Origami Schultüte is almost done! / シュールテューテほぼ完成

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This week I was prototyping Origami Schultüte/Zuckertüte after my family went to bed. Schultüte is a gift bag in a cone shape that is given to kids who newly enter elementary school.

Prototyping Origami Schultüte / 折り紙シュールテューテ試作中

Some people give their kids quite decorative one but my case is for my friends' kids. So I want to make a casual but interesting one. Then I started thinking about something Origami-ish.

I made a digital pattern out of the paper prototype. The size I make is R=25cm. R=20cm, which fits in A4 paper is a bit small but works too. You can put few candies and small chocolate bars. The "-- ・--" lines represent mountain fold and the "- - -" lines represent valley fold.


I kept the pattern as simple as possible as I have to trace it on paper manually. Our printer only handles A4 or smaller and doesn't take thick paper ... Also I didn't want to waste too much paper.

The pattern is inspired by Prof. Mitani's Origami works. A Japanese wrapping paper store explains the "twist and close" kind of techniques well with videos on their website.

Today I had time to go to buy paper for the final version. It is not easy to go to buy this kind of large fragile item with my daughter 😅


Now it’s almost done. I will make some more improvements on how I shape the upper part. Even I made some adjustment to take thickness of paper into consideration, still paper gets some damage when I fold thick paper too tightly (you can see it in the photo).

Anyway, I'm so happy that it almost works before my friends’ kids start school next week. I'll make some more. My daughter will help me stuff sweets and make cards to put inside 😊











Beautiful work!

Here in my part of Germany you will only finde round Schultüten, not the one with corner shown on your last picture :)

It’s interesting Schultuete culture is so different by regions. My partner from Blackforest said it’s not big there. Here in Leipzig, so many varieties of Schultuete and also people throw a big party for kids.

I think it got worse with the years. I plan to do a "my first day at school" picture post next week as throwback thursday post :)

I didn’t pay attention before but it’s possible that it got worse or too much. I’m not sure how much will I do for my daughter 😅 The most important thing to celebrate is kids’ growth.