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RE: The end of Russia as we know it

in #deutsch2 months ago

Very interesting post, dear Zuerich! Very well written and with some very valuable conclusions, as always, of course! We need to continue to stand with Ukraine, those of us who previously supported their beautiful and noble cause for peace here on the blockchain and beyond. I know for certain I will continue to do so and I would like to thank you so much for all your constant support! It meant (and still means a lot to me).

I will continue to bring my remaining resources from Steemit to Hive and purchase charity badges. I am still not 100% withdrawn (you most likely if not certainly know the reasons why I decided to mostly withdraw from Hive, not of my own will but rather because of external causes). I am also very, very sad to have known that you have been wrongly downvoted on the grounds of alleged spam. That was absolutely ridiculous at best (actually tremendously erroneous and illogical). Keep up the good work, take care, and all the best! Best regards from Romania! Thank you so much for your great economic advices! 🙂