Update: Developers Needed

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Authored by @r0nd0n

It's been over 4 years since our last post, and while there are tons of excuses for our lack of posting I'm sure everyone would love to hear, you'll just have to wait another 4 years. The service has been running smoothly this entire time, but let's just say there have been some roadblocks in publishing anything concrete. Now the time has come for @freezepeach to move to next level, to actually make a difference.

Help Wanted

Like the title says, we need developers. Specifically python developers with experience granting and using hivesigner posting authority as well as Discord bots and DBs. Rudimentary web page design may be needed as well, since that may be needed to securely pass auth tokens to the back end.

The Plan

If you want to help and the above applies to you, there's a few things that we have and several things that need to be changed. Right now the @freezepeach Discord bot will take a link, calculate rshares of downvotes, and then try to match that exactly with an upvote, or vote 100% and reblog if it can't match. It can also go one by one through an entire profile and counter every post within the payout period. There's also a few sanity checks built in, such as checking if it's already been voted, if no downvotes have been cast, or if the post is past payout. All and all it's been a pretty good bot so far, but there have been some limitations with the way this is set up that have essentially made this service toothless, namely the lack of voting power.

As it is right now, the only way to help this project is to delegate HP. But we can't ask for delegation, because most of the time it goes to waste, and there's not any curation rewards to speak of to give even a small payout to the people supporting the project. Others wanted to follow in a voting trail, but our goal is to neutralize downvotes, and a trail could end up rewarding downvotes, which could cause a lot of problems in the flag review process with people seeking a payout.

The answer to this is posting authority. Individuals can lend their posting auth to us, and we rotate through an entire list of users while voting a post until either the downvote is nullified, or we exhaust the list. This way delegations don't go to waste, posts aren't over rewarded with trails, and we can comfortably ask for support with the project.

The Rub

This project has been operating for over 4 years, but can't be monetized. We could post automated reports or filler updates without substance to generate revenue, but that feels as dirty as the abuse we're trying to fight. The Dev/s that decide to help on this won't be compensated very much if at all, since there's nothing in the bank. The person we are looking for is someone who believes in this project, believes in the good it will do for Hive, and can create a reliable open source bot that lasts for another 4 years, or until base layer rewards are removed for blogging.

If this interests you, contact r0nd0n#5176 on Discord, or leave a comment here.


I can delegate some HP. A weekly update wouldn't be abusive IMHO.

No delegation necessary, the new way will be much more effective. Also, not personally a fan of the automated reports, so don't think we'll go down that path.

I don't think the reports should be automated. A weekly live report would be good, though.

It would essentially be automated no matter how you shake it. The voted links could be manually grabbed from the Discord or block explorer to give it that home cooked meal feeling, but there's not much to say and a list of links created by a bot or by a human will still look the same.

Without stake size, you can do nothing to counter large stakeholders and their authoritarian diktats.

It coded into the platform.
The term 'putting on sticking plaster' comes to mind.

I applaud the principal, but the pragmatic reality of DPoS prevents 'rule of stakesize' ever being countered (unless you agree with them).

For example how would you mitigate my last 8 months of down voting, with a cabal's HP of over 10 million deciding on my rewards?(vindictive and malicious, not for plagiarism or spam)
Answer - you cannot.

It's a numbers game, and this will allow people who have a bigger stake to contribute meaningfully without letting stake go to waste and with very little risk. I honestly think 10mil HP could be achieved.

The large stakeholders (who are not authoritarian collectivists), are either spineless or stupid.

Spineless - because 'they' are well aware of whats going on, could more than nullify the abuse - but choose not to.

Stupid - because by not doing anything in the face of the authoritarian morons - they are hedging the chances of their stake value depreciating.
The dynamics on hive , ensure further power centralization - and then collapse - it's nothing new - it's inevitable - it's a dynamic that been going on for millennia.

Take your pick.

My personal evaluation at this point - is that it's an authoritarian loving mindset up in the larger echelons of hive - a commie/technocracy (this is after many hours of looking through voting patterns and delegations).

Name the names of those large accounts willing to show courage.....(I haven't seen any to date)...I can wait a year or two. lol


Sounds like a job for a hobby dev.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

I dug into the vote estimation code of @ecency and the estimator for the votes is based on the idea that the rewards are still quadratic and it is reportedly linear. The vote value reported will then over estimate its effect when posts have a large payout and/or underestimate when the post already has a low or zero payout.

I wonder whether I can naiively use on the net_rshares member of a post entry structure it shouldn't be a simple sum if it is used for rewards calculation now. The most detailed post about how votes are calculated that I could find related to Hive Engine tokens rather than Hive. I'm searching for posts by @holger80. I have to be careful not to take as gospel information which may now be out of date, also.

We will have to update that code, it is in our backlog.