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Downvoting a curation project (that I make no profit from) over $10 in response to my 20cent downvote pretty much shows the person you are.

Your photos are over rewarded by your auto votes and I can downvote them if I want. Just like you can downvote my posts (as you do), but going after a curation project is quite juvenile.

You’re not only a reward pool abuser apparently, but a bully as well. Good to know 🙂 I don’t like bullies and I don’t scare easy.. and lucky for you, we don’t care about rewards at c-squared as it all just goes to the authors.. so keep throwing your fit, maybe those of your “followers” who aren’t your alt accounts will finally see who you really are.


First of all, I don't use auto votes.

Secondly, I downvoted your post, "Why in the world would I want my tweets immutable?" - A Case for Censorship Resistant Social Media" and "Steem - The Dysfunctional Family I Never Knew I Wanted" on your blog. Is it your curation project? If it's true, I apologize.

I don't get why you guys keep downvoting me. Some said to me that my articles are not worthy, but who decides the value of the article? Like you can downvote me freely, I also have the freedom to write what I want.

Also, some claimed to me that I should not vote reciprocally. But, I think steem users I vote for also make valuable posts. I respect your belief in supporting unnoticed authors. But I have been voting many unnoticed authors in my ways.

You can downvote my blog all you want, you have and I have not complained once.

You then went and downvoted this and other posts on the c-cubed account though ( I can only assume in response to the downvotes I allocated to a few of your posts the other day. That is a curation project, not my blog.

I feel your photos are over rewarded, so sometimes I donwnvote them to reallocate the funds elsewhere. I do it not only to you, I’m pretty consistent in how I use them.

There is no “you guys”, it’s just me scrolling through trending and downvoting what I think was voted a bit too high.

Up and downvotes are literally designed to allocated each individuals share of stake to what they find to add value. I get downvoted often due to my posts getting too high, and I welcome it. Then there are people like you and haejin that get small downvotes and feel the need to just blindly give large ones in return as retaliation, rather than using them as intended.

Do as you wish, but I will make it known what you are doing if you continue to feel the need to retaliate on an innocent project instead of on myself.

I'm sorry if I offended you by saying "you guys"

I downvoted c-cubed's post once seven days ago. (And It wasn't relevant to you)
But I don't understand a whole concept of curation project. I thought there was no difference between farming and c-cubed's account. Would you explain why c-cubed account is an innocent project that I should not downvote?

I’m not offended, I’m just not a part of any group - I just downvote what I think is over rewarded.

If you downvoted c-cubed for some other reason than retaliation against myself, then that’s fair. (It was multiple times though) You are entitled to use your downvotes how you like and if that’s the case, I would not call it malicious necessarily (even though the timing seems odd).

C-cubed is a fully manual curation group that is crowd sourced and voluntary. Meaning no one within the project is rewarded for their curation. Everyone is welcome to be a curator, it’s complet open and we curate over 8 different languages,this process allows us to reach more authors.

C-squared is our main account (where we also provide and run a community witness out of pocket) and c-cubed is a selection of the “best” posts brought in from the community that day. We feature them so more people will see them, and they get a larger vote from our C-cubed account. Most go on to get noticed by other larger curation groups or stake holders (which is our goal).

The profits from any posts either go to the featured authors or are powered up to reward authors more. We as founders make nothing, we just donate our time (a lot of it) because we believe in supporting authors and how doing so adds value to STEEM. The same goes for anyone involved with the project.

So while the rewards lately on the featured posts are higher than normal, that’s not from our doing or deals we made.. it’s just people voting it. And I wouldn’t call it farming as that post represents multiple independent individuals spending hours manually curating and then the admin hand select each post featured. Plus it doesn’t go to anyone involved, it just goes back to authors in one way or another.

But again, if your downvote was not for retaliation against myself.. fair enough. I hope I at least explained the project in a way that settled your curiosity. Let me know if you have any other questions.