20% Fixed Profit For Burning VAULT Tokens To @VAULT.BURN - Latest Update

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Hello Hives,
Now it's time to share the news of our latest Curation bot feature - Burn VAULT Tokens to receive 20% - Fixed Profitable Upvote via @hiveupme curation bot.

How Burn-To-Upvote Works?

I hope you can remember how "bid-based votes" - bid bots, works at STEEM time. Here we are following some features of that concept, but the process differs from that mechanism.
Because here you can't find a bidding pool. What you can do is, send VAULT Tokens to @vault.burn & it will share an upvote that might be worth 220% of the sent amount. That means you might receive a 20% profit for that vote request.
Moreover, this mechanism will burn VAULT Tokens & it will share 70% from burnt VAULT Tokens worth SWAP.HIVE between delegators.

Steps to Burn-To-Vote

First of all, you should aware the author is Whitelisted at @hivewatchers, @spaminator watchlist. We are referring to the Spaminator API to retrieve Blacklist authors & we also keep upgrade the version of that list with our own Blacklist.
Accidentally, if you send a Blacklisted name, we refund you up to 3 times. Then there will be no refunds.

We hope now you are ready to go forward!

The Process

  • Step 01 : Check Author is in the Blacklist or not
  • Step 02 : Save to the Database
  • Step 03 : Check the latest bid to burn from Database
  • Step 04 : Check Vote Power reach the minimum Vote value, then calculate the Vote Value
  • Step 05 : If sent bid amount more than Vote Value, Full weight upvote & refund the extra
  • Step 06 : If bid amount less than Vote Value, calculate Vote weight & upvote
  • Step 07 : Burn bid VAULT amount to @null
  • Step 08 : Share 70% of Bid value between delegators


  • The post should not exceed 12 hours from it's created time.
  • 3 times max refunds.
  • The lowest bid to burn is 5 VAULT Tokens.
  • Posts upvotes use First in first out mechanism.
  • The maximum waiting time should be 22 hrs. (Then refund happens)
  • You can only share posts, no comments will get an upvote.

Delegators Benefits

  • 95% Curation Rewards.
  • Delegators can earn free upvotes. (High probability to receive free votes)
  • 70% Burnt Tokens worth SWAP.HIVE will share between delegators.

Refunding Process

Yes, we have created one of the best refunding processes if Burn-to-Vote failed. If any issue, please contact us here or at Discord.

"Delegate @hiveupme Curation Project To Earn 95% Delegation Rewards & 70% Burnt Token Rewards In SWAP.HIVE"
Contact Us : CORE / VAULT Token Discord Channel


Hi, can I be a delegator while using Vault token burning?
Can I be both?

Yes you can delegate & burn-to-vote. That means you can earn VAULT via delegation, then you can burn it for votes (20% fixed profit), finally you can 70% (through delegation pool) from burnt VAULT worth Swap.Hive.

Later we will add a new feature that might share 20% - 100% random vote for delegator's one post per day. (A limited edition) That might be an additional profit for @hiveupme delegators as well.


That's great, thanks for the reply.

Congratulations, @hiveupme Your Post Got 100% Boost By @hiveupme Curator.
@theguruasia Burnt 6.501 VAULT To Share This (20% Fixed Profit) Upvote.


"Delegate @hiveupme Curation Project To Earn 95% Delegation Rewards & 70% Burnt Token Rewards In SWAP.HIVE"

Contact Us : CORE / VAULT Token Discord Channel

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