Dellll-E-Gate Good Times C'mon

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Whats up guys,

@rewards-pool is looking for delegations. But we dont just have our hand out. Check out what being in the pool does for you.

First and foremost, Its all about the chedder.
This is 250 Steem Power.....Yeah pretty sad aint it. 1 penny is what this power will give you on a vote if you hold on to it.


This is what you can earn with that same 250 Steem Power by joining rewards pool. But thats not it, You could have a chance to win this every single day! 61 times your delegations worth means you can win once a month and come out way on top!


@rewards-pool hosts a Daily Upvote Selection of its members. The lucky 8 winners receive a 100% Upvote on the following days post.


Its not rocket science....There is just no place better to be!

Delegate 250 SP To @rewards-pool. As Long As We Have The Delegation, You Have A Spot In The Pool. You Can Do So Using This Link: Delegate


Resteemed! I have some wealthy friends (still). (powernap aka goldrooster 2 )

i just joined for 250 ... wow , feelin' like a player, haha


Glad to have you aboard! Get ready to get splashed!

haha, i can dig it (-:

If you don't post every day this is the best deal out thier, you get picked on almost every post. I love this model and wish other upvote services worked this way!

This is a great time to jump in the Pool.............@rewards-pool

You know it brother

Still figuring out the rules for the dry off thingie but it's been a real pleasure so far, thank you guys

It makes it so the same people don't get the splashed every day, it keeps the upvote at a higher percentage.