Hive API Reference incomplete

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Not only is the Hive API reference cryptic and complicated to read, but it is incomplete.
To get something done, I had to reverse engineer the api and beem.

It clearly says there:

Query Parameters

{"sort": "", "tag": "", "observer": ""}

Those work, but after HOURS of tinkering and trial&error, I now know, that it also takes:

{"limit": 21, "start_author": "", "start_permlink": ""}

Where accepts a limit between 1:100.
If your expected result is any longer than 100, you need to call again, and reference:

start_author the author of the last post in the results (without @),
start_permlink the permlink of the last post of the results.

If that is some developer humor, I don't get it.

In my case, the actual result is a list of 193 items.

This is either autism or gatekeeping.

And we all know its the latter.
It makes me sick. I fucking raged in voicechat over this.

You want Hive to grow?
You want to attract devs?

Fix that shit. ASAP.

The last month I extensively played around with OpenAI api.
Their API reference is a bit complicated, too, but I could find everything I needed.
If I sent a bad call, the API itself would reply with what it actually expects as params as error message not random code xyz, like hive api.


  • anything @gtg has to say about this. No need for your elitist useless answer, anyways.
  • just use beem, lol


For anyone wondering: building something so I can evaluate all entries to the maize challenge.
Will publish a tool, which everybody can use. For normal humans.


Don't even ask me what observer is.
It's some next level autism, I am sure.

I'm almost certain that "observer" is to show the posts from the perspective of that "observer"

That's what the name implies, but I don't see why the result would vary for different users...

Probably to hide blacklisted authors from the user, but if this feature had any importance, you'd think they would bother mentioning what it does in the official documentation.

Feliz fin de semana hermano y siempre es un gusto tenerlo de vuelta con nosotros además espero que pueda encontrar una solución a su problema con API

Feliz fin de semana, hermano!

Muchas gracias por el apoyo recibido de su parte para conmigo. Una pregunta habrá alguna aplicación qué pueda traducir audios de Inglés a Español

no se.
simplemente aprende el ingles :P

Si es una opción pero ahora mismo es algo costoso y no dispongo de los recursos necesarios para realizarlo

bro, sabes el internet?

la opcion = the option
ahora = now
mismo = same

no cuesta nada.

Ok hermano lo buscaré a ver cómo me va. Gracias nuevamente por su apoyo

Interessant, auch wenn ich als Laie es nur teilweise verstehe! Es bestärkt mich in meinem seit langem gehegten Verdacht, dass die Hive-Oligarchen-Mischpoke gar nicht an nennenswertem Wachstum und Prosperität von Hive interessiert ist, da dies für sie das große Risiko eines Verlustes der semi-zentralisierten Macht und damit fettester ROI's beinhaltet.

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Habe noch einen Artikel verfasst.
Dort kannst du oben genanntes anwenden (als Laie) und deren nodes hämmern - da die meisten den Betrieb dieser als ihre einzige Aufgabe sehen, habe ich da nicht mal ein schlechtes Gewissen.

In 50% der Fälle gehe ich nicht von böser Absicht aus, sondern -wie oben erwähnt- von Autismus.


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