@HIVEUPME Community Curation Script V 1.0.2 Launched - 90%-95% Delegator Reward Distribution Added

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Hi All,
With our previous announcement of the launch of @HIVEUPME curation bot script version 1.0.1, we introduced a curation bot which actively curating at #GEMs community (We could change the community if needed).
Today we would like to introduce you an upgraded version (version 1.0.2) of the script which is now working with 90% to 95% delegator reward sharing mechanism, totally depends on the curation earning of the bot project.

The Case Study of Ver 1.0.2

With our previous script, we were managed to share Delegation rewards of the bot project. We set APR (Annual Percentage Rate) as 10%, that's a defined value. But while we are processing Curation rewards, we have monitored the defined 10% APR is not much accurate in 2 different scenarios.
  • When whale vote comes just after the upvote.
  • When post gets downvotes / flags just after the upvote.
Therefore, we tried to find a solution to share highly accurate delegator rewards with the latest upgrade of the script.

Guessed APR - No More?

Yes, with the latest version (1.0.2) of the Curation bot script we have removed the Guessed APR dependency. Therefore, now the script directly share the curation income with delegations of the particular upvote.

To do this process, we have binds the script with MongoDb, which helps us to retrieve every single data related to delegator share & etc, more accurately. As a result of that, now we are capable to share delegation rewards which is related to the curation income of the upvote.


We introduced VAULT Token for the delegators of @HIVEUPME. From the script 1 VAULT Token PEGGED to 0.1 HIVE coin. (10 VAULT = 1 HIVE)
The only way of earning VAULT Tokens is delegating to @HIVEUPME curation project.
Delegator's curation income shares once per day. You can sell VAULT Token at HIVE-ENGINE or you can SWAP VAULT to HIVE by sending tokens to @SWAP.VAULT account. (1 VAULT = 0.1 HIVE)

How To Sell VAULT?

Now it's easy, you can go to HIVE-ENGINE - VAULT Token Market Place and sell your tokens at 0.1 HIVE market price. From the script we pegged VAULT Token at 0.1 HIVE market price & every week we pump SWAP.HIVE to the HIVE-ENGINE market place to buy VAULT tokens. Then we burn each VAULT Token that we bought from the market place.


To develop this bot script we have used NodeJs as the script language (back-end development). MongoDb is used to save & retrieve data as well. Here you can see a screen shot of back-end console output.


The latest version (v 1.0.2) of the bot script contains below list of features as well.
  • Customized the curation community
  • Customized the size of upvotes
  • Customized the minimum post age for upvotes
  • Auto claim curation rewards
  • Add a curation trail (Will upvote 3 secs after the 1st vote)
  • Easy customization to curate HIVE-based Community Contents
  • Distribute delegator rewards.
  • Token minting feature if needed.
  • Send delegator rewards in HIVE form.
  • Swap VAULT to HIVE at 10 : 1 pegged price.

Upcoming Features

We hope to add below listed features with the next versions of the Community Curation Bot.
  • Front-end development
  • Time based curation upvotes
  • Curate listed content creators / trending content creators
  • Customized upvotes

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Nice development work for the project. You only vote on posts from the GEM community?

So far we tuned script to work with GEMs community only. But with our upcoming scripts we wish to add, OCD, LeoFinance and Hive Gaming communities as well.


Alright, thanks for the good work

Appreciate your continued work my friend. !tip

Thank you for the tip & your support friend!


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