Double Dinner From DoorDash

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The night before last we ordered in Mexican from our favorite Mexican restaurant. DoorDash provides a cheap easy delivery system.

As we waited for dinner we were watching a video and I received a notice that the food had been delivered. :)

But the food hadn't arrived. It turned out that they delivered it to the wrong address, so they sent the driver to retrieve it and redelivered it.

Also, they sent a new order, I don't know if we will ever work through all of these left overs.


  1. Continuously shit on Hive in the last few months on Steemit.
  2. Downplayed, sugarcoated whitewashed disgusting and criminal behavior of Steem witnesses and TRON.
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Do you really think you should be welcome on Hive after all the shit you did and said?

Lots of leftovers is a good problem to have.

At least they tried to make it right. So many times, stories don't end that good.

It was GREAT customer service for sure.

Sooooo...why are we downvoting WU?

it's an amazing on-boarding strategy

Obviously. This is how they receive me in PALnet discord lol

Nice! Thanks!

Wow, good to see your post @whatsup, I love this great meal. I wish it was mine. I would eat till tomorrow. Hahahaha. How are you doing sir? Greetings from Ilorin Nigeria.

Damn thats one hell of a meal, the door dash person had to have got a serious workout with that delivery lol

It was a huge amount of food. Even the first time it is unlikely we could have eaten it all, or would have wanted to.

Oh for sure looks like it will be plenty of left overs! Bur was it good though? I feel like it’s very hard to make large Portions and remain good quality

It was good for what it is... American Mexican food.


True, but for American Store bought food.. it was pretty okay

It has quantity, that's for sure!

It was a ridiculous amount of food.

Good to know that they tried to make up for the mistake by giving another new set. That is good customer service for a mistake.


They absolutely did have the best customer service I've seen in a long time.

Good to see you around ♡

Good to see you too. I hope you are well.

It's easy to be generous when you're VC funded.
It's also easier to be sloppy.

Enjoy your ethnic food tomorrow.

Again. :D

True, VC funding is a beautiful thing to have.

That looks delicious. Im hungry now :)

It was pretty good!

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