Proposal: FontAwesome - Hive Icon

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Greetings Hivers,

one tool that I'm using quite often in the projects that I'm working on is FontAwesome. A software-service that provides a wide range of icons that can be integrated very easily & fast. Many of those icons can be used for free, including brand icons (twitter, youtube, etc.), while having different styles for "paying" customers.

A project in particular where icons from FontAwesome are used is


Icons such as Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Apple,... are from FontAwesome


The same goes for these social icons, expect of the "Hive" logo, as this was added manually

Check out the code to see how easy the integration is:

Proposal: Adding HIVE logo to FontAwesome

As I wrote above, I had to manually add the "Hive" logo to the code, which from a time-expense is fine, but wouldn't it be much better to have that logo natively integrated into FontAwesome as a brand?

Well, that's possible - for just 3k USD.


Why? Developer Outreach

Besides the obvious reason of making it as easy as possible for developers to integrate the Hive icon into their project in a professional & high quality, FontAwesome is also quite successful in terms of generating developer interest.

The npm package called @fortawesome/free-brands-svg-icon that includes all these brands from FontAwesome, and possibly also Hive in the future, averages 300k+ downloads weekly.


Getting our logo could be quite positive in terms of PR. The only 2 other crypto logos available are BTC and ETH. 3rd could be HIVE 😉

3k? So much? Is there an alternative

There are also crypto packages, such as, that include many different crypto icons. One argument against this proposal could be that 3k USD don't have to be spent when people can have access to crypto icons for free. And quite frankly, serious projects have to use other icon sets in addition, as they need to support more icons than just BTC and ETH.

However, as a developer that uses FontAwesome in different projects: having the logo in there by default, with native support is superb!

And if I'm being honest: 3k is just a drop in the bucket for a cryptocurrency with a 75M MarketCap.

Proposal Details

Funding amount is 3150 HBD ~ 3000 USD â 96cents HBD with @blocktrades as the receiver, as he will take care of payment, while I will deal with FontAwesome & the integration of Hive icon.

Also, I think this should be clear but I'll say it anyway: I'm not sponsored or in any way affiliated with FontAwesome, just a happy customer myself and I really see this as a strong move for Hive.

To vote for this proposal:




So, is it a one-time $3000 and it's a perma add? Or, is there like a limit to how long they'd carry it?

one-time-payment & perma-add, yes. We could also update the logo once per year (which won't be needed)


Yeah, I'm for it.

Upvoted the proposal. This seems like it might turn into a pretty good thing for Hive by increasing developers interest.

We should also remember the the $3K likely goes towards supporting development and maintenance of FontAwesome which in itself is a worthy thing to spend money on.

I'm all for it.

I wanted this for years on Steem. This will have a great ROI for the proposal suggested, this is a no-brainer YES from me!

I'm in a 'why not' kind of mood. It seems expensive but might be very 'easy' way to get some exposure in the dev community for Hive, which is a win in my books. Cheers!

As a very basic web developer, I quickly came across Font Awesome. It definitely would be great to have the Hive logo on the website, especially since this blockchain will use it in all its web apps.

Voted the proposal.

Okay, well they are taking $ 3k but how is it useful to the people?

People need a way to add Hive to their websites and blogs. The lack of a FA icon was a major issue on Steem and now on Hive.

You mean to ability to add a logo of HIVE to their blogs at other social media? Just link in the HIVE logos we have available at and so on, we dont need a 3k 3rd party service for that.

I see the sense now. Thanks for the reply. ;)

Just upvoted the proposal, because this definitely sounds like a good idea to me, and I have what I think is a related question.

I'm primarily a WordPress blogger, so when I joined that other blockchain in 2017, I found a social media widget called, "Social Media Follow Buttons Bar" (done by Space X-Chimp) that included one for Stealit (wait, did I spell that right? 🤣 ). Would having the logo on FontAwesome make it easier for devs to include it in similar widgets? If so, I might shout out to the widget creator, to let him know and ask if he could add it...

Thanks for this useful information, am so happy I came across it, but please is it a one time payment??? @therealwolf

Upvoted and supported, adding Hive to Font Awesome would be awesome :)

Better and cheaper than some of the other funded proposals. Why not drop 3k on a graphic.

I voted for your proposal. I think this does make a difference for web app developers.

Seems like it will pay itself off if it makes it easier to advertise Hive. I'm for it.

Does it pay-off? Based on what information you've reached that conclusion? HIVE growth through on boarding individuals is not gonna create a success of HIVE, hence we shall not spend time and money on that. Please don't mind me asking this in a direct and bold way, but what HIVE needs are teams of professionals bringing HIVE to the market. The markets are 1) existing communities 2) existing community platforms. I have a whole bunch of ideas; All of them require a business approach, solid teams with different type of professionals, going out in the market to soncult, sell, train, and when needed to develop technology to create whatever needs to be created to onboard a particular community or integrate a community platform. In parallel, we desperately need SMT and change in distribution mechanism of the HIVE token, this shall not be distributed to content anymore. Only then we have the foundation to grow HIVE. In case you are interested in my ideas, I can be found at Discord.

Nice one for the promotion!
You have our vote!

I support the proposal ✔️

Github carries a high Domain Authority score and the more links we have back and a forth the better, so I'm up for this. Cheers!

I think this is something useful and has its purpose especially since it's a permanent one time thing. Would vote for the proposal. Thanks for the work!

Supported ! =) love the font ..
btw .. is the direct link , the link in ur post seems to be invalid

Great idea. Being a developer too, I'm all for it.

Approved, nice idea!

Reblogged and supporting the proposal!

Any PR is good PR toward ongoing new eyes to the HIVE...

As a web dev... sounds pretty brilliant for a permanent addition, this is why the DHF is so awesome 🙏

very good idea Wolf.

All one click solutions ( that made life easy) for other devs are worth to add, that benefit Hive.

sounds good. voted.

Supported, and upvoted as well....!
I joined few days back and I think its really nice to see a lot of developments/initiatives being taken by community members to keep Hive going forward!
Great going, keep it up!

So it’s one time payment

Ow that's great buddy

For what its worth, you have my vote!

I think those 3k dollars would be very well invested! Upvoted the proposal.

Im in i like it

wow, this is amazing well done..upvoted.

this will help also future developers on this kind of platform and it will increase more users on this hive blockchain technology,

It makes sense, so I support the proposal.

Was curious - you mentioned

Is the Hive icon going to be available there also?


I just tried but do not see how I can login since I use an older browser for my XP OS.

Is there any way to get the Hive logo to show up on Twitter via this kind of initiative (which I've already supported BTW)? How did #CRO get a twitter emoji?

After reading the proposal, I was: Why not? So I gave my vote to the proposal. Then I strated thinking further and checking the website FontAwesome and came to the conclusion this is gonna be a waste of money. At FontAwesome they promote the brand package as being visibile to other FontAwesome users. Will we gain traction through such channel? I dont think so. To be honest, I don't even know what this 3k$ will give us. A hosted HIVE icon at some SaaS service? Every brand has their brand material either on their own website available for others to use, and host this brand material at their own, or rented servers. Why would HIVE need to be different?

I very much believe the only way to grow HIVE is not by trying to get individuals onboard. We need to onboard complete communities! The only way to do so is to not only create tools to embed HIVE into existing community platforms, but also a team (or multiple thereof) of people selling, training, consulting, and even developing tools to onboard this communities and get integrated with these community platforms. When we initially go to the niche community platforms, we may have a chance. All starts with forming teams of professionals who take on the task of sales and consulting. Technology will trail, ie whatever needs to be done technically, will follow from what is required to onboard a community platform, or a community in itself.

Here at HIVE we continously try the route to success form the wrong angle, ie build technology and then hoping HIVE community members will take it to the market. Doesnt work like that. We need become professional, build business teams, work together with the developers in making things happening when we need developers to support onboarding a community and/or community platforms.

Whoever is in favour of my thoughts and ideas, I'm read to create team(s), contribute where needed and though that bring HIVE alive.

It sucks it is $3,000 but I think it is a good idea. Font Awesome is used by a ton of websites as Font Awesome is the de facto standard for icons.

I don’t know how much attention it will bring us, but to be honest you never do with any form of marketing.

The fact it is a one-time is a big selling point despite the crazy prize they charge.

I dont believe it'll attract much users. We need to take a whole different approach to grow HIVE. We need to onboard complete communities, and get community platforms integrated with HIVE. I think we shall spend time and money to do just that instead of wasting time and money on digital marketing channels. See also my other comment to the post.