Trade Hive (Tool)

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Since there seems to be no webservice for the internal HIVE market, I decided to make my own.

Use at your own risk



Everything should work, but needs a lot of polishing.

Any help, suggestions, advice appreciated.


there are now 3 webservices:
but yes 3 days ago the daily volume was only at 190$ it was so depressing

If those are out of service again, you can try my local version :)

The dollar pegging mechanism cannot work like this. There is far too much spread and depth is far too low. Maybe we should make it a goal to get the number of dollars in existence down to 3,000,000 rather than 6,600,000 that are now.

  • No more printing of dollars
  • Maintain 0% interest rate for dollars ( good on you witnesses! )
  • That means rewards in Hive and/or HP only.
  • An extra floating premium of say 5% of HIVE for every conversion. So if you convert a hive dollar you get a $1.05 worth of Hive.
  • Printing dollars only allowed when the amount of dollars reaches not below 10% but maybe 5% or 2%.

but its already profitable to convert HBD? premiums on conversion would just trigger unnecessary inflation...
but i agree with the rewards until HBD reaches dollar price...

No, it isn't because the amount of dollars in the supply exceed 10% of the value of the combined Hive and dollars market cap. So the price feed stays high at 27.1 cents, even as the real value of hives and dollars go down. This is by design. There must be nine times the value in Hive for every dollar for the mechanism. We got into this mess because the chain printed too many dollars and it continues to do so even now.

like right now i guess it isnt, but only since the price dropped below 0.27, and its first time this week that it dropped below conversion price, but guess how overjoyed i was when in the middle of the conversion process this week the price jumped to 0.49 while the conversion price was still at 0.20

i do use conversion regularely id say

also the 0.27 is calculated from the feed median price... just 3 days ago when the price was around 0.27 the trade volume was high again, after it was several days extremely low... the median is robuster than the average meaning spikes like the short time of 0.49 price will not raise the conversion price as much

and guess what while i replied to your message the median price dropped to 0.263

@felixxx, I have made edits.

In the if block you indicated, the value should be calculated as 0.17 which sets the floor of the value, but has no effect if the value is higher than that before the block.

9 * 6,640,000 HBD / 346,000,000 HIVE = 0.17 HBD/HIVE

good gob! :)

@tipu curate

great work!

You should make GitHub Pages version of this tool

For a live version, I would want to integrate Keychain, I think ...

I hope you don't mind but I am integrating it in my project HiveView, i do plan to implement keychain links.

I will try yours :) Good job!

If you don't object @felixxx
Modified and inserted into HiveView

I do not object; I think it's cool :)

I just found an error, though.
You will have to load a new version, after I fixed it.
The tool still needs a lot of work at this point.

Also, some classes must have got overridden, somehow ...
The input text is not aligned to the right, the labels next to the inputs lost their fixed width. I am more than happy to fix that, once I figure out how.

it's because it was in a page that had a sidebar that was too large, need to make that a full column instead of a col-4

sorry my css is all over the place :(

I also found a kind of critical bug: the order expiry date is a constant (04.04.2020). I will fix that on monday, to trail the current date.

also, the font, i didn't load and used my font from the theme i'm building, like i said, there was some minor modification to get it to fit in

Nice Work!!!