Diggning Into Maker Communities.

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When it comes to personal power and capabilities, nothing is more satisfying than the ability to create and understand how to make the things you need or want - with your own hands.

YouTube, terrible as it is today, was arguably the catalyst to an entirely new way. It ignited the diy and maker movement we see that has taken root today. This is a world wide phenomenon that we now see growing at breakneck speed.

The Maker Index

The goal of the DiggnDeeper maker project is to:

  • focus on open source and decentralization.
  • create a place where people can find what they are looking for, with a focus on skills, community and markets.

The vision is something like this:

  • provide an index where people can come to find the plans to build something (open sourced)
  • find a complete curriculum to learn the desired skills
  • access a decentralized market for supplies
  • access a decentralized market for skilled makers if you would like

Maker Spaces and Culture

The maker and diy scene is very much a community, or rather a bunch of communities.

We would like to reach out to those communities and people to ask them to share their wisdom.

What is more fun than exploring Maker Spaces and how they work?


Focusing on how people can learn the skills and connect to the projects they need to succeed by providing a large curated and up-to-date catalogue of well curated curriculum from around the web.

This is what we need to focus on as a tool of value that I don't think exists elsewhere.

My current plan is to create an easily navigable and understandable hierarchy of links to well thought out curriculum that you can take and do with as you please.

Join Us!

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/5fPatJx

Posted from my blog with Exxp : https://makers.diggndeeper.com/diggndeeper-maker-project-start-here/

Thanks for the update and great work @diggndeeper.com, you are highly appreciated.

Thank you. This is a great community.

Love this!

When I turned 40 I made a personal goal to inspire a million makers by the time I’m 50, which is in three years 😁

(Problem is I never defined how I’d measure it, by some counts I’ve achieved the goal, others I’m far from it)

That is a worthy goal. I have never made such a goal, just a nebulous "show everyone what open source and decentralized tech can do" sort of thing. I'm glad I finally get the time to try to do what I've always wanted to do.

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