Where have I been?

in #dev3 years ago

Short Answer:

Longer Answer:

I believe I caught food poisoning the other day and have been sick to my stomach for about 4 days now. I have not given up on this and plan to be back at it in full force, soon, hopefully soon.

I am nearly done at my first draft attempt at a proposal, but I suck at sounding like a functioning human adult.

Until my stomach settles, I haven't gotten much done, but have some plans on what to approach next, have been gauging the difficulty level to approach and am also open to suggestions since I'm in downtime. If you have any hit me up. :)

The first thing is for those of us attempting to get good with Python, we should pay attention to the changes to beem for the upcoming HardFork24, there will be some slight changes, like the use of Hive() instead of Steem() and blockchain instead of steem e.g. steem_instance becomes blockchain_instance. Until the documentation gets caught up, keep that link handy if you are forgetful.

Until next time, bee safe, bee kind,
Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM


Feel better soon!