- An open source hive block explorer, post viewer and more

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I'm terrible at promoting my projects, and this has been live and usable for months without getting an actual announcement post.. So ..


An open source hive block explorer, post viewer, and more.

It's not polished, I'm still not completely happy with it but it's functional enough to be useful in a few ways. Lets take a tour:

Here's the home page (for now) , displaying modules for:

  • Recent posts shared by me, trending and "hot" posts
  • A listing of all current working public API nodes for hive, sorted by performance with test results provided by @fullnodeupdate
  • The minimalist witness list, with all info available by hovering
  • A market view of Hive, Hive Dollars and Bitcoin with data provided by @coingecko
  • An expandable/browsable view of the most recent irreversable block

Account View /@username :

  • Has all the usual account meta information expected from a block explorer
  • Shows raw view of all transactions on your account since creation
  • Shows recent posts shared by a user
  • Attempts to use all available metadata to customize users header

  • Contains a simple posting_json_metadata editor, so users can point to whatever outside services or coin donation addresses they want saved on a public immutable censorship resistant blockchain.

Pro Tip - don't make your home address public if you don't like visitors.
Play Smart Kids ;)

If there's interest from other UI developers in adding a similar feature please see this code, and this folder of svg logos to save yourself a bunch of time.

I plan to keep expanding to support new services/coins/things , feel free to suggest more in the comments or dm me on discord.

Wallet View @username/wallet

A basic wallet for transferring, viewing balances and account history for both Hive and Hive-Engine tokens.

Uses market rates to also show prices in USD for transfers.

All hive-engine tokens can be expanded to show descriptions and supply stats with a link to their market

Transfer all the tokens!

Hive Dollar Monitor /hbd

A basic tool to monitor Hive Dollar market and haircut conditions.

Post Viewer @username/permlink

Basic post and comments viewer, also shows other recent posts from that user. Read only (for now)

Block Viewer /b/blocknumber

View a specific block, can be viewed in a minimal version as used on the homepage

Or at the bottom you can click "Show Raw Block Data" to access the raw json of the whole block

Transaction View /tx/TransactionId

View a raw transaction, like this little bit of history above.

Nodes /nodes

Direct access to the API nodes viewer widget ( I just wanted to show off my node in the fastest spot again :P)

If you hover your mouse over a node, it shows the full report from the account metadata of @fullnodeupdate . Each dot from left to right represents an overall ranking of this node for different areas, that are explained in more detail in posts by @fullnodeupdate .

I sort servers using a score created by just adding up all their ranks. A rank of -1 signifies an error (and the overall sorting score for that server is heavily penalised for errors).

The colours are a just a gradient representing scores/ranks from light green (best) to dark orange (worst) with red for errors.

Witnesses /witnesses

Direct access to the witnesses widget, which can be expanded to show 200 witnesses and alert about issues with pricefeed age, abnormal witness parameters, highlight new witnesses etc .

Health /health

A dashboard view that's more suitable for witnesses and node operators during times like network hardforks.


I regularly build a slightly modified version of the site (using hash routing) and host it on the Inter Planetary File System so it's accessible even if dns requests for are blocked.

You can find it by clicking this icon in my account header , or looking at the ipfs tag in my account metadata. This way once you've loaded any version of the site, you can use it to find and load the most recent version :) Simple, but powerful.

Anyone can link any hash from their account in the same way.

The current hash at time of writing is QmZC6k4F4zuUByhyfP3yfKyNST4YGzEd3n2pKtVMuZNLkK

It's also seeded with IPNS & dnslink at

Tech Stack / Notes

It's completely written in client-side JS using quasar framework (vue), hosted on netlify, with ipfs hosting provided by fleek + cloudflare.

As it's technically a Single Page Application , link previews sucked at first. I'm now using netlify's prerendering service to simplify things for common link preview agents (eg: discord, facebook, twitter etc). More work is planned there for SEO purposes.

I don't track user activity at all, and don't plan to.

For now all write calls are done with hive-keychain, reading with hive-js.


I'm aware we have other block explorers, but to my knowledge none are open sourced so I made this. It's becoming a sort of hybrid between a block explorer and a traditional frontend, as well as a testing ground for me to experiment with ideas. There are other pages not linked here, incomplete modules and a lot more to come in time.

I plan to update it more until it's a complete polished package with all of the views you get in other frontends - and eventually taking parts of that code to develop .

Mobile support is terrible still, there may be bugs, and Pull Requests and Issues are welcome.

I don't include any traditional advertising, but I do include relevant, useful affiliate links in the top left menu. It's a free tool not a business, but tips are always appreciated ;)

Enjoy, I'll finish with some wise words from someone that left us way too soon.



It's completely written in client-side JS using quasar framework (vue), hosted on netlify, with ipfs hosting provided by fleek + cloudflare.

This is the most important innovation. I can't stress that enough. As you tweeted on the 9th:

For the non-techy folks, what this means is that @ausbitbank's custom front-end requires near-zero hosting resources. If you can access the page, it works, even if AWS "pulls the plug." AWS can't pull the plug because it's not hosted on AWS. It could be loaded from a USB drive, for that matter.

Thanks man, glad people recognize the value of this :)
As I said to @tradewatchblog when he wondered about the censorship resistance of this


Congrats man! This certainly deserves more (self) promotion. Thanks for putting in the hard work to bring this to fruition, its come a long way since the first iterations.
The addition of IPFS is awesome! Thanks to @inertia for breaking it down - the explorer will function even if AWS 'pulls the plug', now that is a serious enhancement for censorship resistance. Cheers, keep building.

This is also how apps are loaded on! Well, with a frontend to get to that sweet IPFS content. @ausbitbank would you mind dropping your IPFS file in my dapp packager and publishing to chain... or I could do it as well.

Neat! Would you mind doing it, I don't want to double post so soon :P I checked it out but I wasn't sure if it my app was really suitable (I thought it was VR stuff only?)

The latest ipfs build is on github here

Is this on IPNS? Do you have a hash for current deployment?

Not on IPNS yet, the current hash is always in my account metadata (profile.ipfs) , reachable via , linked from my account header (black square) .. QmZC6k4F4zuUByhyfP3yfKyNST4YGzEd3n2pKtVMuZNLkK

It says this in the post too :P

When you get IPNS setup do let me know the address so I can setup an auto pinner to keep latest version downloaded and pinned.

Sorry, I only just noticed this message. IPNS name is


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That was the original intent but fully supports and HTML5 SPA, so you definitely fit the criteria!

uhh slick to know, I LOVE IT

This is a great site, really happy to see it! One small thing is that I noticed that the recently shared is showing only blog posts instead of "posts", so if you're like me and find yourself mostly posting in communities, it makes it look like you haven't posted in a while.

Thankyou - and good point, I just changed the default api call to show posts instead of blog :)

Great work, I love the design and simplicity. I think this is gonna be my default block explorer since its easier to get more raw-e-raw with this. it being open source is heaven, thanks man.

Great new tool. Its bookmarked in my toolbox.
What do the different coloured numbers mean on the API nodes?

Thanks for featuring my witness in your post. :-)

What exactly do I have to do to connect to the completely uncensorable IPFS version?
I'd like to have that link recorded locally, just in case.

If you hover over a node, it shows the full report from the account metadata of @fullnodeupdate . Each dot from left to right represents an overall ranking of this node for different areas, that make more sense if you read the full reports from fullnodeupdate. I sort servers by just adding up all their ranks. A rank of -1 signifies an error (and the overall sorting score for that server is heavily penalised for errors).

The colours are a simple gradient from light green (best) to dark orange (worst) with red for errors.


Cool. Thanks.

Every time you announce things are like... this... completely obliterate the expectation.

Good site for viewing posts, comments, wallets, witnesses etc. I did not find the site now by your provided URL.

It is a great project, very useful and functional. Great work!

Awesome project, have already been using it the last couple of weeks. Keep up the great work!

!gif awesome

Hey Man! Awesome ;)
Cheers !BEER

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This is amazing

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Love it! One request: I'll try to make this in Github too.

Can you move the edit button to the TOP of the post-metadata-json block? I have a huge dump of RSS feed in mine, makes scrolling through it a pain. Perhaps you could also hide very large json objects?

Sure thing, good point - I've moved the button to the top of that block instead. Will look into trimming extra large metadata blocks in a future update

So interesting life

Great job! Upvoted and re-hived.
Will this also be useable for downloading transactions to see how much HBD/Hive I sent out and got per day? Something that has each day like
01/01/2021 HBD +3
01/01/2021 HBD -5.292
01/02/2031 HBD +2.3929
01/01/2021 HBD -1.39291

and it would be able to be put into an excel spreadsheet? This type of stuff is to comply with taxes and all that and since more and more people are turning to decentralized alternatives and govt is making it compulsory to file taxes on crytpo we defintely need something like that.

TF writing.

That's not something I was planning to support in this tool, you would probably be better to use a python script and hivesql for that. Will keep it in mind for a side tool in the future

Thanks for the reply. And I hope that one day we don't even have to pay taxes on cryptocurrency. Less taxes or almost no taxes is what I am all about getting to, and for some of the things that I do pay taxes for I want it to be able to be chosen by me and not forced. Wanted to explain my stance real quick lest anyone think I love government forced taxes ;)

dude made it after years of doing nothing to get monthly salary, should prove hes in here for HIVE not for money, added this when people wanted to kick him out of HIVE top10 after 2 years.\

i suggest to let him go for 3-4 months and see if he still gonna support the network/

hes just onto free money imho but lets test it. nopw that he was gonna lose free spot he made this. lets make him run it for money he made already over years.

@blocktrades @acidyo @theycallmedan @gandalf @transisto and others. lets test the grounds here.

I get paid to produce blocks, I've done that. Whatever I do, like running one of the most popular public API nodes, creating code and services, participating in governance discussions, helping users, promoting the chain and associated services is all a bonus that I do NOT get paid for. This site alone has 10 months of git updates and only a single post about it that I'll get maybe $50 for this after the curation split. You are delusional with jealousy get over it.

Lol. I love how you think anyone still gives a shit about you. Go suck justyys and justins dick over Steem, parasite.