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RE: - An open source hive block explorer, post viewer and more

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It's completely written in client-side JS using quasar framework (vue), hosted on netlify, with ipfs hosting provided by fleek + cloudflare.

This is the most important innovation. I can't stress that enough. As you tweeted on the 9th:

For the non-techy folks, what this means is that @ausbitbank's custom front-end requires near-zero hosting resources. If you can access the page, it works, even if AWS "pulls the plug." AWS can't pull the plug because it's not hosted on AWS. It could be loaded from a USB drive, for that matter.


Thanks man, glad people recognize the value of this :)
As I said to @tradewatchblog when he wondered about the censorship resistance of this


Congrats man! This certainly deserves more (self) promotion. Thanks for putting in the hard work to bring this to fruition, its come a long way since the first iterations.
The addition of IPFS is awesome! Thanks to @inertia for breaking it down - the explorer will function even if AWS 'pulls the plug', now that is a serious enhancement for censorship resistance. Cheers, keep building.

This is also how apps are loaded on! Well, with a frontend to get to that sweet IPFS content. @ausbitbank would you mind dropping your IPFS file in my dapp packager and publishing to chain... or I could do it as well.

Neat! Would you mind doing it, I don't want to double post so soon :P I checked it out but I wasn't sure if it my app was really suitable (I thought it was VR stuff only?)

The latest ipfs build is on github here

Is this on IPNS? Do you have a hash for current deployment?

Not on IPNS yet, the current hash is always in my account metadata (profile.ipfs) , reachable via , linked from my account header (black square) .. QmZC6k4F4zuUByhyfP3yfKyNST4YGzEd3n2pKtVMuZNLkK

It says this in the post too :P

When you get IPNS setup do let me know the address so I can setup an auto pinner to keep latest version downloaded and pinned.

Sorry, I only just noticed this message. IPNS name is


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That was the original intent but fully supports and HTML5 SPA, so you definitely fit the criteria!

uhh slick to know, I LOVE IT