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RE: - An open source hive block explorer, post viewer and more

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Great new tool. Its bookmarked in my toolbox.
What do the different coloured numbers mean on the API nodes?

Thanks for featuring my witness in your post. :-)

What exactly do I have to do to connect to the completely uncensorable IPFS version?
I'd like to have that link recorded locally, just in case.


If you hover over a node, it shows the full report from the account metadata of @fullnodeupdate . Each dot from left to right represents an overall ranking of this node for different areas, that make more sense if you read the full reports from fullnodeupdate. I sort servers by just adding up all their ranks. A rank of -1 signifies an error (and the overall sorting score for that server is heavily penalised for errors).

The colours are a simple gradient from light green (best) to dark orange (worst) with red for errors.


Cool. Thanks.