Is the Trait of Being "Greedy" Always a Bad Thing?

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"Greed" is one of the seven deadly sins. Considered a devastating emotional trait that has led to countless murders throughout history, betrayal, family breakdowns and a breeding ground for the criminally minded. Doesn't sound too good so far. But must it always have connotations with negativity leading to those mentioned damaging outcomes?


Well, no. In fact, if kept in check, it can actually be turned into a valuable positive for everybody. The most popular interpretation of the term "greed" usually comes coupled with an indirect inference with another strong emotion. That being "envy". Meaning not only do you wish to take possession of what is perceived as lacking and others possess, but in certain cases, seeing out their ultimate failure too. So, being able to eradicate the latter personality trait from your mind, leaves only one's pure core desires at hand. And channelled properly, has all sorts of positive effects. I find one such area where this seems to carry a lot of weight is in the game of crypto.

Because, at the end of the day, these markets boil down to a game we're all playing collectively. I mean, life itself can be described as one long and drawn out game. But I digress. Lets look at the digital asset that is Steem or Hive, for example. It's built upon a stake-based system, setup in a manner so as the more of the coin you own, the more advantages are garnered. Our voting capacities increase, levels of influence on the platform swells and, hopefully in the end, the value of the currency itself will sky rocket in the future. Well, the potential is there, anyways. But it is nonetheless potential founded in sound logic and forward-thinking.

So, looking at just these variables as they stand, it makes perfect sense to act "greedy" when earning or investing in Steem or Hive. Treat the journey with respect, including factors like time-limitations as well as you individually tailored financial strategies. All with a means to, in essence, "climb the hierarchical ladder" as high as possible within those specified guidelines and rules set by yourself. I mean, even feelings of "desperation" in your aspirations to maximise on this golden opportunity and accumulate as much as you can. Is that a bad thing? I think not, given the highly probable perceived outcome of your actions. And this is not only limited to these two assets, but crypto in general, and from there on, numerous other facets of your life.

I see honed "greed" as a very important part of striving to excel in being the best you can be. Let others do as they wish if it does not impede your progress in any way, shape or form. Emotions themselves are one of the most powerful tool-sets present in your psychological armoury, to attaining true greatness and wealth.

Implement the good, separate the bad. It's a winning combination that "will" ultimately bring you success in all aspects of your life!


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I think greed (and laziness...which sparks our penchant for working smarter instead of harder) are the drivers behind most of human evolution. If left unchecked they can destroy our happiness and balance though. Now that Bezos will be the world's first trillionaire my hope is he'll treat his employees a bit better but the opposite is more likely because he will be further isolated from the struggles of the every-day person.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, as the saying goes. It takes a will of iron to reign in the intense emotions attached to greed, presented in it's basest form. Let's see how the next generation holding sizable economic wealth and power react to this new, upcoming shift from an older paradigm.

That's so true, brother. I think coming up with a decentralized framework of governing is the only failsafe around this Achilles heal of humanity. If the next generation can build this then they might just save our species from extinction.

I don’t think it’s a bad trait I think it can be used positively! If the world was more greedy with their money they may have saved some for a rainy day but instead kept spending and drove unproductive greed

I think that we like to conflate wealth with greed but some actually worked for their wealth and then we look at those in need some actually chose that because of the bad decision they make not all poor people are a victim of circumstances but a victim of themselves!

Exactly, bro. Expanded into the context of crypto, the term "hoarding" is slowly reverting from a so-called dirty word into a more positive one. I remember in the early days of BTC, adopting this stance was seen as the biggest drawback to its price. Now look where we're at...

Go figure, lol! :)

Being greedy is usually a bad thing for many reasons. The biggest one is because when you are doing something and the reason is coming from a place of greed, it will never be as powerful as if the reason is coming from something that is greater then yourself! -Truth and Wisdom being passed ;)

Being greedy for experiment is always good, but being greedy for power and position id most if the time is bad. Because when you are power hungry you don't respect anyone other than yourself which leads to fight or any other things.

On the other hand when you are greedy for experiment or to create something better than others, you will get respect from other people because you are trying to solve what others cannot

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