Spirits Will Collide - Devin Townsend

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So they say
You’ll be okay
But words are not enough
Nobody remembered me
The words were not enough

Calm yourself down
Don’t you remember when we were young?
Don’t you remember who I am?
You’re strong enough

Dues to pay
Towards the way
Towards my friend, towards
Two must play
The foolish game
To war, my friend, to war

So they rise
The "fear and pain", but this isn’t how I am
Don’t you forget that you are loved
Don’t you forget that you are them
It’s hard enough

Remember the flame in your heart burns strong
Remember and the spirit will collide

Remember, together

Remember in the end that death is not the end

So we rise
Receive the pain, but this isn’t where this ends
Don’t you forget that you are perfect
Don’t you forget just who we are
We’re strong enough

Wherever the flame in your heart burns strong
We may not be brave so let’s start
Remember and the spirits will collide

Remember, together
Remember, together

My Score : 9.9 out of 10.0


Are you a fan of Strapping Young Lad? That was my shit back in the day.

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@fyrstikken, We are Spiritual beings and 24/7 we are dealing with the Spiritual energies and vibrations. Stay blessed brother.

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I also think Empath seems to have WAY more spiritual (perhaps even religous) feel than Devin's previous albums I had listened. I mean obviously has a song titled "Genesis" that has biblical language.

It's interesting to see Devin's evolution as an artist and I'm really curious about his worldview. Going to see what I can find on the interwebs.

Btw, good job setting the example by declining rewards on this post.

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Good One!...:)...