharamones and fertility has been altered by the clot shot

Given that the birth rate has already collapsed, it's a safe bet, if they have the clot shot, fertility is all over. Same with men...

It is very likely. I will focus my field research mainly on pure bloods

They have much higher IQs too