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Update for today and yesterday

Been a busy few days, still hammering away at HiveView. Most recent additions are the market and the profile endpoints:


The Market is client-side at the moment thanks to @felixxx and his neat Trade Hive Tool. Used with permission of course. I mainly wanted to grab the formatting for this and will populate the appropriate fields with server-side data in an upcoming update. The only client-side thing will be the keychain link and that's only if I decide on it. (This was supposed to be a purely viewing app)


As of right now it just dumps the entire account information, which being as I wanted this more pro, I don't think I will be making it "pretty".

I'm considering writing up a proposal to the SDF but I suck at words and it needs to come off as from a sane person. If you think I should (or object to it) please let me know.

EDIT: To add GitHub Link

Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM



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thanks, i need to do another update post about some of the things I have gotten finished so far.