COBINHOOD Anyone? Forget the ICO, Cheaper on EtherDelta

in #dex6 years ago

If You Know What Cobinhood will be (zero-fee trading platform in development) is, and you know what EtherDelta is (decentralized exchange), then you will be happy to know you can purchase COB tokens cheaper (even with bonuses), and transfer them immediately to MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, etc ...


Is that the ICO Jamie Foxx was promoting? I haven't looking into the project just yet, but that name doesn't sound very good to me for some odd reason. I'll check it out though.

Yes, this is the one and I agree, it is not very good - I would much rather have 1000 REAL than 10 000 COB - there is simply not enough reason to HODL COB .. discounts and privileges on an exchange will not have wide-enough appeal, and buying tokens from ICOs that they will underwrite appeals to many at this time, but that's part of the soon to be subsiding ICO-fever.

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So they took the idea from the mobile app Robinhood in terms of cost-free trading, and ALSO lifted their name, simply changing R to C ("Cobinhood") for crypto. Gee, it sounds like they have the creativity and original thinking necessary for future innovation!

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