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one of the collectible dCITY backgrounds made by @zaxan


When creating the game my first goal was to avoid making it time consuming for the players (clicks every x minutes or energy to use every day). I think this has been achived - players can build their city and check it from time to time to buy and sell assets. The primary game actions are happening on the market where players are trading assets.

The second most important target was mining. The possibility to mine other tokens or cards in-game. We are introducing that with this update. Two new buidlings for mining tokens, technologies and backgrounds as items that can be collected throughout the game based on certain rules.

New Properties

Education - the base for discovering technologies; 40 education = 1% chance to discover technology daily, with a max cap at 25%

Creativity - the base for finding a background; 80 creativity = 1% chance to find a background with a max cap at 25%

New Cards

Farm: population: 5, income: 6, popularity: 5, workers: 11,
probability: 15%

Park: population: 2, popularity: 5, workers: 1,
probability: 15%

Wind Turbine, income: 3, popularity: -2, workers: 2,
probability: 14.2%

Hospital, income: 5, popularity: 14, workers: 10,
probability: 0.2%, increase population by 1%, this bonus works only once per city

Hotel, population: 4, income: 10, popularity: 5, workers: 15,
probability: 5%

Job Center: income: 5, popularity: 7, workers: 10,
probability: 5%, increase chance for daily training by 3%

Stadium, income: 15, popularity: 10, workers: 17,
probability: 4%

Casino: income: 25, popularity: 8, workers: 10,
probability: 3%, incrase crime ratio, can get robbed for 400

Art Gallery: popularity: 12, workers: 5, creativity: 10,
probability: 5%, required to receive background

Ad Agency: income: 9, popularity: 5, workers: 6, creativity: 5,
probability: 3%

School: income: 2, popularity: 9, workers: 12, education: 5,
probability: 4%

Research Center: income: 3, popularity: 5, workers: 18, education: 10,
probability: 5%, required to get technology

University: income: 2, popularity: 9, workers: 14, education: 10,
probability: 3%

Brewery: income: 9, popularity: 5, workers: 10,
probability: 1%, producing BEER daily

WEED Farm: income: 7, popularity: 5, workers: 8,
probability: 2%, producing WEED daily

Night Club: income: 8, popularity: 8, workers: 10, creativity: 3,
probability: 1%

Waves Broadcast Tower: income: 1, popularity: 5, workers: 1, creativity: 40,
probability: 0.1%

Laboratory: income: 6, popularity: 5, workers: 11, education": 6,
probability: 0.5%

Forest: income: 4, popularity: 4, workers: 2,
probability: 3%

Solar Plant: income: 5, popularity: 7, workers: 5,
probability: 4%

Nuclear Plant: income: 20, popularity: -15, workers: 15,
probability: 3%

Military Industrial Complex: income: 20, popularity: -10, workers: 30,
probability: 1%, gives player shares from war tax

Public Restrooms: income: 2, popularity: -1, workers: 2,
probability: 2%

Law Firm: income: 10, popularity: 2, workers: 10,
probability: 0.5%, 10% tax reduction, only one per city gives that bonus

Social Aid Office: income: 0, popularity: 5, workers: 40
probability: 0.5%, decrease social support costs by 100

New Events

Science Convention - organized with 100 STEM tokens, gives the player 40-120 education for 24h, and 20% chance to receive scientist every 2 hours

Art Convention - organized with 250 CCC tokens, gives the player 80-180 creativity for 24h, and 20% chance to receive artist every 2 hours

WEED Fest - organized with 75 WEED tokens, gives the player 40-120 creativity for 24h, and 20% chance to receive artist, also doubles WEED Farm production

New Mechanics


Now, on a daily basis your immigrants and homeless are trained into workers(80%), artists(10%) and scientists(10%)

Every homeless/immigrant card gives 0.01% chance for training.

Every Job Center card gives a 3% chance for training.

Positive Popularity is required for training.

Government & Taxes

Players can elect a president for 14 days.

Voting power is calculated from average 30 days SIM holdings, snapshots before distribution.

The President can influence some stats but it also means more taxes:

income tax - based on SIM price

This one is based on the average SIM token price over the last 3 days, when the price goes down, this tax should go up and decrease inflation and vice versa when the token price going up.

police tax - funding police

The President funds the police with this tax, and can make it work 4x better. 1% tax.

education tax - funding education

The President can boost education by 10% but it will cost players 5% of their daily income.

art tax - tax to fund Artists

The President can boost creativity by 10% but it will cost players 5% of daily income.

war tax - funding war

When The President declares war, players pay a 10% tax and 80% of that goes to the Military Industrial Complex (one of the new upcoming buildings) owners.

eco tax - tax for eco program

For a 5% tax, The President can boost income from Wind Turbines and Solar Panels (new buildings).

jobs tax - funding jobs program

For a 5% tax, The President can double the effects of the Job Agency (a new builiding with an effect on training).

basic tax - just basic tax

Basic tax from 1-20%. The President can use it to reduce SIM inflation.

Tech-Tree and Technologies

To be able to discover technology, a player needs to unlock it first in the Tech-Tree.

Players can unlock one technology every 36 hours and can reset this cooldown with 900 SIM.

Technologies are grouped into 4 branches, collecting all five technologies from one branch gives the player a 1% bonus to population


Unlocking a technology doesn't give you the actual technology card and bonus. Instead, it makes you eligible to discover that technology. Discovery happens every 24 hours at 19 UTC - the probability for discovery is calculated from education: 40 education = 1% chance with a max cap of 25%. When discovering technology, the player will receive the actual random technology card with the associated bonus.


  • Police Equipment - unlocking costs (30 SIM) - Police Station Crime decreases by 1%
  • Drone Technology - (60 SIM) - Decreases the crime rate by 5%
  • RoboCop - (150 SIM) - Police Station Crime decreases by 2%
  • Neural Network - (500SIM) - Decreases crime rate by 10%
  • Voice to Skull - (1000SIM) - 10% increased chance to receive citizens from an event


  • Free Internet Connection - (30 SIM) - Education +5%
  • Better Documentation Practice - (60 SIM) - unlock cooldown -12 hours
  • Open Source - (150 SIM) - Education +10%
  • Free Education - (500SIM) - University Education x2
  • Advanced Training - (1000SIM) - 2 Trainings daily


  • Basic Automation - (30 SIM) - Factory +3 income
  • Fully Automated Brewery - (60 SIM) - Doubles BEER production
  • AI Technology - (150 SIM) - Factory requires 2x less workers
  • Mining Operation - (500SIM) - income bonus 2%/4%/6%
  • Advanced Robotics - (1000SIM) - Factory requires only 2 workers


  • GMO Farming - (30 SIM) - Farm income +4, popularity -3
  • ECO Energy - (60 SIM) - Solar Panels and Wind Turbines +2 income
  • Cold Fusion - (150 SIM) - Removes negative popularity effect from the Nuclear Plant
  • Dyson Sphere - (500SIM) - Solar Panel income +8
  • Advanced Recycling - (1000SIM) - Garbage Dump income +15

When discovering a technology, the probability is determined by tier:

  • Tier 1 - 49%
  • Tier 2 - 29%
  • Tier 3 - 14%
  • Tier 4 - 6%
  • Tier 5 - 2%

Note: Expect high tier technologies to be rare

To get a bonus from technology cards, the player doen't need to do the initial research. That way players can skip the discovery process and buy it all from other players on the market.

Garbage Dump

Garbage Dump now requires 25 different cards to reverse the negative popular effect on the card. This should be easy to achieve with all of the new cards and technologies. As every type of card counts.

Release Date and Promotion

Official release date: Saturday 6th June 19 UTC

100 lucky cards bought daily will win 1 HIVE (100 HIVE total per day), the promotion starts today at 19:00 UTC and lasts for the next 14 days.

We're starting the promotion 7 days before the release so that new players can get 1st edition cards with a possible discount and for 7 days after the release so that all the bought cards become tickets for the lottery.

At the end of the 14 day promotion, 3 super lucky cards bought during the 14 days will win 200 HIVE each for the owners, and we will close promotion with 2000 total HIVE distributed to card buyers.

You need to have the winning card on your account to get the reward. Cards on the market don't count.


Looks like you’re putting those endless to-do lists and ideas to work 🚀 this game has evolved into a full-fledged economy. Keep it up

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you should do some economic event with Leo tokens, that would be cool, @gerber
then you have, maybe a bank (or short the bank) event
and maybe LEO

I agree, this is very exciting. Hope to earn your vote when I run for prez!

Just wow! This brings the game to a whole new level. Joined recently, and thank you @forykw for the publicity, glad I joined in!! ;)

Way to go dCity..Epic update! 👊

I just started this game yesterday. Nice to see that it's growing.

Exciting stuff, you are doing an awesome job!

What?! Garbage dump now needs 1.5x more card types? Smart, get em' hook in plunging more back in. Hope there is no pandemic card. Gravitational pull is strong with this one.

@gerber...aka "Mama There Goes That Man Again" is da Man.

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Love this game! Thanks for all your hard work and new updates!

Very Bullish on this update! I have initiated power down to buy some of the new edition cards!!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL PARTICIPANTS!

Fantastic! Loving the game and looking forward to the update.

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Hi, it is very nice game and i am enjoy on it, but i would like to ask if in near future we can sell some card using own hive-engine coin?
Between users in the market it could be done, you always sell it first, than who sell cards can use any coin from engine, is that a possible update?

it's there from the beginning, just in box for symbol type your symbol

Dear @gerber, it is not seems working like you say...:(((


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Cant wait to start mining WEED and BEER!!! BEERfest for all!

Designed by fellow Vet @derangedvisions. (Dont forget to use your Witness Votes)

So many new things .... slow down man :)

What if you buy the winning card from market :D ?

How exciting!! I can't wait!

So glad to see this community exploding with creativity

Wow man that is how to do an update great work.

Time to save up my hive for more cards then :)

So cool. Super excited. Great game design. Good for the entire hiveconomy.

I love the new events integrating with all of the community tokens.

Some sort of "investment" alongside your SIM balance that involves LEO tokens is surely somewhere around the corner?

Keep up the great work!

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Hey @gerber, are tiers dependent or independent of each other?

ie: Can I buy tier5 cards without having any other tier?

Cards gives bonuses, you don't need to unlock tech for it or hold previous tier cards to get bonus.
Unlocking technologies in tech tree goes from tier 1 to tier 5

Things just got more complex, can't wait to test new cards 🙂 I have to figure out how to earn more sims without waiting a week to be able to buy a new card

So much info,
Definitely we will climb another level.

It's getting better than CIV VI.

This is an update.
I will have to read this a few times to get it all sorted into my brains.
Great Job.

Great updates guys! This game is evolving at a rapid pace I’m excited.

Shit, it' over my head. lmao.

Great update post and perfect post to ref back to :)

Thanks man

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Thank you for the detailed guide!

This is great. Thanks!

This game looks awesome and I'm looking forward to another great part of HIVE! I've recetly stumbled across Hive-Engine and I am excited at the idea of creating my own Hive token. Mine would be based around my content, growing local and sustainable fruits and vegetables. I've noticed that you got some great Hive tokens already implemented into the game: BEER, WEED, CCC, STEM and others! Perhaps once I create my own token this too could be implemented into the game? Perhaps the Farm? It would be great to hear your thoughts! I encourage you to keep pressing on with the game! Upvoted!

I am so excited about the updates and I've marked my calendar. Guess I'll be accumulating my SIM now so I can afford to train my city workers!

Hey @dcitygame ! I just did a cool blog post about you guys here if you want to check it out.
Plus, I tried joining the discord but the link is invalid? Any help here would love to get involved!

Dang. This is really great stuff. Looking forward into getting some of these cards and starting to mine some tokens, specifically !BEER

Cheers all.

Wow it's a huge upgrade. It is going to take multiple reads to digest all these in the brain.

Hi @dcitygame, I tried to join your discord server, but I get an error message. I am promoting Tamil Charity Coin @tamilcharitycoin - a self-sustaining charity initiative on Hive/Steem. We have our Steem-Engine Token Tamil Charity Coin. We are interested in promoting events in dcity with our coins. If you are interested, kindly let me know.

This is huge!

3 quick questions:

  1. Why is this game not yet on stateofthedapps.com?
  2. Means "education 40 => 1% chance" that if I have only education 10 I have a corresponding 0,025% chance or is 40 the minimum?
  3. How much WEED and BEER is mined per day?

My brewery isnt producing Beer, how do I fix this?