Only what an external source is willing to give. Often the pool creator has to think of an incentive.
I guess if a token creator has excess tokens or has control over inflation tokens...

Right, so in case of Bee / Swap Hive who is the source?

Free transactions is cool to have fun, but all this Defi stuff is about providing liquidity for a revenue, I personally don’t understand where the revenue comes from in terms of Diesel Pools

The token issuer create additional inflation and give it as rewards to the liquidity providers, possible gamified with NFTs.

I am planning to increase inflation of LCASH and make a pool with gamified rewards, based on booster NFT cards. Stay tuned :)

This should be automated, right?

Most is automated yes with smart contracts on Hive engine. The inflation is a decision by the token issuer.

Actually the gamifycation is something for the future maybe I just was told.

Dude there is nothing wicked about it, you must be confused, these tribe (including Lassecash) and everything in Hive Engine is anarchocapitalistic, its your option if you participate or not.

I’m always confused

Oh By wicked I mean as in great in the U.K. wicked can be used both ways 😭

oh its the slang way, so its positive?

Ahaha yes -

it all started here ;)