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Hello my fans for artubers !!! Today I give it to achieve my personal development and make an impact to teach you what I learned in my life, to share with you and carry it out.

Let's hope to go ahead and grow the channel little by little the channel, to transmit what I have been taught with digital drawing technique as a manual, as well as the Graphic Design that a client really needs when doing a job, also cars for the inspiration of new generation of Carro.

Design process

The sketching process as it would look digital 1- The essentials for the banner.

2- Once the process has been carried out, carefully the main sketch for the design assembly.

3- Color to impact the user to achieve creative visualization in an effective way to communicate the idea.

Final art

I hope to continue sharing my creations with you and to continue interacting with many people around the world, I thank you in advance for watching my video. Also do not forget to leave your comments and follow me on my social networks:

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►Facebook! - if you are interested before anyone is aware, the news related to my videos happens right hereHello my fans for artubers !!! Today I would like to talk to you about the icon process that will be reflected on the Youtube channel. = D


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Thank you very much @hivebuzz. I thank you infinitely. I am very happy that you like and appreciate the art of drawing.

Glad yo see you are engaging with the community @aventuarte👍

Thank you very much for your support and being part of the communication and giving support to evolve, I hope you support me =)

You are very welcome @aventuarte! It is our pleasure to follow your steps and keep you motivated 👍🙂

I am very grateful to you for your support, you can also count on me to continue growing the community 😁