Did you know @upmyvote shares 100% profits with our delegators?

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@upmyvote is a 100% profit sharing bid bot.

All bids are split with our delegators based on their delegation.

Want to delegate to @upmyvote and earn Steem?

Visit the Steem Bot Tracker Delegation Tool and chose the total amount of Steem Power you want to delegate. If you want to up your delegation, always put the final amount of Steem Power you want to delegate total and that will update your current delegation to that level. Same thing if you want to reduce it.

We pay out all our delegators on a daily basis.
(The first day will have a delay until the first full day)

@upmyvote is a community conscious bid bot and uses the Global Blacklist API to minimize rewarding abuse.

We have a freaking awesome logo don't we?



Hi upmyvote I send you 2sbd few minutes ago not get upvote or any refund Pls help and check. Screenshot_2019-05-29-09-27-34-237_com.android.chrome.png thank you for your efforts and supports till now @upmyvote. Pls check and do your best.

@upmyvote I send you 15 steem for promoting my post but i only got 5.321 dollars upvote that is not even 100% there is also curation so it means I am in loss help me

This is bad bot. I hat it. Don't buy vote from this bot.

You just salty because you are blacklisted.

You are blacklisted by MinnowBooster not us, you need to talk to them why.


Hi upmyvote I send you 2sbd few minutes ago not get upvote or any refund Pls help and check. Screenshot_2019-05-29-09-38-03-287_com.android.chrome.pngScreenshot_2019-05-29-09-38-03-287_com.android.chrome.png

I could not find any other place to contact you.

I just used your service through the only link you have which is SteemBotTracker.com

In the first week I was on Steem I got Flagged by the Trolls at Flagrewards.

I was removed.

But more importantly I have been using all the Bots that have no published TOS saying that they do not provide service to Blacklisted accounts. Not a one has given me a problem.

Except today I go to spend under 10 sbd to upvote my post and you take my money and do not refund it.

If you had a published terms of service on BidBotTracker.com or as the Link on Your Blog template title or a post in the Last couple of weeks with a statement that you do not refund invalid bids. I most certainly would not have tried to use your service.

By not doing that, it is pure and simple theft.

Return my money.
Pure and simple.
In the future I will steer clear of your service and tell everyone else (blacklisted or not, to not use it)

Thank you for your quick resolution on this matter.

Thank you

Almost 6hours is gone but still not my upvote or refund Pls check upmyvote team. Screenshot_2019-05-29-15-33-13-076_com.android.chrome.png it will help you to check details. Thank you

Hi, Where is my SBD?
Almost 1 day is gone but still not refund. Please check.


Why I was listed on the blacklist? What can I do for de-listing?

@upmyvote I've sent 3 steem earlier to your bot but it said I'm blacklisted? I don't know why I am suddenly blacklisted but the bot just took my steem without refunding me. Please refund me the 3 steem.