H ello everyone !!!Y esterday I saw the confict of the ocd command and @hive.curation

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Hello everyone !!!

Yesterday I saw the confict of the ocd command and @hive.curation

Everything would be fine.

But asidio, as always, is where the development of new groups goes.

He is trying to do harm in every way.

I look at it and no one notices it.

About flags:

He is the holder of 8 million voice power WHAT WAS DELEGATED TO HIM.

And he puts flags for all small users.

But the main thing among himself, he does not forget to vote for his hidden account.

I urge everyone who delegated @ocdb to cancel the delegation.


It does look like you're using your power to terrorize and bully another community, which does something in a way you disapporove @acidyo?

In the past you've destroyed Xpilar community and forced many people to move to steemit and forced Xpilar to dump almost 500k hive on the market and move it all to Steemit.

In meantime @jrcornel has been targeted and also forced to sell 200k hive and move it all to Steemit.

Lately you've been targeting over 100 active users, being part of Project.hope community - also because you do not like how they have organized themselfs and how they ensure constant growth. Would you also attack other communities, with similar beneficiary system? Like HODL community?

Now you're targeting @hive.curation and trying to damage their efforts and work. Maybe it would be wise to see if what they do actually bring value to HIVE blockchain before you would decide to SINGLE HANDLY destroy another group of people and force them our of hive?

We've invested 5000 usd in hive this year alone. And we planned to invest 1k every month. So far it's turning to be the worst investment we've done so far. And we will consider powering down if your hostile activity towards so many people will continue - because what you do is damaging price of HIVE greatly

Just imagine how many hundreds of people out there are talking about hostility on hive. Spanish channels are full of it. There is this saying, that happy customer will share happy news with few people. Unhappy will share it with hundreds.

You actions are bringing so much damage to Hive (black PR). And those are words of two individuals, who decided to invest part of their porfolio into this chain. Investors, which are learning to regret their investment.