DBuzz - Hive Proposal #2: Pioneering Decentralized Social Media on Hive.io

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Executive Summary:

Over a productive period of six months, the DBuzz team has successfully achieved significant milestones as set out in our proposal spanning from June, 2023 to December 15, 2023. Major accomplishments include integration of Metamask with DBuzz, open-sourcing of our entire GitHub repository (github.com/d-buzz) to the Hive community, and partnering with Makilala Institute of Science & Technology to prototype our school WiFi Marketing Initiative.

The DBuzz team extends its gratitude to the Hive community, whose support has been instrumental in reaching these milestones. As a recognized entity in the decentralized social media domain, DBuzz has significantly broadened its influence and reach. This expansion is evident through our active participation in twenty Web3 events, and the publication of 6 comprehensive development reports encompassing twelve substantial updates since June of 2023.

Additionally, the platform has gained media attention, being featured in 119 news articles from over 30 news agencies, seventy-five podcasts and a brief mention of DBuzz co-Founder Nathan Senn and HIVE on a mainstream news channel.


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Hive Fest 2023.png

@detlev, @chrisrice, @nathansenn, @brianoflondon, @eturnerx.

DBuzz is currently seeking funding of $693 HBD daily for a period of six months. This funding is pivotal for DBuzz in its mission to further solidify its presence within the Web3 sphere, offering a compelling and user-centric alternative to conventional Web2 platforms creating a future where social media operates in a decentralized and censorship-resistant framework.

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Software Development Report

In aligning with the objectives of our previous DHF proposal, a significant milestone for DBuzz has been the open-sourcing of our entire GitHub repository. This key step underscores our dedication to transparency, user freedom, and data ownership - and represents our commitment to the principles of open-source development within the Hive community. Below are the main development updates that preceeded this major achievement:

Comprehensive Updates to D.Buzz Platform

DBuzz has undergone numerous enhancements, substantially improving site reliability, speed, and addressing a wide array of key bug fixes. These major updates have significantly boosted the overall reliability and user experience of the platform. Key developments include:

  • Site Reliability and Performance: Achieved a notable increase in site reliability and speed, resolving critical issues that previously impacted user experience.

  • New User Interface: Implemented a refreshed layout and color scheme, culminating in the release of a new User Interface, setting the stage for the upcoming DBuzz v4.0.

  • Metamask Integration: Successfully integrated Metamask login, enhancing our position as a decentralized social media application on the Hive blockchain.

  • Introduction of Lite.D.Buzz: Launched the alpha version of Lite.D.Buzz, built on the Ceramic Network and the SPK Union Indexer. This innovative development offers a decentralized user experience, putting greater control in the hands of users. It allows for the creation of off-chain posts and comments while maintaining interaction with the Hive community. Users can log in with their Ethereum wallets via Metamask, creating a Ceramic account on DBuzz, enabling them to update profiles, make posts, and comment. The Ceramic protocol's cryptographic data signing and stream organization further enhances the platform's capabilities.

Lite DBuzz.png

Lite.D.Buzz is currently in the testing phase, with plans to fully integrate it into the main D.Buzz website once its reliability is confirmed. This step is a testament to our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance user engagement and experience.

Vote for Proposal #2

  • Bug Fixes and New Features:

    Updated Sections

    • Bug Fixes: Addressed various issues such as follow/unfollow button glitches, notification page errors, unassigned errors, SEO enhancements, feed refreshing bugs, profile image loading problems, profile page errors, cursor disappearing issues, search query corrections, canonical SEO and footer link fixes, URL and username regex optimization, and YouTube embed inconsistencies. Additional fixes include SEO for terms of service typeahead, fixed placement of clear button on notifications, fixed view profile on notification, fixed resolving YouTube embeds not rendering for some link variations, added new embed URL for YouTube live, removed Broken CoinGecko stats, unbolded username in Bio of Profile, added re-fetching of feeds on home, fixed eslint, fixed/profile image loading, fixed profile page not existing error, logout prompt modal, fixed search tabs, and bio limit and character countdown.

    • New Features: Rolled out new functionalities like filtering comments/replies in search, SEO-friendly image names and post formats, a new leaderboard, permalink creation for posts, Twitter embeds, multi-image uploads in comments, Buzz draft auto-save, login modal triggers for unauthenticated actions, real link usage for wsrv link issues, bio limit and character countdown, referral link redirection, copy link addition on the profile page, new YouTube live embed URL, and an updated high-definition favicon. New features also include bookmark icon and FAQs for Buzz title section character limits, dynamic thumbnail, modified wallet values font, modified following and followers page, increased space between post and embed/video/picture, changes to the tab color in profile, multiple color weight for dark mode trending/following tabs, Meta Description SEO Task, join.d.buzz link improvement, modified trending tags for dbuzz, FAQs page, trigger login modal for unauthenticated actions, close button on switch account modal, comment's post time color change, updated background color, Buzz button color modification for dark mode in mobile, block user blank post, and added copy link on Profile Page.

    • Modifications: Implemented various modifications including the addition of bookmark icons, dynamic thumbnails, font adjustments, side-panel revisions, re-fetching of feeds, profile button enhancements, increased spacing between posts and embedded content/video/pictures, tab color changes in profiles, notification button placement corrections, dark mode color adjustments, meta description additions, organizational link handling, navy blue color replacements, logout prompt modal updates, and more. Additionally, design and UI updates include removing org/en/ on organizational links, removed comments tab then added media and like tabs, added default color for cover photo, added @ sign at login, D.Buzz Icon Mobile updates, modified color of upvote, replies and statistics in dark mode, modified color of links in bio, and removed bold style for HIVE amount.

Vote for Proposal #2

To view the latest version of DBuzz with all metioned updates visit Next.D.Buzz.

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 3.53.01 AM.png

Blog.D.Buzz v2.0 Summary

Blog.D.Buzz v2.0 introduces a series of updates and enhancements aimed at improving user experience and resolving existing issues.

  • Fixes: Key fixes include addressing redirect errors for unauthenticated users, spacing inconsistencies, and mobile font problems, along with various UI glitches. Improvements in mobile responsiveness, especially in the comment section, and UI adjustments in post lists were made. The update also resolved issues related to login and file uploads on mobile web.

  • Features and Enhancements: This release introduced new functionalities such as the retrieval of all posts with #hive as a hashtag and the addition of posts with the #news hashtag. It also includes new fonts and UI enhancements, like refactored upvote functions, an image upload loader, and a redesigned interface for adding tags. Content page adjustments include hiding the comment date and vote section, as well as introducing new icons for writing posts and comments.

  • Updates: Version 2.0.1 of the platform has been released, which includes the integration of various development branches to enhance performance and functionality.

  • Maintenance: The maintenance efforts focused on fixing linting errors, removing unnecessary logs, and implementing smooth scroll functions. Additionally, user interface improvements were made, including repositioned tabs and a consistent design across headers.

Blog.D.Buzz v2.0 is structured to enhance usability and address important user feedback, aiming to improve the overall user experience.

Blog DBuzz.png

Vote for Proposal #2


Launched Auto.Vote, an innovative auto voting service that enhances the original Hive.Vote concept by incorporating Hive Keychain for login. This key difference not only elevates the security aspect but also streamlines the user experience. Special thanks to @mahdiyari for providing the source code and model, which were instrumental in developing this advanced feature.

Features and Enhancements

  • Curation Trail: Offers the ability for users to follow the voting patterns of selected accounts automatically.
  • Downvote Trail: Enables users to align their downvotes with chosen accounts, promoting community-based content moderation.
  • Upvote Posts: Automatically votes for posts from users' favorite creators, ensuring consistent support.
  • Redux Implementation and Axios Configuration: Improves state management and network request handling.


  • Resolved Double Login Issue: Eliminated the need for multiple logins, enhancing user convenience.

Auto.Vote, with its advanced features and user-centric improvements, represents a significant development in Hive-based applications. It provides a more secure, efficient, and streamlined experience for users (development is ongoing).


Vote for Proposal #2

Join.D.Buzz Frontend Updates:

Streamlined the Hive account creation process for new users.


  • Resolved OTP trapping issue.
  • Fixed OTP issue and added countdown for expiry.
  • Addressed issues related to SEO tasks.
  • Resolved download problem for iPhone devices.

Features and Enhancements

  • Added auto-subscribe feature upon registration.
  • Optimized phone number request process to ask only once during registration.


  • Released version 1.3.0.
  • Pre-released version 1.3.0-beta.

DBuzz Search Backend Updates:

  • Updated search.js for improved functionality.
Features and Enhancements
  • Implemented sorting functionality support in search queries.
  • Added customization options for tags to enhance user search experience.

Vote for Proposal #2


Created leaderboards to provide statistics on DBuzz, inspired by Hive Engagement League and InLeo.io's leaderboard. Acknowledging @leofinance, @abh12345, and @arcange for their contributions.



Integrated "Sting" chat service to enhance on-site communication, thanks to collaboration with @peak.open and @mirafun.

Chat DBuzz.png

  • Custom CSS and login fix
  • Update login and protected routes
  • Modified router param recognition and added new date filter type
  • Added CORS origin
  • Added endpoints for all ranking
  • Added changes for Hivesql

Vote for Proposal #2

In-House HIVE API Node

Launched our own HIVE API node at rpc.d.buzz, significantly increasing the speed and reliability of the DBuzz dApp.

Marketing Outreach

Targeted Engagement with Crypto Exchanges: Coins.ph and PDAX

  • Initiative with Coins.ph: Our approach to integrating HIVE with major crypto exchanges commenced with Chris Rice's open letters to Coins.ph. These letters, highlighting the benefits of HIVE, set the foundation for further engagement. Building on this, Nathan Senn, PJ, and Kraster from our team visited Coins.ph's headquarters to strengthen our case and discuss the potential listing of Hive.


  • Outreach to PDAX: Similarly, Chris Rice addressed PDAX (Philippine Digital Asset Exchange) through an open letter, outlining Hive's potential value to their exchange. Following this, our team made direct visits to PDAX, reinforcing our interest and dedication to establishing a productive partnership.

DBuzz and PDAX.ph.png

  • Advancing Negotiations and Expanding Reach: These efforts have initiated ongoing negotiations with Coins.ph for HIVE's listing, with @crimsonclad leading the discussions. We are also extending our outreach to other prominent players in the Philippine crypto exchange market, including GCrypto, aiming to increase Hive's presence and impact in the region.
  • Partnership with Makilala Technology Institute (MIST): Established a partnership with MIST to provide free internet infrastructure to their college. In exchange, DBuzz will be integrated as the WiFi login portal, increasing platform usage and exposure for DBuzz and Hive.

DBuzz College.png

  • Hive Ecosystem Boost: We successfully onboarded @dpservice, who made a significant impact on the platform by purchasing $110,000 in HBD/HIVE and powering up over 200,000 HP. Notably, they are maintaining their position and plan to continue holding it for the foreseeable future, showcasing a long-term commitment to the Hive ecosystem.

  • Global Events Participation: Actively participated in 20 events worldwide, enhancing our global community presence.

Vote for Proposal #2

  • Podcast Features: Featured in seventy-five podcasts, reaching a broad audience and sharing updates about decentralized social media.
  • Development Reports and Major Updates: Published 6 development reports with 12 major updates, keeping users and stakeholders informed.
  • Media Coverage: Highlighted in 119 news articles since June of 2023 (129 since January), showcasing our growth and innovation in the Web3 space.

DBuzz in the News.png

Both online and print news coverage of Hive in the Philippines.

Hive Fest: Sponsorship, Networking, and Presentations

@dbuzz was a sponsor of @hivefest 2023 and Nathan Senn, Chris Rice and Carl Swanson attended. Their involvement in the event facilitated direct engagement with other Hive users, allowing for the exchange of ideas, insights, and the formation of strategic partnerships that are crucial for our project's development and growth.

During Hive Fest, Nathan Senn and Chris Rice took the opportunity to speak, representing our team and vision. Their presentations covered our recent accomplishments, future plans, and our broader strategy for Hive in the decentralized social media landscape. These talks were instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding of our goals and enhancing support for our initiatives within the Hive ecosystem.

DBuzz's Basketball Team Sponsorship in Davao City:

  • First Known Hive Basketball Team: DBuzz sponsored the first known Hive basketball team, showcasing the platform's engagement with the local community.
  • Location and Engagement: The team is based in Sandawa, Matina, Davao City, Philippines, and plays in basketball tournaments in various locations around Davao City.
  • Game Performance: The team participated in approximately eight regular games and one championship game from September to November 2023, winning all 9 games, including the championship.
  • Community Impact: This sponsorship, coupled with Chris Rice's personal involvement in the games, significantly increases local awareness and interest in both Hive and DBuzz.
  • Promotion Beyond Digital: By sponsoring the basketball team, DBuzz demonstrated its commitment to community involvement and promotion beyond the digital realm, fostering local sports and community spirit.


Vote for Proposal #2

These achievements underscore DBuzz’s commitment to innovation in both technology and marketing. By combining cutting-edge software development with proactive outreach, DBuzz is not only advancing its platform but also shaping the future of decentralized social media in the Web3 era.

The Future of DBuzz: Version 4.0 and Beyond

As we look towards the future, DBuzz is gearing up for a promising array of developments with the launch of Version 4.0. Our roadmap is ambitious and focused on enhancing user experience, growth, retention, and accessibility. Here's what's on the horizon:

Expanding Accessibility and Inclusivity

  • Multi-Language Support: Introducing comprehensive multi-language support to cater to users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  • Broadened Browser Support: Ensuring compatibility with a wider range of web browsers including Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Tor Browser, and DuckDuckGo Browser, making DBuzz accessible to more users.

Enhanced Communication and Interaction

  • Messaging Feature: Improve the messaging system to foster deeper user-to-user interactions.

  • Twitter Spaces Embeds: Enabling users to enhance their content with interactive Twitter Spaces.

  • Media Upload for Video: Providing a seamless way for users to share video content.

AI-Driven Feed Tools

  • AI Feed Tools: Developing AI-driven tools to give users more tailored feeds and moderation, offering the freedom to choose their preferred algorithm. These tools will be open-sourced, encouraging creativity and customization. The introduction of Algorithm Options ensures that users have a more engaging and personalized experience, aligning with their interests and values, and promoting active participation.

NFT Marketplace Integration on DBuzz

  • Profile-Based NFT Showcases: Users will be able to display their NFTs on their DBuzz profiles, enriching personal expression and social engagement.

  • Hive NFT Transactions: The marketplace will facilitate the buying and selling of Hive NFTs, enhancing the digital economy within the Hive ecosystem.

  • Integration with Hive Platforms: Incorporating Hive Engine, Honeycomb, and others into the marketplace will leverage their functionalities for a robust trading experience.

  • Impact on Decentralized Social Media: Sets new standards in decentralized social media by merging digital asset management with social networking.

Technological Advancements

  • Hive Overhaul of RPC and API: Addressing API overloading and rate limiting with a new protocol for user authentication during login, enhancing the speed and efficiency of DBuzz. This initiative goes beyond DBuzz, addressing critical technical bottlenecks for the broader Hive blockchain community. The result is a more reliable and efficient blockchain ecosystem, beneficial for both developers and users. In line with our commitment to open-source development, the improvements made will be available for use by other Hive APIs, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.

  • Integrate SPK Network: Integrate decentralized storage of DBuzz content.

  • Off-Chain and Sidechain Technology Development: Expanding the functionality and flexibility of DBuzz and other Hive DApps.

  • Hivesigner Integration: Introducing Hivesigner for improved user authentication and security.

Mobile Accessibility

  • Android App: Add a Notifications app in Google Play for DBuzz users to receive notifications.
  • Improved iOS Progressive Web App: Making it easier for iOS users to benefit from using DBuzz.

Community Outreach and Marketing Initiatives

  • Web3 on Campus: Connecting with educational institutions to promote Web3 technology, aiming to provide free internet to colleges and universities in the Philippines with DBuzz as the Internet Login Portal.
  • Targeting 2 Colleges by Mid-Next Year: Our goal is to reach out to 3,500 people per school, with an initial target of 2 colleges.

Integration with Makilala Institute of Technology

In the early part of the coming year, we plan to significantly boost our user base by integrating Makilala Institute of Technology's 4,700 students into DBuzz. This strategic move, made possible by the partnership with MIST to provide free internet, promises to substantially enhance engagement on the platform. This influx of users is vital for the vibrancy of Hive's social media dApps and is expected to lead to a surge in community activity. The dedication and relentless effort of DBuzz founders @chrisrice and @nathansenn, combined with the DBuzz team and Hive community, will continue to propel DBuzz and Hive forward in the dynamic landscape of Web3.

User Experience and Platform Enhancements

  • Buzz Post Scheduling: Adding the ability for users to schedule their posts for added convenience.

  • Additional Login Options: Incorporating Bitcoin, Twitter, and email logins for greater user convenience.

  • Daily and Total User Count Tracking: Providing accurate insights into platform usage.

  • Improved Blacklist/Mutelist Features and Moderation Tools: Enhancing user safety and maintaining vigilance against spam content.

As DBuzz continues to evolve, we remain committed to redefining the Web3 landscape, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and creating a digital world that is more inclusive, interactive, and engaging for everyone.

DBuzz's Vision for 2024: Expanding Horizons and Impact

With our sights set on the future, DBuzz has outlined an ambitious roadmap in line with the forthcoming Version 4.0. In this section, we'll explore the promising developments that await.

Marketing Initiatives and Campaigns

  • Video Campaign: Launch a video campaign to further raise the awareness of DBuzz and Hive.
  • Boots on the Ground Campaign: Continue robust funding of guerilla marketing campaigns, to enhance real-life presence and appeal.
  • International Expansion: Venture into new territories such as Japan where DBuzz user @kenny.rogers currently lives.
  • Enhanced Strategy in Asia: Intensifying efforts in the Philippines, including sponsorships and participation in local Hackathons. Collaborating with schools and colleges for user onboarding and retention strategies.

1st Archway Event in the Philippines.png

Vote for Proposal #2

Educational Outreach and Web3 Promotion

  • Web3 on Campus: Strengthening ties with educational institutions to promote Web3 technology and blockchain awareness. Providing free internet to colleges and universities in the Philippines, with DBuzz integrated as the Internet Login Portal. Aiming to reach 4 schools by the end of next year, impacting 3,500 people per school.

Building Network Affiliates

  • Expanding Partnerships: Continuously growing our network affiliations and partnerships, opening doors to new collaborative opportunities and further expansion.

These ambitious plans for 2024 represents DBuzz's commitment to not only expanding its digital footprint but also making a tangible impact in communities around the world. Through these initiatives, DBuzz aims to redefine the role of social media, in an effort to promote education, global connectivity and friendship.

Funding Request

We are requesting $126,819 HBD from December 2023 to Jun 2024. This funding will elevate DBuzz to new heights, foster Hive community growth, and enable the continuation of open-source development. Full funding will make DBuzz a competitive alternative to leading web2 social media companies.

To ensure the highest level of productivity and innovation, the DBuzz team will be operating at full capacity. Our focus will be on releasing as many features as possible, for integration with various aspects of our software.

Allocation Plan

With this investment, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Web3 on Campus
  • NFT marketplace
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Attend Events to Promote Hive and DBuzz
  • Broadened Browser Support
  • Improve the Messaging Feature
  • Hive Overhaul of RPC and API
  • AI Feed Tools
  • iOS and Android App Development
  • Infrastructure and Hardware Upgrades for efficient, sustainable software development and platform reliability.
  • Continue to publish Open Source Code for the hive ecosystem

Breakdown of Funding

  • Team Salaries: $75,000 for 6 months ($12,500 per month), supporting:
    • 6 Developers
    • 2 Management
    • 2 Community Managers and Curators
    • 5 QA and Engagement Specialists
    • 1 Content Creator / SEO Specialist
    • 2 DBuzz Ambassadors
  • Office Space and Equipment: $4,019.
  • Back-end Server Expansion: $5,000
  • Marketing: $24,000
  • Web3 on Campus: $18,800

This totals $126,819 HBD.

Your Support is Crucial

Support DBuzz by Voting
Vote for Proposal

DBuzz remains a fervent contributor to Web3 social media, enhancing the Hive ecosystem. Continuing our work for Hive through our open source software significantly boosts Hive's ecosystem of dApps. With full funding, we plan to expand our team, rapidly introduce new features, and promote the Hive Ecosystem. Our commitment is to demonstrate real value for Web3 and blockchain technology. Your support is vital for the success of HIVE and the Hive community.

We sincerely thank you for your support!

The DBuzz Team.

VII. Appendices and Supporting Documents:


Wow! Impressed by what D.Buzz is doing! I was just talking about this with @hiro-hive and you guys are already doing the groundwork. As someone who has done brand/community building for Telos in the past, I'm eager to bring my skills and help Hive/D.Buzz's presence in the Philippines, especially Metro Manila.

Let's chat about how we can make some big waves together.

You've been around the block, nice nice.

Yes, you have too @manniman.

Thank you.

Can‘t stop, won‘t stop!

I wish me meger upvoted had more worth, but I truly appreciate DBuzz. It is my most used Dapp. I appreciate all the hard work and wish you every success.


This is a great deal in here and the progress is massive.

Supported ✅

Excellent effort

More to come from the DBuzz Team, and I am so glad I'm part of the DBuzz family. Seeing them in almost every major Web3 event in the Philippines inspired more Filipinos to be active on Hive.

Thank you for this amazing program. It's an honor to support this nice innovations for the benefit of the entire block chain.

Nice !!!

Thank you for the support for DBuzz.

Thank you @russia-btc and best wishes to you and your family this holiday season.

Done -- what an amazing presentation of progress!

Thank you Deeann!

Super fantastic

We appreciate your support. Thanks for dropping by.

We're doing our best @abidniazi.

Thanks dear Sir 🙏

Congratulations with such wonderful journey and milestone #d.buzz . Cant wait to see more and venture/posting at dbuzz platform too. Wishing you and team #dbuzz a Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Can't wait for the new updates on hive and giving thank you for all the admin for doing their part to improve the hive blockchain.🤗

Let us support this initiative of DBuzz. As a Filipino Hive user, we are part of this remarkable achievement. The movement started with three Hive user meetups because of Hive is now going global. Exciting times are ahead of us.

Genial 😁

There's been so much added to the DBuzz ecosystem. I like how this gives us short content creators a lucrative avenue for expression.

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@Dbuzz You have presented the dbuzz executive summary very well. dbuzz will have many more successes and I am excited to work with you I hope you will appreciate my enthusiasm Thank you

On Hive, enthusiasm can take you to great places @tahirazaman.

Keep contributing, learning and improving, I will too.

I am very thankful for your response dear

Sounds good. How long have you been on HIVE?

Posted via D.Buzz

I Joined April 2022 on hive

Ah okay. I think I first heard about HIVE (formerly STEEM) on Medium.com.

Do you remember how you first heard about $HIVE?

Posted via D.Buzz


Hinde ko akalain na ganyan kalawak ang hive

Decentralized po kasi Hive.
At ang DBuzz ay isa sa mga nangungunang dapps sa loob ng Hive network.

I've voted for the proposal - you're doing good work promoting Hive through DBuzz !

I do have a question, and please don't take it the wrong way ! While I can see why the level of HBD requested is needed, and I can see it's being used for a huge variety of developments, the support DBuzz is asking for makes it one of the more expensive proposals. Is there a longer term plan for DBuzz to start generating revenue to gradually reduce the support needed ? Or alternatively, is there any data showing the return on investment ? I'm sure DBuzz is finding us new users, it would be awesome to see year on year how much HIVE they buy to contribute to the overall market cap.

We onboarded @dpservice who bought $110,000 USD worth of HIVE/HBD.

  • There has been talk about them possibly creating their own dApp.

Also in talks with Coins.ph with @crimsonclad about listing HIVE, and will try to get HIVE listed with PDAX.ph too.

Is there a longer term plan for DBuzz to start generating revenue to gradually reduce the support needed?

@nathansenn and @valkangel are still preparing for the full release of @retzark and DBuzz will be releasing an NFT marketplace in tandem.

The marketplace on nft.d.buzz will generate revenue.


Well done on Woc, @dbuzz! kairke(5/5) is appreciative of the time and attention you've devoted to writing this post. Your efforts are truly valued.

This post made @kairke's day! As a gift, you've received 0.2 WGOLD! Keep creating amazing content and never give up!

BTW! WGOLD is the token of the War of Clans ecosystem, you can use it to have discounts in all our games or stake it and earn rewards now!

Interested in learning more about WOC.

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There are so many changes with DBuzz for the past few months. You've got my support.

Thank you for the HBD.
When I try to vote for the proposal, I get the following message:
"Your transaction was not successfully broadcasted"

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Seems you do a lot, so much much for the community.
Thanks and a !BEER from me.

Looking into a nice 2024 future with D.Buzz!

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