Try Your Next Swap With HIVEUPME Discounted Bridge - Less To NO Fee

Hello Hives,
Do you wish to swap your SWAP.HIVE/HIVE without paying a swap fee? Then you should try hiveupme discounted bridge. We already provided 4500+ Swap.Hive/Hive tokens to the pool & you can swap with less (0.1%) to no fee. In addition to that, you can earn a 0.075% Swap Reward by using our discounted bridge service as well.

Our Main Objective

We hope to maintain 10,000 HIVE/SWAP.HIVE Swap Pool is the main objective of the discounted bridge service.
With our future versions of the discounted bridge service, we hope to give you a chance to invest in our discounted bridge services & earn a decent reward.

Swap Fee Comparison

Why HIVEUPME Discounted Bridge?

  • Hive Keychain integrated.
  • We introduced the lowest fee discounted bridge. - Fee (0.1%)
  • We introduced a No Fee + 0.075% Reward sharing mechanism for swaps which balances the bridge liquidity.
  • More revenue-sharing methodologies will implement under the HIVEUPME discounted bridge.

The Link To Swap UI :-

How This Works?

  • Step 01 :- Check @HIVEUPME Liquidity Details

  • Step 02 :- Check Liquidity Requirements

  • Step 03 :- Check Your Liquidity Balances

  • Step 04 :- Swap Your Liquidity

Important :- Minimum Swap Amount is 1 HIVE / 1 SWAP.HIVE / 1 VAULT & "Swap" button only available if your account has equal or more liquidity to swap.
If any error, please contact us @CORE-VAULT Discord Channel or send a discord message to theguruasia#8947.

"Delegate @hiveupme Curation Project To Earn 95% Delegation Rewards, Mentor Votes & WINEX Token Rewards"
Contact Us : CORE / VAULT Token Discord Channel


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